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How To Keep Nose Piering Open Without Jewelry?

Keeping your nose piercing open without jewelry is not as easy as it sounds. Especially, if your nose is freshly pierced, the piercing will begin….

daith piercing
earrings for non piereced ears

Best Nose Rings for Sensitive Skin

The struggle of selecting a jewelry piece for sensitive skin is real. Finding something super attractive and putting it on, 

Are Nose Piercings Unprofessional?

Initially nose piercings got frowned upon no matter it was a workplace or home. It has been one of those body piercings that had multiple 

best earrings for sensitive ears

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Do Multiple Ear Piercings Look Trashy?

The standard of “trashy” is different for different people. You can look trashy with a single piercing to person A, while you won’t seem trashy 

do multiple ear piercing look trashy
earrings for 50 year old women

Can You Use Earring As Nose Ring?

Using an earring as a nose ring is not a great idea. Because ear lobes are made from flesh and skin while your nose is made of cartilage.

Ear piercings have always been a concerning issue for the mommies of toddlers. Most of the mothers tend to get the ears of their little girls….

Earrings toddlers can't take out or remove

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If you buy something online, especially a beautiful diamond ring and the store doesn’t meet their shipping deadline, it can be very frustrating. I wanted to find out exactly how long it takes James Allen to ship out their orders after a ring has been ordered.

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Jewelry Etiquette

What Color Jewelry Goes with Green Dress?

Wondering which jewelry goes with green dress? Perfect! I’m sure most ladies can relate to the struggle of having a beautiful vibrant green dress in their closets but the fear of over doing the outfit

What color jewelr goes well with green dress

Are Clip On Earrings Tacky?

Clip on earrings are a real deal if your ears are not pierced. It’s totally okay if you don’t want to get them pierced. Some people dread needles or piercings, in general.

What Earrings to Wear With Statement Necklace?

Statement jewelry is an incredible trick to pull together a unique and personalized look. A statement piece of jewelry is enough to define your whole look. The general rule of thumb…

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