How To Keep Nose Piercings Open Without Jewelry?

Keeping your nose piercing open without jewelry is not as easy as it sounds. Especially, if your nose is freshly pierced, the piercing will begin to close up within hours or even minutes.

Your body acts quickly to heal the hole/fistula because your immune system considers that hole in your nostril potentially harmful.

But at times, you do need something to keep your piercing from closing without jewelry. You may have lost your stud or maybe your workplace doesn’t appreciate nose jewelry. So what you can do is consider the following options.

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Nose piercing

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Put In a Nose Retainer

A nose piercing retainer is used to replace a nose stud or ring. It usually is a clear plastic tool that is used to hide the piercing. Since it is transparent, it will not be prominently visible like a standard nose stud. It won’t be invisible either but will definitely not grab much attention like a regular stud.

A piercing retainer is used to hold the piercing in place. But plastic retainers are not suitable at all for piercings that are still in the process of healing. A plastic retainer will do more harm than good for a freshly pierced nose.

They are also not an amazing option for long-term use because wearing plastic in your body may put it at risk of melting or losing shape with the body heat.

A glass retainer may not cause any skin reaction but still, it might be just too much for a freshly pierced or unhealed piercing. Also, glass is fragile, the slightest bump may cause it to break in your nose. Glass retainers are just a cause of stress overall.

See plastic nose retainers here.

Use Neem Stick In Your Piercing

These days when you get a piercing done, you just directly wear a piece of jewelry. While previously, when a piercing was done, people used to put in some leaf sticks to prevent the skin from any infections due to the jewelry metal.

The most commonly used were curry leaf sticks or neem leaf sticks. They will not only prevent your nose piercing from closing but also will accelerate the healing process.

Both of these leaves have anti-bacterial properties, and especially neem leaf is known for its healing properties. Neem leaves have anti-fungal properties as well.

So if you’ve lost your stud or are worried about experiencing any infection in your nose piercing from a jewelry metal, and want to keep your piercing open, then the best option to go with is a curry or neem stick. Neem sticks are available on Etsy

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Will Your Nose Piercing Close Up Overnight?

There is no exact time frame because each person’s immune system and healing reaction will take place differently. But if your nose piercing is still in the process of healing your piercing will most likely close up within a few hours.

Most nose piercings take up to 6 months for complete healing, they might as well take a year or so. During this time, your body will act much more quickly to heal the piercing which results in it closing up.

Inside vs Outside

The nose piercing will not close completely. By that we mean, the inside of your nose heals faster than the outside so the piercing will be closed from the inside but you’ll be able to see the hole from the outside.

There might be a chance that you’ll be able to open it up on your own using a clean ear stud because the post is longer and therefore, more convenient to handle. But don’t try to put excessive stress on your piercing inappropriately.

It is always best to visit your piercer to get your piercing re-opened. Re-opening a piercing will be a breeze for the piercer unlike you since they use tapers that can stretch a piercing gradually to a certain size.

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Can A Nose Piercing Close Up After A Year?

If your nose piercing is past the healing process, which means you’ve had it for more than a year, then, your piercing will stay open for up to a few days. But if you have had your piercing for a really long time then you can take the risk of keeping your piercing jewelry-free for up to a few weeks. Still, it varies from person to person depending on their body’s healing action.

If there’s no definite reason for removing the jewelry from your nose piercing, then you shouldn’t do it in the first place. Nose cartilage is a sensitive area and that’s not where you should do your experimentation.

Final Thoughts

Retainers or some traditional leaf sticks might help you to keep your nose piercing open. But we don’t recommend them for long-term and regular use. It is best to wear suitable jewelry in your piercing to prevent it from closing and make the piercing permanent over time.

If your workplace or school doesn’t allow nose piercings, you can use retainers for the specific hours you spend at work and get back to the jewelry as soon as possible.

Healing times vary from person to person so it is best to wear your nose jewelry without keeping the piercing jewelry-free for a long time, you wouldn’t want to get in the trouble of getting it re-pierced. If in any case, your nose piercing has closed, do not try to re-open it by yourself. Because an unhealed piercing is more prone to infections.

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