About Us

Hi there, Hammad here, founder of EntireLooks.com.

I built this website for one sole purpose; to teach you everything I know about jewelry and how you can use the information here to help you make a wise decision on buying diamonds.


Back in early 2012, I had plans to purchase a diamond engagement ring for my sister. It was during this period of time that I had researched intensively on diamonds and also experienced the major problems of finding jewelery in local brick and mortar jewelry stores.

Like many others who ventured online for alternatives, I too, took the leap of faith in placing an order for an engagement ring via the Internet.

With that experience I had gained, I had gone on to create this website to help clueless people who are in the same shoes as I was back then. At that time, I wasn’t a trained or professional gemologist by trade. However, I had gained an extensive knowledge on diamonds when as I started to read and research widely into the topic.

This website consists of my first hand knowledge on buying diamonds online and I hope that it has helped you answer some of your questions. Even if you do not intend to purchase your ring online, there is a wealth of information and better knowledge that you can equip yourself with before stepping into a local store.

To summarize, making the correct purchase can sometimes be difficult especially if it is your first time buying a piece of diamond jewelry. If you are new, a little planning and research can make for a great, shining experience that has positive repercussions into the long term. Remember, diamonds are forever.

All the best,

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