About Us

About EntireLooks.com

  • Do you want to know about jewelry and how to accessorize yourself?
  • Are you about to buy a diamond ring online?
  • Don’t you know what to look for, or how to compare jewelry stores and products?

If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, you’re in the right place!

Our Mission: Educate You On Jewelry And Diamonds

We’ve built this website for one sole purpose; to teach you everything we know about jewelry and how you can use the information here to help you make a wise decision on buying (diamond) jewelry.

This website contains our first hand knowledge on buying diamonds and jewerly online and we hope that it will help you answer some of your questions. Even if you do not intend to purchase your jewerly online, there is a wealth of information and knowledge on jewelry and diamonds that you can equip yourself with before stepping into a local jewelry store.

Ansar - founder

About EL Ansar

Back in early 2012, I had plans to purchase a diamond engagement ring. It was during this period of time that I had researched intensively on diamonds. And also experienced the major problems of finding jewelery that I could actually afford in local brick and mortar jewelry stores.

Like many others who ventured online for alternatives, I too, took the leap of faith in buying a diamond engagement ring online. At that time, I wasn’t a trained or professional gemologist by trade.

However, I had gained an extensive knowledge on diamonds due to my research and my own experience in buying a diamond ring online.

With this experience, I’ve founded this website to help others in this process too!

About Esther - co-founder and jewerly lover

About Esther

Hi, I am Esther! I am the co-founder of Entire Looks and I love everything bling! I’ve worked for the Amsterdam Diamond Company and in this capacity, visited many interesting places all over Europe related to gemstones and jewelry. As a jewelry lover, I’ve blogged about trends, fashion, and news related to jewelry for over 15 years. I also got my goldsmith education to create my own jewelry.