James Allen True Heart vs Ideal Cut: Which is Better?

Looking for the difference between James Allen True Heart and Ideal Cut?

I’ll take you straight to the point without any fluff and fancy words, but in order to understand the difference, you first need to know what exactly are Ideal Cut and True Heart diamonds. Let me explain each of them briefly.

What is an Ideal Cut Diamond?

‘Ideal cut’ is a term used by AGS (American Gem Society) to describe diamonds that have the finest cuts and maximum light performance. 

Diamond quality is graded by AGS on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 means “poor” and 0 means “ideal.” The higher the AGS grade, the lower the diamond’s quality.

James Allen True Heart vs Ideal Cut: Which is Better?

So ideal cut diamonds will always have an AGS cut grade of 0, which means this is the best cut grade you can get with AGS graded diamonds like this 1.84 Carat Round Diamond at James Allen.

Keep in mind that you’ll see the term ‘ideal cut’ only when a diamond is certified by AGS. On the flip side, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) uses the term “excellent cut“ to describe its top-rated diamonds. 

So the top-notch diamond cut at AGS  is called ‘Ideal’ and the same diamonds at AGS are termed as ‘excellent’ cut.


However, the difference between the two isn’t something you need to worry about. It’s basically the same thing, except that AGS has split its top tier into two categories (ideal and excellent), while GIA combined them into a single category called the “excellent cut”. 

Another thing to know is that the ideal cut can only be achieved in the round, brilliant, and princess cut diamonds. So if you want a cushion or Oval cut diamond, you can’t find one with an Ideal cut and vice versa. 

What is a True Heart Diamond?

True heart diamonds are a tiny subset of ideal cut diamonds that display an intricate pattern of 8 arrows when viewed from the top and 8 hearts when viewed from the bottom. You can see this pattern clearly in this James Allen’s lab-created diamond and this natural diamond.

Less than 1% of all ideal cut diamonds have the perfect proportions and internal symmetry required to earn the True Hearts’ distinction. This makes True Heart diamonds the best and rarest diamonds out there in the market.

The digit 8 resembles the sign of infinity (), which symbolizes infinite love. So presenting a True Heart diamond can be a great way of expressing your endless love for your partner.


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Does Only James Allen Has True Hearts?

You won’t see a diamond called “True Heart” at any store other than James Allen, that’s because this term has been trademarked by James Allen. However, you can find diamonds with similar Heart and Arrow patterns at other stores but with different names. For example, the Astor at Blue Nile and ‘A Cut Above’ at Whiteflash also exhibit a heart and arrow pattern. 

However, the prices at James Allen are unmatched. You can see James Allen’s price match guarantee here.

Difference Between James Allen’s True Heart And Ideal Cut Diamond

Every James Allen True Heart diamond is an ideal cut, but not every Ideal Cut diamond is a true heart. An ideal cut diamond becomes a true heart only when it shows its typical heart and arrow pattern when viewed from the top and bottom. True heart diamonds are much rarer than ideal cut diamonds. Only 1 percent of ideal cut diamonds are true heart, but all True Heart Diamonds are Ideal Cut. 

What’s Worth Those Extra Bucks?

I am going to be discussing the two very exquisite cuts of diamonds; Heart and Arrow cut vs Ideal or Excellent cut. We will check out further in this article which of them is worth the money. Is the heart and arrow cut really worth those extra bucks? What’s the difference that makes one of these cuts superior to the other? This is a detailed guideline to all these questions and even more!

A few diamond manufacturers have a premium collection dedicated to the unique heart and arrow cut. James Allen collection of the Heart and Arrow Cut diamonds is referred to as ‘True Hearts’.

On the other hand, ideal cut diamonds are usually used as a benchmark to grade all the other diamonds. The ideal cut is known for its symmetry ratings, ideal proportions as well as excellent polish.

James Allen True Heart

True Heart is the premier collection by James Allen that consists of super ideal diamonds available in round cut, princess cut, and the cushion cut. While the round-cut diamonds seem to dominate the entire collection, a beautiful collection of princess cuts and cushion cuts is also available.

Discover the True Heart in its true sense over here.

Round Cut True Hearts

The round cut ‘True Hearts’ are ‘heart and arrow’ diamonds in their true sense. They feature the highest grade proportions and symmetry. In addition to that, the cut and polish of these true hearts are beyond perfect.

The round-cut true hearts reveal the intricate and meticulously crafted internal symmetry of the diamonds. Viewing the diamond from certain angles outshines its cut and proportions.

If you look at the diamond from the top, you will notice a perfectly crafted symmetry that forms arrows. Contrary to that, when examining it from the bottom, you will see a pattern of hearts. Hence, the name ‘Heart and Arrow’ cut.

Well, well … is it easy to attain the status of a True Heart?

Nope, it is never easy. And that is the reason why less than 1% of all diamonds are able to achieve the distinction of being called a True Heart. Only the most perfectly proportional and internally symmetrical diamonds earn this glorious status.

Check out the alluring collection of Round Cut True Heart Diamonds at James Allen and enjoy the HD 360-degree view.

Proportions & Cut Grades

The proportions and cut grades of a diamond are paramount in the selection of the most perfect diamond for yourself. They determine the amount of brightness, scintillation, and fire of a diamond. The true hearts by James Allen are designed to reflect almost the light with minimal light leakage. So your true heart diamond will sparkle from across the room.

What Are the Cut Specifications of a Super Ideal Diamond?

True heart diamonds are superior to regular ideal diamonds in their cuts and proportions. Therefore, they are known as super ideal diamonds as well. In order for a diamond to be considered a super ideal diamond, it should possess the following cut specifications.

  • Culet: None
  • Depth: 61% – 62.5%
  • Pavillion: 40.6 – 41 degree
  • Crown: 34 – 35 degree
  • Table: 54% – 57%

GIA Anatomy of a Diamond

The criteria are definitely very strict. But that is what makes ‘True Hearts’ the most valuable and rarest type of diamond.

Ideal Scope Images at James Allen

What makes shopping easy from James Allen is the availability of the ideal scope image of each true heart on the James Allen Website. It makes the examination of the diamond easier.

  • The White area in the ideal scope image represents the light leakage which by the way is very minimal in the case of True Hearts.
  • The Red Color represents the light return or the reflection of light from through the diamond.
  • The Black color shows the patterns and scintillation. The black area is usually very symmetrical if your diamond is purely a True Heart.

For instance, the ideal scope images of this $9,256 Round Cut True Heart Diamond below indicate its excellent cut proportions. Examining a diamond online has been made easier than ever at James Allen. To check out a 360-degree sparkling view of this True Heart visit James Allen here.

Apart from the round cut True Hearts, James Allen also offers Princess and Cushion Cut True Hearts. However, both these cuts are not capable of showcasing a Heart and Arrow symmetry due to their cut. Perhaps, this is the reason for a much greater amount of round-cut True Hearts at James Allen.

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James Allen Ideal Cut

Ideal cut diamonds are round, brilliant, princess cut diamonds. Tolkowsky’s ideal cut serves as a guideline for the ideal cut of diamonds made today. In totality, there are six ideal cuts, out of which 3 are most common around the world.

James Allen offers four cuts of diamonds. From these four, 2 are ideal cuts. Ideal cut diamonds reflect almost all the light and are also one of the rarest cuts in the diamond market.

With a similar caratage as well as clarity grade of the $9.256 True Heart Diamond that has been mentioned previously, here is a $6.775 Ideal/Excellent Cut Round Diamond.

The ideal cut is also known as excellent cut (as of AGS) and has near to flawless cut proportions with perfect facet angles. The brilliance and fire of ideal cut diamonds never remain unnoticed. The perfectly symmetrical facets of the James Allen Ideal cut diamonds reflect the light to the eyes.

An enormous amount of light strikes each pavilion of an ideal cut diamond and is reflected through the table and crown. This renders a maximized brilliance and fire of the diamond.

Moreover, the ideal cut diamonds are graded by GIA and AGS labs. Contrary to the True Hearts, which at most carry a Triple zero on AGS and an excellent cut status on GIA certifications. Despite being the most valuable diamonds, they don’t own proper certifications but that’s not really a deal-breaker for most of us.

Price and Value of True Heart vs. Ideal Cut

Without a doubt, both diamonds give an excellent value for money. You are going to be paying for the most top-tier cuts of diamonds. The better the cut, the pricier it becomes.

The cut is the most important feature of a diamond, gives you the urge to spend those extra bucks. But at the back of your mind, you still wonder if it’s worth it.

Which One Should You Buy?

So here’s what I’d suggest to you. If you have the budget, there’s definitely no reason why you shouldn’t buy the rarest cuts of diamonds (True Hearts).

There are ideal cut diamonds that look better overall than a True Heart and vice versa. So while choosing a diamond, focus not only on the proportions but also on the cut and clarity grades as well as the overall appearance. If you find the ideal cut better than the true heart, go for it. The True Hearts by James Allen are sure expensive. The price touches the sky as the caratage increases. But you just can’t get over the fact that they are the rarest of the rarest diamonds in the world. So that’s going to be a very satisfying investment for sure!

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James Allen is our most recommended online jeweler that guarantees a wonderful online shopping experience. You will find the most beautiful and best quality diamonds available for very competitive prices.

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