James Allen Resizing: What You Need to Know

James Allen is very well-known in the jewelry world for selling quality diamonds online. It provides quality diamonds and other gemstones to customers in a convenient yet cost-effective way. 

Purchasing a diamond ring from an online store requires you to choose a quality gemstone from plenty of options available. Moreover, you must choose band style, setting, and, most importantly, ring size. If you purchase a diamond ring that does not fit on your finger, you might end up having to get it resized. 

Most online diamond stores have a resizing policy, and so does James Allen. But James Allen’s resizing policy is much simpler than other online options. They do not charge a single penny for the first resizing request in the first year of ring purchase. However, it charges a nominal fee if you want to do certain modifications to your ring after the first resizing request.

James Allen Ring Resizing

How Much Time Does James Allen Take To Resize A Ring?

The processing time of resizing at James Allen depends on numerous factors like the jeweler’s schedule, the type of modifications you want on your diamond ring, and the extent to which modification needs to be done.  

For instance, if you have to resize a ring that needs to be adjusted only a quarter or half inches, then the jeweler will do it within a few minutes. Similarly, if you purchase a ring from James Allen which has no gemstone, the adjustment is relatively easier. You will get your ring back quickly. 

But if you want to make major adjustments or your ring, then it will take time. It may even take a month if the jeweler is busy. 

Most customers online say that resizing at James Allen hardly takes a couple of weeks or less. On average, you don’t have to wait long to get your ring back if you have made a resizing request. 

A small amount of metal will be added or removed during the resizing process to have a new size according to your specifications. The experts will inspect it, and then the online store will return your ring. 

Sometimes you might want to make a resizing request at the last minute, just before your engagement or wedding.  In that case, you can talk to customer service about your situation and give a date on which you want your ring. The team at James Allen will try their best to resize it within that period and return your ring.

James Allen Charges For Resizing A Ring

As mentioned earlier, James Allen has an excellent resizing policy. If you have purchased a ring from them, you can make a resizing request within one year from the date of purchase.  Your first resizing request will be free of cost, and if you stay in US or Canada, James Allen will not even charge you for shipping. 

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But if you want to get the ring in another country, then you will have to pay a $50 shipping charge. If your first resizing request is over and you want more modifications on the ring, you have to pay for it. 

Below are what James Allen charges when your first resizing request is over:

  • James Allen will charge $25 for white, rose gold, and yellow rings, whereas it will charge $50 for platinum rings.
  • The return shipping charges will be $30 for buyers staying in the US and $50 for buyers staying outside the US.


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James Allen is our most recommended online jeweler that guarantees a wonderful online shopping experience. You will find the most beautiful and best quality diamonds available for very competitive prices.

Is It Worth Resizing Your Ring From James Allen?

Yes, it is worth resizing your ring by James Allen for a comfortable and secure fit. A local jeweler will probably charge you $50 or more for resizing a ring. But if you purchase from James Allen and want to resize even after one year of purchase, you still end up spending less money than that.

How Can I Make Resizing Request In James Allen?

Placing a resizing request for James Allen is relatively easy. You have to call customer care to initiate the process on their website. James Allen works directly with FedEx to pick up your ring. The work will get started once your ring reaches the James Allen office. 

The return shipping fee will be free for US buyers. James Allen will let you know once the ring is ready for shipping.

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Can All Rings Get Resized?

No, not all the rings can be resized. For instance, if you purchase a gemstone with eternity bands or pave-setting style rings, they cannot be resized. Additionally, if the ring size falls above or below the recommended range, it cannot be resized. 

If you want to remanufacture your ring, then try to return it within the first 30 business days. If you returned the ring within 30 days of purchase, James Allen will not charge any money.  But if you have made a resizing request after 30 days, you will be charged a small fee for remanufacturing. 

The cost varies on numerous factors like ring type, quality, style, and many more. Customer service will quote you a price you have to pay for remanufacturing your ring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does James Allen offer free resizing?

Yes, James Allen provides free resizing, but only once, and within one year from the date of purchase. For US buyers there are no shipping charges for sending over the ring for resizing, but International customers have to pay $50 as shipping charges. 

James Allen will charge you a nominal fee if you want to resize or do some more modifications after the first resize request.

How much does it usually cost to resize a ring?

If you want to resize a ring then the local jeweler may charge you $20 to $60. The price depends on various factors like the type of metal used, modifications to be done, and much more. The jeweler may even charge you more than $100 for a complex resizing request.

Will resizing my ring ruin it?

The ring has to be made according to the finger size so that you can wear it regularly. If you are going one size up, the jeweler will stretch the metal, which may weaken it to some extent, mainly at the point where it is soldered. 

Remember, the ring should be resized only two sizes above or two sizes below. If you make changes out of this range, it will ruin your ring and the setting.

Is it worth it to resize a cheap ring?

Yes, if the ring is not of your size, then you need to take it to a jeweler and resize it. Resizing a ring will be cheaper than replacing the entire ring if it is too loose or tight on your finger.

But do not resize beyond two sizes up or down, otherwise, it will end up ruining the ring.

Wrap Up

Resizing a ring can be a complicated process if you purchase from online stores. Local jeweler stores are another option for resizing a ring, but they might charge you a lot.  

But James Allen has made the resizing process very easy. It will not charge money on your first resizing request within one year of purchasing the ring.  But one problem is that it might take time and can be delayed for a couple of weeks. 

However, you can contact customer service if you want the ring urgently.


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James Allen is our most recommended online jeweler that guarantees a wonderful online shopping experience. You will find the most beautiful and best quality diamonds available for very competitive prices.

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