James Allen Production and Shipping Time(What People Say?)

For some people, shipping days are one of the most stressful. If you buy something online, especially a beautiful diamond ring, and the store doesn’t meet its shipping deadline, it can be very frustrating. I wanted to find out exactly how long it takes James Allen to ship out their orders after a ring has been ordered.

While their website provides some really useful information on this page, I wanted to look into what others were saying about them as opposed to just their own words. I managed to find a lot of helpful information by digging through multiple forums. I have also listed the info available on their own site in addition to the reviews I found on other elsewhere.

Production Time vs. Shipping Time

Production time is the interval between the time you perform the checkout and the moment your ring gets ready to be delivered. Shipping time is the time it takes a shipped item to reach your destination.

At James Allen, the production time is much longer than the shipping time.

Production Time for Loose Diamonds

Loose diamonds basically have no production time. All they have to do is just inspect it, pack it and deliver it. Loose diamonds are therefore delivered within 1-4 days. Here’s a great loose diamond showing the hearts and arrow patterns. If you haven’t bought a diamond yet, make sure to check it out.

Production Time For Engagement Rings

Their website states that the production time for engagement and all other jewelry is between 1-3 weeks.

Why Such A Vague Deadline?

You might consider “1-3 weeks” a very vague statement. They aren’t actually that vague. It’s what’s actually listed on their FAQ sections. However, when you select your diamond and ring setting, a message appears on that page with an estimated date of shipment. It looks something like this.

“Place your order by 4 pm today and get free shipping by Wednesday, 14th of May.”

What’s the actual James Allen Production time?

For a simple setting and diamond, the estimated production time is ten days. For a designer ring, the estimated production time is around three weeks. It’s probably because the designer rings are not kept in stock. They get them from the designer once an order has been placed. So you can expect your ring to take around one month.

Additionally, the production time can take longer than usual due to a higher influx of orders during the sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Other Possible Reasons for a Delay

  • It can be delayed at your country’s customs offices
  • The credit card verification process can take longer than usual.
  • The diamond inspection offered by James Allen also contributes to a relatively long production time.
  • James Allen sends your ring for a quality inspection before it can be shipped to you. If they fail to pass the inspection, they are sent back to be remade. This can also prolong your shipping time.

What People Think?

I’ve been digging around at several forums to see what people experienced with their James Allen delivery.

I saw some negative experiences here and there, but in general, I saw a general sentiment of positivity and satisfaction among the people who have bought their rings from James Allen.

Here’s a thread I saw on Reddit.

How Long Does The Shipment Take?

The shipping time basically depends on two factors. First, your order value, and Second, your location.

Within The United States

Orders with a value greater than $500 are shipped with FedEx Priority Overnight, and orders under $500 are delivered through FedEx Two Day Saver.

FedEx priority overnight typically delivers within the next business day. According to their official website, packages are delivered overnight by 10:30 AM to most US locations and by 5 PM to the remote areas of their service. On the other hand, FedEx Two Day Saver typically takes two business days to deliver the package.

Outside the United States

If you are located outside the US, orders greater than $500 will be shipped via FedEx International Priority, and orders under $500 will be delivered through shipped via FedEx Economy or USPS.

FedEx International Priority takes 2-3 days to deliver, and FedEx Economy or USPS usually delivers within 3-5 business days.

Are Your Packages Secure

People are afraid when it comes to expensive shipping products. Because it’s a big amount of money and there is no easy way to get it back if something goes wrong.

Since James Allen is basically an online store with only two physical stores located in Washington DC and New York, safe shipping of products is crucial for their business model.  For absolute security and peace of mind, here is the measure they take.

All James Allen jewelry orders are insured and registered for their full value. All items are sent via FedEx in order to deliver them quickly and securely. James Allen requires that all deliveries be made to a physical home or business address. James Allen also requires a signature for the package upon delivery and allows for an alternative shipping address upon request.

James Allen also offers to have your item shipped to a local FedEx station for pick-up. You may call them at any time for help locating the nearest FedEx facility.

Is James Allen Shipping Really Free?

It gets a bit tricky when it comes to shipping charges. For buyers located within the US, shipping is completely free. But for international shipping, although James Allen pays the shipping charges, you’ll be liable to pay any kind of taxes, VAT, duties, or surcharges imposed by your country. So make sure to check with your local authorities prior to placing your order. Once the item arrives in your country, the courier will contact you to pay any taxes or duties.

How Is Your Order Packaged?

Every piece of jewelry you order from James Allen is packaged with special care in a striking white and silver box, embossed with their signature butterfly-shaped heart. Within the outer box, there is another smaller box that contains the anticipated proposal surprise. The inner box is small enough to fit into your pocket. See an image here.

Can you track your order With JA?

If you want to track your order, you’ll have to log in here. You’ll need your email address and order number for that.

If you need any help with your order or have any questions, you can contact their Customer Service on their contact page. Their customer support is active 24/7. You can contact them via email, live chat, or a direct call.

Can You Get It Ahead Of Time?

As per the information available on their website, I can see that they can help you in this regard. Here is what they say. Here is someone on Quora who got his order two weeks ahead of the expected delivery time. You can see a screenshot here.

What if Your Jewelry Gets Lost During Shipment?

James Allen, have you covered this regard. If your jewelry gets lost, you’ll get another one since all the are ensured and registered for full value.

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