What Color Jewelry Goes With A Champagne Dress?

Champagne color radiates a feeling of luxury and looks as utterly beautiful as the color of a dress. The champagne color is more of a mixture of pale yellow and orange, however, it resembles closely to beige. It falls under the category of neutral colors and contains hues of light yellow, orange, beige, and golden. 

But let me get one thing straight. Pairing jewelry with a champagne dress is not an easy task especially if you want to experiment with colors. Just gather a lot of patience because your champagne dress is not going to go easy on you. 

But despite that, I’ll be sharing a few ideas with you so you can lay your hands on some inspiration for your champagne-colored dress. 

What Colors Complement Champagne Color?

As mentioned earlier, champagne falls under the category of neutral colors so a few neutrals with similar hues such as beige and ivory would complement champagne color. 

Well honestly, a lot depends on every particular shade of champagne as well. Some champagnes contain more goldish undertones while others emanate more beige or orangey hues. 

Metallic colors look absolutely flattering with champagne. Different shades of yellow gold, ivory, and rose gold look stunning with champagne. You’ll hardly see any other combos because champagne looks the best when paired with metallic colors.

What Color Jewelry Looks Good With A Champagne Dress?

Now as you know, not many colors complement champagne so you must know by now, that not a lot of jewelry would be able to bring out the beauty of your champagne dress.

Gold and Ivory

Some of the best options to pair with a champagne dress would be jewelry in gold and ivory. In rare cases, depending on the shade of your champagne dress, silver jewelry also looks quite flattering. 

However, metal colors such as yellow gold, rose gold, and ivory are foolproof options to pair with a champagne dress. 

Gemstone Jewelry

If you’re rooting for gemstone jewelry, then you can add other colors to your bucket. Darker teals and light baby pinks look beautiful with a champagne dress. Coral and peachy pink would also go well with your champagne dress. 

You can’t beat Champagne over Champagne

Lastly, jewelry in champagne itself would flawlessly complement your champagne dress.

Looks like overall, you don’t really have many options so choosing jewelry let alone color, would be yet another task. While you’re here, why not go through my collection of jewelry that looks amazing with champagne dresses!

What Color Earrings Should I Wear With A Champagne Dress?

For a champagne dress, choose earrings that are predominantly metallic in color. Most part of your earrings should consist of gold, beige, or ivory color. A matching champagne pair of earrings would look flawless with your dress. 

If you wish to add a slight pop of color to your look, then look for earrings that feature stones with subtle hues such as light brown, rose pink, or beige. However, you should be wary of the fact that you should only sport earrings that are majorly metallic. 

Anyway, you can check out some of my favorite earrings below. These earrings look amazing with most shades of champagne so let’s see if any of these would be a perfect match for your dress.

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold

First of all, this pair of chandelier earrings goes really well with champagne dresses with goldish yellow hues. Due to the slight touch of rose in the dangling stones, you can even pair these earrings with champagne dresses that fall more towards the rosy hues.

Brassy Gold

The next one is a pair of earrings that’d be a great choice for all types of champagne dresses. This pair of geometric gold hoop earrings are a very trendy option to pair with a champagne dress. This type of earrings looks especially stunning with cocktail dresses. The brassy gold hues in these earrings will be a perfect match for any champagne dress. 

Rose Gold

Lastly, you’d love to see this perfect pair of earrings that looks chic and stylish with just about anything. The rose gold stone and rose gold plating of these earrings wonderfully complement champagne dresses. These earrings are a great choice if you want to add a subtle hint of color to your look. 

What Color Necklace Goes With A Champagne Dress?

Well, you’ve already seen a lot of options in gold for the earrings. So I kinda wanna ditch that shade for the necklaces. 

I have my eyes on a few necklaces that would look unique yet stunning with a champagne dress. They are a foolproof way to add color to your dress. 

Corals and Pinks look uniquely beautiful

Remember when I mentioned corals and pinks in the beginning. Well here’s one option for that. This light pinkish coral necklace is an oddly beautiful match for a champagne dress. It contains a hint of gold in the chain so it would blend in easily with the champagne color as well as add a nice amount of color to your look. 


The second option that you can consider to pair with a champagne dress is this statement piece in ivory color with slight hues of beige. This necklace would be a great choice for a subdued look. 

Rosy pearls

The last one is my absolute favorite necklace. This necklace features rosy cultured pearls and is yet another classic option for your champagne dress. This necklace will look very elegant and is the perfect option for formal events and weddings.

What Color Ring Should I Wear With A Champagne Dress?

Rings give you the perfect chance to add color to your look. You can experiment with gemstones or simply stick classic Cubic Zirconia rings with gold plating. 

Rings with brownish, beige, and rosy hues look flawless with champagne dresses. I have listed some of my favorite and go to pieces, let’s have a look

Brown and Rose Gold

The first one is quite an exquisite and luxurious ring that features black, champagne, brown, and clear white cubic zirconia. All these colors look very flattering with a champagne dress. The rose gold plating makes the ring sit well with the goldish hues of the champagne dress.

White Opal and Rose Gold

The next ring is an option that you wouldn’t want to miss. This ring features a white simulated opal stone in the center with rose gold hues all around. White and rose gold make a stunning contrast with a champagne dress.

Peach Stone Ring

Last but definitely not least, this ring features a peachy pink moonstone with white topaz. The combination of 18k yellow gold plating and peach creates a remarkable contrast with champagne dresses.

Final Thoughts 

All I have to say is that champagne is definitely a difficult neutral to work with. You have to be very careful while matching jewelry even in metallic colors. Not all shades of gold go well with champagne. The success of a combination with gold jewelry depends entirely on the shade of your champagne dress. So just keep on experimenting with different looks and I hope you’ll find the perfect match.


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