What Color Jewelry Goes With Orange Dress?

Not too sure which color accessories would look good with an orange dress? Yeah, I get it! I have been there and I know how hard it becomes especially when you’re dealing with bright summery colors such as orange. 

Anyhow, you don’t need to worry anymore because I have a comprehensive guide for you. So get that favorite orange outfit out of your wardrobe and experiment with all the following irresistible combos for an orange dress. 

What colors complement orange?

Orange color has a lot of shades … every color does, I know. But each shade of orange gives off a different effect. There’s a classic orange, marigold, burnt orange, and darker shades such as ginger and rust. And each of them has quite different complementary colors.



So there are quite a lot of colors that complement different shades of orange. Some of the best combinations that you can make with orange color are with neutrals such as beige, white, brown, and black. 

Try out some unusual combos

Teal, lime green, turquoise, and purple are colors that make unusual yet very eye-catching combinations. Other complementary colors include navy blue, gold, and darker greens such as seaweed or crocodile green.

The foolproof combination

And if you ask for the perfect complementary shade for orange, that’d be blue. Blue makes a very captivating combination with brighter and saturated oranges. And just btw, by blue, I mean darker shades such as navy or indigo blue. 

What Color Jewelry Looks Good With Orange Dress? 

We all know the struggle of finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your dress. It’s not only the color selection that has your head-scratching but also the design of the jewelry. 

Jewelry in shades of blue, green, and purple looks chic and trendy. While neutral shades such as white, beige, brown, and black are more apt for a subdued look. 

And if you’re rooting for a very glamorous look and want all the heads turning, then go for jewelry in warm metallic gold and shades of bronze. That’ll make one heck of a gorgeously fancy combination. 

What Color Earrings Should I Wear With An Orange Dress?

Earrings are a centerpiece of attention in your outfit so you gotta select them wisely. They are closest to the face and neckline of your dress so be considerate while choosing the earrings for your dress. 

For an orange dress, the color options are quite flexible. The shade of your earrings should be coherent with the type of look you want. Some of the no-brainer shades of earrings for an orange dress are white, gold, black, and orange itself. 

I have listed some favorite earrings so make sure to check them and grab some styling info. 

A chic style

For a chic and laid-back look, I like to go with earrings in a neutral color. One of my absolute favorites is this pair of white earrings with 3 flowers dangling right down to the neck. White looks really pretty with almost all shades of orange especially carrot orange, marigold, or the classic bright orange shade. 

For a glamourous look in orange

Similarly, to add a hint of glamour, always go for metallic shades such as bronze or gold. A go-to option for me is this pair of Gold Coin Earrings with a tiny pearl drop in white. A trio of gold, white, and orange – surely gonna create a gorgeous combination. 

You can never go wrong with black

Lastly, earrings that I love to pair with casual and everyday orange clothes are these Black Studs from Kate Spade. They are the only thing that you need to pair with your casual orange clothes.

What Color Necklace Goes With Orange Dress?

Necklaces are another piece of accessories that instantly catch a lot of attention. You can try out a lot of colors when it comes to necklaces. The options are more versatile than earrings.

Go for anything in shades of green, purple, blue, or neutrals such as white, beige, ivory, etc. You can either go for statement pieces or simple chains or pendants, that is entirely your call. 

I have my eyes on a few necklaces that I’d like to pair with my orange dresses. I’m sure you’ll like them too.

For a Dressy look

First of all, I cannot resist mentioning this exquisite beauty in blue. 

I know it’s something that can be worn only on rare occasions but oh dear lord! Whenever that comes I’d love to flaunt this gorgeous necklace with my orange dress.

Simple and Classic 

Next up is something that’d be perfect when you want a bold and classy look. A very simple 14k Gold plated Link Chain Necklace is what anyone can rock at parties or formal events. Just pair this choker with some classy gold rings and there, you made a perfect look for a night out!

Create all those summery feels

Lastly, for a summery, beachy vibe you can pair your orange dress with this turquoise pendant necklace. It’ll create a chic and casual look perfect for any daytime activities. 

What Color Ring Complements An Orange Dress?

Matching rings with a dress is easy, well at least for me it is. Rings give you a lot of room to experiment with different colors no matter the color of your dress. 

However, a bit of styling inspiration will have you pull together an amazing combination. Some of the foolproof options that you can try out are listed below. 

A handmade retro vintage ring that, by the way, has a very unusual design. The ring features a stone in dull green color that creates an unrivaled combination with an orange dress. 

Another beautiful option is this ring with a Purple Turquoise Stone. Purple and orange go quite well together but only if styled properly. Sporting a purple ring with your orange dress is the easiest way to incorporate color into your look.

At last, for a subtle, subdued, and casual look, I like to work with neutral shades. Such as this gorgeous ring with a brown tiger’s eye pillow that looks super trendy when paired with an orange dress. The neutral brown shade complements brassy oranges really well. 


All in all, I am of the view that making color contrasts with your dresses is not really rocket science. The more you experiment, the more you learn. And the more you learn about colors, the easier it gets to create a statement look in no time.

Orange is a bright summery color that gives you a lot of room to experiment by adding more colors to it. It can be paired with neutrals or earthy tones. Bright colors such as blue look equally flattering. So experiment as much as you can!


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