What Color Jewelry Goes With Black And White Dress?

The recipe for an effortlessly chic look is a black and white dress with the appropriate styling. Black and white is an immortal trend of color combination. In fact, let’s just say it’s not a trend but a classic and timeless way of pulling together a gorgeous look. 

Now black and white can be styled in various ways. The styling depends majorly on the type of black and white dress you’re wearing. You may sport a dress with black and white patterns, stripes, or polka dots, or just pull together two solid separates and make a black and white combo yourself.

In either case, the color of your jewelry will vary accordingly. Anyway, don’t scratch your head yet because this guide is all about jewelry and colors that go well with a black and white dress.

What Colors Compliment Black And White?

Black and white go well with a lot of colors. When paired with metallic colors such as gold and silver, it looks ridiculously classy. 

Pairing it with pastels gives off a very subdued and cool vibe. Similarly, earthy tones such as navy blue, rust, and terracotta complement black and white in a whole different way. 

If you want to create a striking appearance, you can pair black and white with bright colors such as yellow, red, orange, hot pink, etc. 

Now that is how colors generally blend in with black and white. But don’t get your hopes high just yet because with dresses, the options are not as versatile. 

Let’s see what I mean by that.

What Color Jewelry Looks Good With Black And White Dress?

While I have mentioned a plethora of colors that complement black and white, it is important to know how and when you can bring those color combinations to use. 

For a patterned black and white dress

If you’re wearing a patterned black and white dress, then sadly, you cannot work with a lot of colors. You need to be very careful with your selection as you accessorize yourself. I’d suggest you not go with jewelry that is too impactful.

A foolproof formula for your patterned black and white dress is jewelry in solid black or white color. This combination will create a subtle and laidback look. 

If you’re looking to throw in some colors, try out maroon, coral, turquoise, yellow, or blue. Each gives off a different impact. Blue, for instance, looks chic yet elegant at the same time. Yellow, on the other hand, creates a bright and vivacious look. 

A metallic color, such as silver or gold, is the perfect ingredient for a classy and formal look. 

For Black and White Solids

If you’re wearing separate solids in black and white, playing with colors will be much more fun and easy. Plain black and white dress combos open the window for almost every kind of color. 

You can add jewelry to your outfit in all the unusual colors, and you’ll end up with a surprisingly beautiful combination. Metallic colors always look classic. While bold and bright colors, such as red, orange, pink, etc., add the perfect pop of color. 

In conclusion, the options, in this case, are limitless. You can try out multiple shades of each color, and you’ll not be disappointed.

Now that we’re done with a thorough discussion of colors let’s check out a few jewelry pieces that go really well with a black and white dress. 

What Color Earrings Go With Black And White Dress?

Well, I try not to go too overboard by adding color to my ears when wearing a black and white dress. No matter if it’s plain or patterned, minimalism is the key to earrings for a black and white dress. 

The pattern over pattern is quite a fashion fail the majority of the time. So these earrings are not for your patterned black and white dress. 

This pair of circular earrings marbled in a black and white pattern is your best bet for a casual and chic look if you’re wearing black and white solids. 

The next option is a no-brainer for all kinds of black and white outfits. You can never go wrong with these classic pearl hoops. 

The white pearls complement the black and white tones of your outfit and add a cool hue to your final look.

Lastly, if you’re in the mood to add color to your outfit, I’ll strongly suggest you go with something blue. 

These chandelier earrings, for instance, have an eye-catching geometric cut-out in the gorgeous shade of blue. These earrings will help you add the right pop of color to your look without overpowering your gorgeous dress.

What Color Necklace Should I Wear With Black And White Dress?

With necklaces, you get more room to experiment with colors. If you like playing with colors, you can choose striking shades such as yellow, maroon, turquoise, or coral to create a fun and chic look with your necklace. 

Gold, silver, black, or white is always the easiest formula to pull together an outfit. 

Anyway, here’s my favorite pick, a gorgeous pearl necklace. Pearls are your best friend when working with a black and white dress, especially in formal attire.

As you lace this one around your neck, you’ll see how your outfit will turn out to look effortlessly stunning. 

Or you can add a little pop of color for a casual and chic look with this necklace.

This leaf tassel necklace in coral color is the perfect accessory for a patterned black and white dress. I consider this one a great option for a laid-back, every day kinda look.

If you’re looking to pull off a statement look, then experiment with bold and impacting colors.

This burgundy flower necklace in a bib style is sure to make a statement. Burgundy complements the warm hues of black, while the cool hues of white in the dress neutralize the look.

What Color Ring Complements Black And White Dress?

Well, you really don’t need to stick to the rules when it comes to rings. Thank God. Rings do not have a big impact on your outfit. They usually do not draw attention away from your dress. Rings will accentuate the beauty of your dress instead of stealing the limelight. 

This means you can throw in all your favorite colors to the outfit with the help of rings and enjoy!

Here are some of my favorites that look effortlessly classic with a black and white dress.

This rainbow topaz ring adds a vibrant hue to the otherwise subdued black and white tones of the dress. This charming ring totally has my heart, and the best part is that it can be rocked on multiple occasions.

Next up is this charming synthetic white turquoise ring. This one alone is quite enough to make a statement. This ring has a white stone in the center set in a silver-plated band, and that pretty much explains why this ring is a gorgeous compliment for a black and white dress.

Lastly, this ring features a created pink sapphire with CZ accents all around. This one is for all the times you want to pull off a glamorous look. 


Do not go too overboard when accessorizing with your black and white dress. A black and white outfit itself is enough to create a striking look. Too many accessories will just be overkill.

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