How to Wear Jewelry To Compliment Your Look

As a fashion designer and brand owner, I have some experience I can lend. 

Finding jewelry to compliment a look really depends on

1) What you’re wearing

2) Where you’re going. 

Opposing And Juxtaposing

I love to do opposites and juxtapose looks like a designer. So the more plain the outfit, the bolder the jewelry can be. Say, for example, you’re wearing a monochromatic look, and your jewelry is a fun way to add color or texture, or both! You can layer your bracelets or necklaces and take more risks than you might if you were wearing a patterned outfit filled with various colors and prints. 

There are times that wearing a printed, colorful outfit may work to add bold jewelry, but it’s a case-by-case scenario and isn’t necessarily a go-to that one should do all the time unless that is actually your style/personality. 

Where we are going also plays a huge part in the type of jewelry we’re wearing. So let’s revisit that monochromatic look again. So let’s say we’re going to a business meeting with a banker that may not be the place where you want to wear the bold necklace because the situation doesn’t really call for it. But if you are a real estate agent showing a house, that may be more appropriate to showcase your fashion and style. 

It can be a tricky thing to master, but with time you will find a jewelry style that works for your personality. Are you more outgoing? If so, you should definitely consider wearing bolder, noticeable pieces that match your personality. If you’re more reserved, consider more dainty pieces that are a bit more personal. You can always layer those dainty pieces, too-and. Those smaller, dainty pieces are perfect for wearing every day. 

Some people have staples that they wear every day. If that’s you, try adding a fresh piece for certain looks. Turtlenecks worn with blazers look great with a long necklace or even a brooch on the lapel of the blazer. 

When all else fails, take a look at your favorite celebrity or fashion magazine and see how jewelry is being worn there. You’re bound to find something that piques your interest, and you can begin to mix it into your jewelry style. 

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Matching It With Your Skin Tone

You might also want to choose jewelry based on elements that fit my skin tone; for me, they’re wood, leather, and stone. I use brown wooden studs for earrings with brown leather beaded bracelets. The rings I have are made of stone, and I think they all work together well. My style is very natural, and these accents fit. I’d recommend picking your jewelry based on elements you like. 

Choosing Jewelry According to Your Dress

Kelsey From has the following opinion

I prefer ethnic wear for most functions. So, I choose jewelry as per the dress I have picked. If the dress has a heavy look in terms of design and embroidery, I go with light jewelry and ornaments. When the dress is simpler, I pick jewelry on the heavier side. I would suggest doing the same to others.

In terms of colors, I generally prefer golden or silver colors. The reason is – it goes well with most of the dresses. You can also pick ornaments with jewels in the color of your dress. Also, are you sure that your bracelet, necklace, ring, and other jewelry pieces are not mismatched?

To get the best effect while wearing jewelry, choose them according to your outfit, body type, or style. To avoid bad fashion faux pas when you wear accessories such as bracelets, earrings, or necklaces, you will need to match them as best as possible with the style you have adopted.

Choose jewelry according to your morphology.

When it comes to jewelry, it is also essential to take into consideration the morphology of the person who wears them. Short people should therefore avoid wearing earrings or bracelets that are too heavy, as they give the impression of compressing the figure. On the other hand, they should favor:

· delicate jewelry
· colored jewelry
· fine jewelry

People who are relatively tall can dare to wear long necklaces or ‘sautoirs’, for example.
The choice of the type of earrings should also be made according to the shape of the face. Indeed, while the rings and the fine or hanging curls are much more suitable for round faces, the earrings that are too large accentuate the effect of roundness, which is not the desired effect. People with rather long faces should also avoid hanging curls, as they accentuate the length of the face. They will then have to choose the non-hanging loops.

Wear your jewelry according to the seasons

Although this is not a golden rule here, it is recommended that you wear your jewelry seasonally. The jewelry you wear during winter should, therefore, not be the same as those worn during summer and vice versa. During the summer, you should focus on chokers as well as colorful and fine jewelry. Since it is necessary to take special care of your neckline when wearing a beautiful summer dress, in this case, you should opt for an original costume jewel whose color is in perfect harmony with the whole outfit.
Spring and summer are seasons when you can afford many fantasies, so it’s best to opt for colorful jewelry that matches your personality. During the cold seasons, you can also complement your outfits with jewelry that has neutral and warm tones.

Wear jewelry according to occasions

The choice of jewelry you wear must also be made according to the occasions and places you go. For the workplace, you don’t have to take out the full set. A necklace, a pair of earrings as well as a ring, and a watch will do the job perfectly. To go dancing in the evening or for an evening with friends, you can let go a bit. For important ceremonies such as weddings, for example, diamond or rhinestone jewelry will be the best effect because they will best enhance your outfit.

Easily wear designer jewelry.

To accessorize designer jewelry and thus achieve the most beautiful effect when you wear it, there are several factors you need to consider. Since they exist in different forms, these jewels, which are generally in small numbers or in unique pieces, have their own universe. To wear them better, just dwell on their overall color. For an original style, don’t hesitate to accessorize your different outfits using the style of designer jewelry. If the latter is decorated with feathers, for example, you can pair them with light outfits to achieve an entirely vaporous look. All vintage designer jewelry will also work perfectly with weekend and work outfits.

Get Your Style Analysis Done

Denise Finch from came up with some really great tips.

A great tip for finding jewelry to compliment you is to have a style analysis done. I am a jewelry retailer and thought I had a pretty good idea of jewelry styles and what suits different people until a few years ago had a Color Analysis and Style Analysis is done by The House of Colour (Colour Me Beautiful is another company that also do this and David Zyla has a book on color ‘Colour Your Style’ and ‘Metamorphosis’ talks about image identities).

A ‘Color Analysis’ is a great first step as it tells you whether you are warm or cool skin-toned and this is very helpful in choosing jewelry. Knowing if you have cool-toned skin, which suits “cool” colors or warmer skin tones, thereby suiting warmer colors, is more helpful than almost anything else. The metal of choice to compliment a cool skin will be silver or white gold. Similarly, cool-toned gemstones – black and white, as well as colors with cool, crisp tones, will be best for cool-toned skin. Warmer skins suit yellow and rose-gold metals with gemstones like champagne-colored stones, browns, and earthy tones. A cool-toned person should choose a cool, crisp pink, whereas the warmer-toned skin looks better with coral pink – it makes quite a difference.

I was so impressed by the color analysis I went on to take a Style Analysis, and this had just as big an impact as the Colour Analysis. 

There are five styles that we generally fit into. This is based on a quiz about our personality and our body shapes (there were absolutely no judgments around this at all, it’s merely to determine which style categories you fall into).

Five Types Of Styles

There are five styles – Dramatic, Ingenue, Classic, Romantic, Gamine, and – and most of us are generally a mixture of one or two.

Ingenue Style

Ingenue suit youthful, pretty, feminine, and often described as “cute.” Translated, it means “innocent girl or young woman.” Think Meg Ryan – even being middle-aged; there is something very girlish about her. These types would look overdone and feel uncomfortable in sexy, elaborate jewelry. Kylie Minogue is, I think, Ingenue with some Romantic in the mix. Jewelry that suits Ingenue is pretty, detailed, small to medium-sized pieces, filigree, and delicate sparkle (nothing big and definitely no bling).

Romantic Style

Romantic is grown-up, womanly. Curved lines suit this type in their clothes and jewelry. They can carry a statement, jewel-encrusted necklace beautifully. Think of Disney princess’s style, also.

Dramatic Style

A “Dramatic” type suits strong, statement dressing. These types can be a little intimidating. Their style suits straight lines and angles in their clothes and accessories and strong, contrasting colors. Geometric designs are perfect, like Art Deco jewelry. A “Natural” style suits long flowing lines or mixing of lengths with elegant draping. Nature-led patterns and motifs, for instance, flowers, leaves, and insects (bees are really popular at the moment). Anklets are perfect for natural types. Maybe stacking bangles or bracelets, hoop earrings to go with their flowing hair.

Classic Style

Classic types have timeless, restrained, smart, well-groomed looks. They look great in suits, tailored wear, and jewelry to match this, such as neat, timeless pieces.

Gamine Style

Gamine suit the young, fun, neat, tomboyish style. No-fuss but clean lines and small details. Jewelry to suit this type would be small earrings, like studs and small hoops. Crew necks suit this type, so small, high necklaces.

The results of the style analysis blew me away and were incredibly insightful. I was classed as an Ingenue which I didn’t necessarily see in myself at first – I am a businesswoman and quite driven. But if you asked those who know me, they all said, “Absolutely! There’s something cute and innocent about you”.

My 19-year-old daughter also had her color and style analysis done for her, and she now exudes confidence in what she wears. It has simplified the way we both choose fashion – from clothes to jewelry and other accessories. We can immediately rule out certain styles and colors, knowing they won’t bring out the best in us or necessarily suit our style or personality. (We all know how uncomfortable it is wearing something that we just don’t feel suits us).

In my opinion, Colour and Style Analysis it’s particularly suited to men or women at any stage in life. I would say it’s given my young daughter huge confidence in her style at an age it is easy to feel that you need to look just like someone on Instagram. She has literally been stopped in the street to compliment her. Also, at times when we can feel vulnerable – a recent break-up or bereavement, the children leaving home, or the dreaded menopause or mid-life crisis. Feeling comfortable in your skin, selecting clothes and jewelry to compliment your look and make the most of your features and personality gives us all, men and women, a great boost.

Going Custom

Olga Gonzalez, CEO of Pietra Communications, has the following cool tips for us.

Go custom. One of the best ways to wear jewelry that always suits your style is to have something created for you. The signet ring is a classic piece that can be worn by anyone and has endless possibilities. A reverse engraving allows you to use the ring as a wax seal for letters. Initials, heraldry, symbols, or the engraving of a beloved pet can be put onto the face, and it acts as a deeply personal reminder of something significant to the wearer. Alternatively, designers can create necklaces and bracelets spelling out a message or name with artful letters, or can collect charms over time.”

Here’s the answer from Nicole Russo, founder of

The easiest trick is what I call “fill the white space.”

For example:

Wearing an open neckline that shows a bit of skin? Fill that “white space” with a bold necklace, choker, or layered chains. What you choose to wear can lean in the direction you want: add drama, sexiness, or dainty sweetness to your decollate.

Are your sleeves short or your ankles exposed? Add a few bracelets or an anklet. How big should you go or layer? Base it on how much space is there to fill!

If you’re layered up for winter or don’t like to expose so much skin, use the same method with a necklace or bracelet, and consider the “white space” earrings can fill too.

For example, if you’re wearing a turtleneck, there’s less space to fill with a larger earring. Wear a stud or pull your hair back to display a cuff. 

The other trick I like is to challenge the outfit’s vibe. 

The idea is to add contrast to what you’re wearing. This can be done with color, shapes, or a type of aesthetic (sporty, beachy, edgy, elegant, etc.). 


If your style is very boho, add a bit of glam with bold gold hoops or dainty rings rather than beachy wooden cuffs or long necklaces. 

If your look is ultra-tailored or minimal, wear a brightly colored earring or necklace to juxtapose the aesthetic.

My last trick is to what I like to call “compliment, don’t compliment.”

Wear pieces that follow the structure and lines of what you’re wearing. 

For example: 

If you’re wearing a lot of long, architectural lines (like a blazer or scoop neck, for example), you should pair it with jewelry that follows the neckline in that V-shape or wide circle that will create visual interest and look pleasing to the eye. 

Choose Your Earrings Carefully

Here’s what Dan Hunter from Authority Tattoo said;

Choose your earrings carefully: My number one pro tip would be to choose your earrings carefully. Try to notice the color tones of your dress. If your outfit’s color tones are more towards the nude shades, then I’d suggest opting for a pair of gold earrings. However, if the colors are more inclined toward darker and brighter colors, try to pair the outfit with a set of silver earrings.

Another way to go about this is to see if your shoes have an element of gold or silver in them, and then choose your earrings accordingly. You can even consider how you’ve styled your hair as a guideline for what earrings to wear. For example, if you have your hair tied up into a messy bun or high ponytail, I love to recommend my girlfriends to wear hoops with such a hairstyle.

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