Why Does A Rose Quartz Turn White? Can Rose Quartz Be Naturally White?

Rose quartz is an extraordinary stone, which commonly signifies unconditional love or new beginnings. However, the gorgeous hue of the crystal fading into white is not an uncommon occurrence.

Rose Quartz represents love in its purest form and inspires self-forgiveness and acceptance. Being a stone of the heart chakra, it is warming and soothing. According to beliefs, it heals wounded emotions, allowing one to be open to love.

However, it has also been the subject of several myths and false perceptions ever since people got their hands on it. Most of these misconceptions involve the losing color of the stone. Read to find out more about it. 

Can Rose Quartz Be White?

Due to the sheer number of shades that rose quartz is available in, sometimes, the very pale pink can easily be confused with white. But yes, rose quartz can be white, and the most important reason for that is the presence of iron impurities in your crystal. Iron impurities in the stone oxidize and mix with the silica of the gemstone.

Another reason why rose quartz can be white is if you bought a second-hand crystal. Absorbing natural oils and sweat from human skin can also give a crystal white hue. But pure rose quartz that has never been worn is never white. If it is, you probably have a different crystal.

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Why is Your Rose Quartz Changing Color:

To evaluate why your rose quartz is changing color, first, you need to assess if it is changing its color. You might be mistaking the change in your lighting for a color change in your rose quartz. For example, see how this decorative Rose Quartz changes its color with different lights. But, if it is changing its color, there might be a few reasons for it:

Exposure to heat: 

Rose quartz may turn to grey or white crystal under the influence of heat. It is typically observed due to short exposure to extreme temperatures or prolonged exposure to pretty high temperatures. 

Under both circumstances, rose quartz is known to lose its color. Heat usually alters the arrangement of the molecules, which in turn changes the color of reflected light. Thus ultimately giving you a different color.     

Exposure to sunlight:

As we mentioned earlier, rose quartz changes color under higher temperatures. It is also known to change its color as a prologue to direct exposure to sunlight. Sunlight is more than it meets the eye; it is composed of high-energy photons, Ultraviolet rays, Infrared rays, etc. 

Scientifically speaking, photons are tiny, high-energy packets from the sun. And energy is transmitted whenever a photon strikes something. Similarly, when photons strike your rose quartz, they knock some color out of the stone. Under prolonged exposure, your rose quartz may begin to fade and can lose its color partially or entirely if not put in the shade.


One of the most common reasons your rose quartz might be turning white is the presence of iron impurities in your crystal. Iron impurities in the stone oxidize and mix with the silica of the gemstone. 

Secondly, Rose Quartz turning white can result when it absorbs natural oils in human skin. It gives the stones a white hue. It is also caused by the synthetic oils contained in most commercial skincare products. This is by far more common than absorbing natural oils from the skin.  

Spiritual Beliefs Regarding A Rose Quartz Turning White:

Rose quartz, also called the “heart stone,” is considered a powerful stone due to its healing prowess. Supposedly, it brings emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony to your home and life. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from very light pink to blush pink. 

It is said that rose quartz is an effective aphrodisiac; it strengthens personal relations, averts conflicts, empties negative energy, and gives you a sound sleep. When rose quartz turns white, it is believed that there is a large amount of negative chakra around your heart. 

And the negative bottled-up energy needs a lot of work to release. It is commonly worn close to the heart and supposedly can sense the heart chakra. A blocked heart chakra can make you feel angry, unable to let things go, and detached from emotions. 

The blocked heart chakra can also manifest in physical illnesses such as lower immune systems, lung infections, and poor blood circulation.

How True Are These Beliefs?

There is much controversy about whether stones have spiritual powers or not. It has always been considered a pseudoscience. Proponents believe that crystals emit positive vibrations due to the unusual movement and collision of their atoms and molecules. 

But, considering everything scientifically, we don’t think that any stone let alone rose quartz has any spiritual, mental, or physical effect. Although we live in a world full of loopholes, we think that the healing power of any crystal is nothing more than a placebo effect. 

And using crystals, let alone Rose Quartz for the treatment of any ailment, be it mental or spiritual is beneath science and comprehension. 

There is scientific evidence and reasoning behind why the rose quartz loses its color, and here is a sum-up.

Is The Color Loss Permanent?

The most straightforward answer to this question is: “yes, the color loss is permanent.”

How to Make Rose Quartz Pink Again?

There are two methods to recharge your rose quartz. These are not foolproof but, what’s the harm in trying?

  1. You can immerse your rose quartz in water for 24 hours to try and get it glowing again. If you’re looking for the supercharge, immerse your crystals in salt water for at least 48 hours. This maneuver will help the crystals try and get their shade back, even if it is uncertain that they would!
  1. This step involves putting your crystals out just when the sun is about to set or rise. The science behind this is unknown, yet this has proven to be helpful in a few cases. You can also let your rose quartz absorb some moonlight which is ideal for it to be saved.

The Takeaway

Rose Quartz is a well-known and appreciated crystal. And also, a subject to many myths and age-old beliefs that it can heal you up. Additionally, the crystals are said to depict negative energy around your heart, if they lose their beautiful hue. Well, for these conceptions, we’ll have to disappoint because these do not hold any merit in the scientific world.

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