Where to Buy Rose Quartz Crystals?

Rose Quartz crystals are widely known for their bewitching beauty as well as their healing functions. If you’re out on a hunt for one, the chances are that you’ll come across an extensive range of options. But do you really think that all the crystals will be real and authentic? Probably not, right?

So here I’ve compiled a list of trusted sellers that do offer real rose quartz crystals. Alongside that, they also offer synthetic crystals for the people who want them just for aesthetic reasons. 

Anyway, let’s take you to all the places that offer rose quartz crystals. 

Throwing Stones

Throwing Stones is a family-owned business based in North Carolina since 2001. They take pride in the ethical sourcing of their stones, crystals, and mineral specimens.

They travel all around the world to handpick the desired varieties of stones and so you can rest assured that you’ll get your hands on the most authentic stone varieties. They’re also known for their exhibitions at mineral shows in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Munich. 

Throwing Stones offers a versatile range of stones, including precious varieties like Sugilite from South Africa and Moldavite, best known for psychic protection. Anyway, I can go on and on with naming their collections, but I’d rather let you check out all of them on their website

Via @throwin.stones

They have diverse varieties of quartz crystals as well. You will find a vast collection of Brazilian Rose Quartz crystals on their website. You can find carvings, cabochons, jewelry, rough crystals, and much more. For instance, this dainty rose quartz bracelet retails for $40 only. 

Also, you can get your desired stones shipped to any place in the world because they offer a hassle-free worldwide shipping service. 

Rock Paradise

Rock Paradise is just like a paradise for the gemstone lovers out there, living up to their name quite well. They offer a huge variety of stones, from Amethyst and Bismuth to Ruby and Topaz. There is a tonne of available stones on their website.

And the good news is that all of them are natural and sourced directly from mines all over the world. Their collection is not only limited to loose stones. In fact, they offer quite an impressive inventory that offers decoration pieces, jewelry, key chains, and other enticing items made from natural stones. 

Via @_rockparadise_

As for Rose Quartz, you can find loose crystals or something even more interesting like pendants, bracelets, or decor items. For instance, they have this gorgeous rose quartz crystal from Brazil for $15 only and this necklace for $26.

Additionally, they also offer purchases in bulk at the best prices. They have a separate wholesale website that offers private label work and much more at competitive prices. They deliver all over the USA, and with that, they offer excellent customer service through a team of crystal gurus and stone fanatics.

Gem Rock Auctions

Gem Rock Auctions is one of the biggest marketplaces for loose stones and crystals. It’s almost as if they have a never-ending inventory. 

Gem Rock Auctions offer over 160 categories of stones. You can find both loose and rough stones. Moreover, if you’re looking for cabochons, specimens, carvings, gemstone pairs, or something as unique as plant or wood fossils, you can head to their website. 

They have an impressive inventory of rose quartz crystals as well. You can find rose quartz cabochons starting from $15 and up to $300 at their website. Also, I cannot help but mention their exquisite collection of rough rose quartz crystals. You can check it out to see how it is truly breathtaking. 

Gem Rock Auctions offers a versatile price range. You’ll find both inexpensive and high-end options on the website. In case of the reserve price auction stones, you can bid a suitable amount, and you’ll be notified if it’s accepted. 

Lastly, they have sellers all over the world. The delivery of your items can range from a few days to 40 days, depending on your location.

Big Quartz

Big quartz is a fantastic online marketplace for high-quality, authentic crystals and minerals. You can shop online via their website or visit their gallery located in North Carolina for a first-hand review of the stones.

Big Quartz offers an exquisite collection of crystals. You can find them in the form of sculpted or illuminated crystals, jewelry, decorations, and much more. They also offer extensive collections of moldavite, amethyst, and quartz crystals.

They have quite a limited collection of loose rose quartz crystals. However, you can find varieties from Brazil as well as Madagascar. The rose quartz crystals available on their website are quite huge, and so you can see a price range up to $18000. Like this 130-pound rose quartz crystal sourced from Brazil is priced at $13200. 

In essence, Big Quartz is an excellent option if you’re looking for large crystals. They offer a convenient shipping service within the US. For international shipping, you’ll need to contact their customer support. 

Gem Closet

Gem Closet is a fairly smaller store for buying stones or crystals. They offer a unique collection of crystals procured in protective environments to help them retain their energy and benefits. 

They offer a collection of gemstone jewelry, including bracelets, zodiac crystal bracelets, key chains, crystal pet charms, and pendulums. The prices at Gem Closet are quite pocket friendly. 

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that they offer only authentic stones and crystals. The color of each jewelry piece varies from one another, and that itself speaks for the authenticity of the stones. 

Also, every jewelry piece from Gem Closet comes with an informational card that helps you learn about your purchase, and you get a storage bag too. 

Anyway, we’re here for the Rose Quart Crystals, so you’ll be glad to find out about their minimalist collection of Rose Quartz jewelry, key chains, and pendulums. You can find all of that here. 


You are probably aware of the American e-commerce store Etsy, which is particularly known for handmade or vintage items and crafts. 

At Etsy, you can find a diverse range of stones and crystals. And if we particularly talk about Rose Quartz, you can find over 200k products on their website. Now since Etsy is not an authentic stone or crystal seller, you can expect to find a large number of fake or synthetic rose quartz crystals. 

Therefore, when shopping for Rose Quartz crystals at Etsy, you’ll need to keep a close eye to find out genuine Rose Quartz. Since they have an extensive collection of crystals, the price range is quite versatile too. 

Items from Etsy are shipped from different regions in the world, so you can expect different shipping policies depending on the seller.

Anyway, here are a few genuine Rose Quartz options for you from Etsy.


Amazon is an American, multi-national e-commerce store that offers sellers from all over the world. There’s no limit when it comes to buying or selling at Amazon; we all know that. 

And there’s no exception in the case of gemstones or crystals as well. You can find almost every kind of stone on Amazon. However, I certainly cannot guarantee the authenticity of the stones, for that really varies from seller to seller. 

If you look up Rose Quartz on Amazon, you’ll come across over 3000 products. These may include Rose Quartz jewelry, decoration pieces, charms, rough crystals, and more. But keep in mind that you’ll have to do the hassle of finding the genuine ones.

Like Etsy, Amazon also ships from various regions in the world, so the shipping services vary from seller to seller. You can check Amazon’s collection of Rose Quartz crystals here.

Also, have a look at this gorgeous Tree of Life Rose Quartz Pendant at Amazon.

James Allen

James Allen is the leading online marketplace for diamonds and engagement rings today. However, it may probably not be your best bet for finding Rose Quartz crystals. 

They have very few jewelry items that feature a rose quartz crystal, so if you’re looking for loose crystals or other carvings, then you’ll want to consider the previously mentioned options.

James Allen does have a decent variety of gemstone jewelry. When it comes to Rose Quartz, I found two utterly beautiful rings featuring high-quality rose quartz and diamond embellishments. 

Check them out below:

Blue Nile

The Blue Nile is one of the first few online diamond marketplaces. They started out in 1999 and paved the way for future e-commerce jewelry stores. Most of you must be well aware of their extensive inventory when it comes to diamonds.

But is it really the same case for gemstone jewelry or particularly Rose Quartz? Unfortunately, no. You’ll find an extremely limited variety of Rose Quartz jewelry. And because the Blue Nile is essentially a jewelry store, you cannot expect Rose Quartz decor or carvings from them. 

Anyway, I did find a dainty Rose Quartz Cabochon Ring with a diamond halo at $550. It features a genuine Rose Quartz crystal. So if you’re looking for top-notch quality jewelry, then you should probably consider the Blue Nile or James Allen. Otherwise, you know where to go!

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