James Allen True Hearts vs. White Flash ‘A Cut Above’ (ACA)

Most diamond manufacturers have customized a signature line for their premium diamonds, such as Astor by the Blue Nile, True Hearts by James Allen, or the Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. These collections constitute the rarest of diamonds showcasing a Heart and Arrow Pattern. 

However, I don’t believe all of them are equally worthy of the hefty investment. So here we’ll be making a comparison between the Hearts and Arrows diamonds by James Allen, i.e., True Hearts and ACA by White Flash. 

What is a Heart and Arrow Diamond?

Before we start with the comparison, let’s see what a Hearts and Arrows diamond is all about. 

It is a super ideal cut diamond boasting perfect symmetry, polish, brilliance, scintillation, and unrivaled facet precision. With all these characteristics, these diamonds show a pattern of Hearts and Arrows, and hence the name. 

A true H&A diamond shows eight perfectly angled and symmetrical hearts when viewed from the bottom of the tip of the diamond. At the same time, a pattern of 8 symmetrical arrows can be seen from above. 

However, note that not all H&A diamonds possess the perfect precision of symmetry, but in any case, the Heart and Arrows pattern does not serve the naked eye. It can be viewed by using special tools, and only a true diamond expert would be able to point out a flawed H&A diamond. 

True Hearts and ACA are trademarked.

As mentioned earlier, most diamond manufacturers set aside a premium collection of diamonds. In the case of James Allen, True Hearts is a trademark collection for their Hearts and Arrows Diamonds. 

Likewise, at White Flash, you can find the H&A patterned diamonds in their collection ‘A Cut Above’ or ACA, which is based on triple 0 graded diamonds on the AGS certificate. 

True Hearts as Defined by James Allen 

True Hearts is a superior collection based on top-of-the-line diamonds by James Allen. This collection features the rarest of diamonds in terms of their cut precision.

Each diamond in the True Hearts collection possesses a perfect internal symmetry and proportion that reveals a classic Heart and Arrow pattern when viewed from certain angles. These brilliant round diamonds are awarded the highest gem grading for cut and polish by the most prestigious AGS or GIA labs. 

The intricate pattern of Hearts and Arrows is achieved by excellent precision and symmetry of the cut. A pattern of 8 perfectly aligned hearts can be seen when the diamond is assessed from below. At the same time, the eight arrows are visible when you take a look from the top. 

Now here’s one thing noteworthy James Allen does not make any false claims about offering the perfect Hearts and Arrows pattern in their diamonds. In fact, they mention their True Hearts as ‘near-flawless Hearts and Arrows Diamonds.’ And that kind of honesty, I really appreciate as a customer. 

Anyway, despite not being totally flawless, attaining the James Allen True Hearts status is not easy for a diamond. Only less than 1% of the world’s diamonds have the charm and perfection of being labeled as a True Heart. 

What Shapes Offer a True Hearts Pattern?

Keep in mind that the H&A pattern can not be achieved in all diamond shapes. Only the round, princess, and cushion-cut diamonds can reveal a Heart and Arrow pattern.

And out of these 3, you’ll find the most options in the round cut. You can check out Round Cut True Hearts here. The princess cut is also quite popular and widely loved by women, and so you’ll find a decent amount of Princess Cut True Hearts at James Allen. 

Lastly, the cushion cut is not the best option when rooting for an H&A diamond which is why you’ll find only a few Cushion Cut True Hearts.

A Cut Above (ACA by Whiteflash)

A Cut Above collection by Whiteflash is based on meticulously crafted diamonds with extreme cut precision that allows them to deliver a brilliant light performance. 

The ACA collection by Whiteflash features world-class Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Each diamond is critically analyzed to keep up the standard of a true H&A diamond. 

Just like any other typical H&A diamond, the ACA diamonds reveal an exceptionally symmetrical eight hearts pattern when viewed from the tip. Similarly, a brilliant internal reflection of 8 arrows can be seen from above. 

The ACA diamonds are reviewed by the American Gem Society labs, and only the finest of them all receive the Triple Ideal Status that makes them worthy of the A Cut Above distinction. 

To finalize the inspection, Whiteflash itself performs rigorous tests like the Ideal Scope, ASET Scope, and Hearts and Arrows Scope to ensure that only the most flawless diamonds reach their customers. If you’re interested in finding out how exactly the ACA diamonds are graded, click here.

James Allen, the King of the ACA collection, is the Round Cut Hearts and Arrows Diamonds that are the best of the best since the round cut diamonds demonstrate a perfect H&A Pattern.

Price Comparison 

Now let’s get to the real deal and have a little bit of price comparison between the Hearts and Arrows diamonds by both James Allen and Whiteflash. 

As per the general comparison that I did among the prices of various diamonds, I found out that ACA diamonds at Whiteflash are heavier on the pocket as compared to James Allen True Hearts. Moreover, the price difference keeps increasing as you look at higher caratage diamonds. 

Finding exactly similar diamonds at both retailers was quite impossible due to the rarity of diamonds and a limited collection. So while you look at the price, also keep in mind the slight differences between the two items.

Anyway, here’s a comparison between AGS-graded Hearts and Arrows diamonds by James Allen and Whiteflash. A 1.126c. Round Cut loose diamond with F Color and a VVS1 clarity from the ACA collection retails for $13,091. 

Detailed Video Analysis Here

In contrast to that, a 1.12c. Round Cut Diamond, G color, and VVS1 clarity, featuring a Hearts and Arrows pattern from the James Allen True Heart collection r, retails for $10,760.

Other than that, I also made a little comparison between the prices of the highest graded excellent cut diamonds and the True Hearts by James Allen, and the result was pretty obvious. True Hearts were, of course, more expensive. 

A True Heart Round cut 1.00ct. Diamond will cost you around $6510, while a similar loose diamond in the excellent/ideal cut retails for $5070 only.

So it’s pretty clear that you’ll be paying a premium price for top-notch and rarest diamonds in comparison to plain ideal or excellent cuts. 

How to read the Hearts and Arrow Pattern?

Okay, so this is a real concern for many people. How exactly do you know if the diamond is a heart and arrow pattern? Do any of the certifications mention that? 

Well, if you’re considering an H&A diamond certified by GIA labs, then no, you’ll not find any indication of the diamond being a Heart and Arrow or True Heart whatsoever. You’ll only find it graded as an excellent cut diamond on the GIA and report, and that’s where most people get concerned about the extra money they’re paying.

So it’s really just the matchless sparkle, brilliance, and symmetry that’s going to answer that concern of yours.

But wait for the AGS Certificate. 

If you’re really concerned about the particular mention of a Hearts and Arrows diamond on the certificate, then you may want to consider AGS-graded diamonds that do identify ACA diamonds by Whiteflash. Just like this Diamond Certificate by AGS for one of the aforementioned diamonds that indicates it is an ACA diamond. 

However, in the case of True Hearts by James Allen, the most you’ll get on the certificate is a triple 0 or ideal cut grade but no specific mention of a True Heart.

Before you buy True Hearts or ACA diamonds

If you’re on a hunt for a Heart and Arrow Diamond by any brand, say True Hearts by James Allen or ACA by Whiteflash, you need to keep a few things in mind.

  1. As mentioned earlier, neither AGS nor GIA labs specifically grade a diamond as a Hearts and Arrows Cut. This grading is limited only to an Excellent Cut on the GIA certificate and a Triple Zero or Ideal Cut on the AGS certificate. However, you’ll see a mention of ACA diamonds on the AGS lab certificate, but no particular mention of a Heart and Arrow cut.
  2. Secondly, a Heart and Arrow diamond does not mean it’ll be great in all terms, such as color or clarity, etc. It only refers to a perfectly symmetrical and proportioned cut that brings out a brilliant light performance of the diamond.
  3. The best shape for an H&A diamond is a round cut. But you can also find good options in the princess or cushion cuts. Other than that, no other cut can reveal a Heart and Arrow pattern.

Does only James Allen have True Hearts?

Yes, True Hearts is a trademark of James Allen for their Hearts and Arrow Diamond Collection. So you’ll not find True Hearts elsewhere. Similarly, other brands have specific names for the H&A diamonds, such as Astor by the Blue Nile and A Cut Above (ACA) by Whiteflash are collections devoted to the Hearts and Arrows Diamonds only.

Some Remarkable Hearts and Arrows Diamonds

Now that we’re clear about the features of both collections, i.e., True Hearts and A Cut Above, I believe you’ll appreciate a little sneak peek into a few of these diamonds. 

James Allen True Hearts

1.08ct. True Heart

This True Heart diamond by James Allen is priced at $10,590. It is a generously sized 1.08ct loose diamond within a G color grade, a VVS2 clarity cut to precision in a round shape. This diamond features ideal proportions for a True Heart and is certified by the highly regarded GIA labs. You can find a complete report on their website as well as check out the 360° view. 

1.63ct. True Heart

This true heart diamond is a treat for the diamond lovers out there. It features really impressive cut, clarity, and color grades and retails for $21,250. This diamond reveals a classic and top-of-the-line Heart and Arrow pattern with brilliant symmetry. It owns a G color grade and a VVS1 clarity on an AGS certificate. If you closely examine the H&A pattern of this diamond, you’ll see how very impressive the symmetry looks.

A Cut Above by Whiteflash

1.15ct. ACA Diamond

This exquisite ACA diamond features fantastic symmetry and cut proportions that reveal a very promising Heart and Arrow pattern. It features a VS1 clarity and is graded G on the color scale. You can see the detailed specifications on their website, which by the way, are quite impressive. While you’re at it, make sure to check out the amazing reflection of the hearts and arrows within this specific diamond. 

1.725ct. ACA Diamond

This one is another really fine loose diamond by Whiteflash from their ACA collection. It features the finest cut and clarity grades on the AGS Certificate. The diamond boasts an F color grade and VS1 clarity and retails for $25,950. You can look at the Hearts and Arrows pattern of this diamond on their website. The diamond delivers intense fire and brilliance, surely a fantastic and exclusive option for an engagement ring. 

The Bottom-line

To sum up, I’d say that the Hearts and Arrows Diamonds by both James Allen and Whiteflash are brilliant and of the finest quality. Both of them have their diamonds certified by AGS and GIA labs, both highly prestigious gem grading laboratories. So I can’t really nominate one of them as the best. However, I’d say if you do have the budget, then go for these exclusive and rare H&A Diamonds.

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