When Does James Allen Have Sales?


Wearing diamonds on a special occasion can be a symbol of royalty. They are precious, attractive, and expensive too. 

Most people prefer to buy diamonds by going to jewelry stores. But purchasing diamonds from a jewelry shop will generally cost you more because they include staff wages, electricity bills, and various other costs along with the diamond.

Fortunately, various online stores sell diamonds. James Allen is one of the most popular online diamond retailers and has been selling diamonds online for many years. All the diamonds available on this site are certified by reputed gemological entities like the Gem Certification & Assurance Lab (GCAL) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)

The diamonds are available here at a lower price compared even to other online diamond retailers. But sometimes, even those low prices are not low enough!

Fortunately, James Allen offers heavy discounts on diamonds at least once every quarter. So if you are waiting for the perfect time to buy your engagement ring, read on and learn all the secrets of shopping at James Allen!


When Does James Allen Have Sale?

James Allen offers high-quality diamonds at a low price once every quarter. So if you are in the market for some expensive jewelry that you have marked out on their website, you may want to wait for these special occasions to get the best bang for your buck.

I am listing below a few special occasions where you can get a heavy discount on purchasing a diamond.

1. Valentine’s Day Sale on James Allen

James Allen usually offers sales in springtime, between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. You will get 25 percent off on ring settings if you purchase a diamond within this period. Moreover, James Allen may combine it with other promotions like a special discount on buying lab diamonds.

2. Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale on James Allen

James Allen offers a 25 percent discount on ring settings on the two largest shopping days in a year, namely Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

3. New Year or Christmas Sale on James Allen

James Allen offers almost 10 -25 percent off if you purchase diamonds from the end of December to the early weeks of January. Additionally, if you buy a diamond for the first time from James Allen, they will give you $100 off on purchasing a diamond.

Tips for Buying Diamonds From James Allen

1. Try to Purchase Diamonds During Holidays

James Allen offers discounts mainly on holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s day, and others. So, if you purchase a precious diamond ring on these holidays, you can potentially save thousands of dollars.

2. Subscribe to the James Allen Email List

You can join James Allen’s email list. If your first order from this site is at least $1,000, then $100 is credited to your account for being a subscriber. You may also get a 10 percent discount on purchasing lab-grown diamonds.

3. Choose the Ring in Advance

You don’t want to miss any opportunity where James Allen offers a heavy discount on purchasing diamonds. You can choose the ring in advance so that you don’t have to spend time choosing and selecting your diamond.

Benefits of Purchasing Diamonds From James Allen

1. Inspected by Reputed Gemologists

Reputed gemologists inspect each diamond in James Allen before being shipped to customers.

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2. Big Selection

There are more than 200,000 loose diamonds on sale in the James Allen online shop. You will also find ten different diamond shapes on this site.

If you are looking for budget-friendly diamonds with identical characteristics to natural diamonds, then you may want to consider purchasing lab-grown diamonds. Fortunately, James Allen has a huge collection of lab-grown diamonds.

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3. Free Consultation

James Allen lets you chat with an expert gemmologist free of charge. The expert will help you in reviewing jewelry specifications or compare diamonds. You can even screen share with them so that you can be sure that they are viewing the same diamond.

With this service, you don’t have to find time from your busy schedule to chat with them. You can contact their experts any time you like. The experts will educate you about your chosen diamonds or provide you with feedback that will help you with your purchase.

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Wrapping Up

James Allen is a reputed online diamond retailer. You can save thousands of dollars when purchasing diamonds from James Allen, particularly during holidays like Valentine’s Day. 

To stay updated with sales on James Allen, you will want to visit the website from time to time and join their email list. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope my tips will help you land your favorite diamond at a great price!


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