With Clarity Review: IS It Worth Your Money?

Spending a fortune to buy a diamond online doesn’t really seem the best of ideas until you find out you can actually try on your desired rings at home before you make a decision. It sure sounds like a cool idea, and With Clarity, the brand is quite famous for it. 

They’ve combined the ease of online shopping with the satisfaction of an in-store experience, and that’s the highlight of the review coming your way as you proceed to scroll. Simply put, With Clarity is one of the well-known online diamond retailers that offer gorgeous collections of engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry.

Anyway, I know you may have your concerns about With Clarity, and that’s exactly why I’ve put together a quick review about them. 

Is With Clarity Legit?

Yes, absolutely, With Clarity is a trusted online seller of diamonds. It was founded by Anubh Shah and Elisha and actually had a very interesting history. These two people wanted to get married and couldn’t find the perfect ring, and that’s how they ended up launching their own diamond store, With Clarity.

Anyway, all of their diamonds are certified by the GIA labs, which is the biggest indicator of their authenticity. Apart from that, they’ve been climbing their way to the top ever since their launch in Manhattan. The reputation on the Internet is pretty solid, for all I see are good reviews. 

The cherry on top is their Home Preview Program, which allows you to hold and examine the rings at home before you actually pay for them. And that speaks for their transparency itself. 

Online Shopping Experience 

hopping from the website of With Clarity is always a super convenient experience. Their website is based on everything that you need while you shop online. First of all, the website interface is user-friendly, with an adequate categorization of diamonds and rings, etc. 

Also, they have the highly anticipated ‘Craft your Own Ring‘ feature that lets you build the perfect ring from scratch. Choose a setting, then a diamond, and you’re all set to place an order. 

They’ve curated quite an impressive inventory with a collection of over 140k loose diamonds. You’ll find both natural and lab-created diamonds with authentic GIA certificates. Moreover, you can find four different collections of pre-set rings as well as an option to narrow down your research by choosing only the diamond shape of your choice.

Additionally, the filters for diamonds do come with brief yet very helpful explanations for the rookies out there. For example, the clarity scale is labeled as ‘inclusion visible by naked eye’ to ‘flawless’, which makes it easy to comprehend the typical scale.

While the shopping experience is certainly amazing, you’ll be glad to know that payments at With Clarity are hassle-free as well. They accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. On top of that, they also offer interest-free financing to give you the best shopping experience.


To begin with, I am not really a fan of the price ranges at With Clarity. I have seen better prices at other well-known places. But anyway, that’s just my point of view. 

With Clarity does offer amazing conflict-free diamonds with authentic certificates and really great service. And I know how people are willing to pay the price if they actually get something worthwhile. And that’s exactly the case when purchasing from With Clarity. 

Now, as far as the pre-set engagement rings are concerned, the inventory isn’t versatile and neither is the price range. The most inexpensive ring on their website is a 0.41c. Natural Diamond Ring for $1330. Since they do not have a large variety of pre-set rings, I’d suggest you build a ring from scratch. 

And for that, you need to know how diamonds are priced at With Clarity. So as I mentioned earlier, the prices are not market competitive. For instance, have a look at this 1ct. Very Good Cut Diamond that’ll cost you around $5500 at With Clarity.

On the contrary, a similar diamond at the very famous retailer James Allen is priced at around $4800 only. Both diamonds have similar specifications, but you can see the difference in the price tag yourself.

Anyway, we’re not here for comparisons exactly, so let’s just stick to With Clarity and talk a little about gemstone rings. The starting price for the gemstone rings is as low as 350 bucks, while it can go up to $3500 for more premium rings like this cushion cut Halo Ruby Ring. 

Similarly, you can also find Wedding Bands starting from $450. Overall, I think that the price range is really a separate matter for every individual customer. If you’re satisfied with it, go ahead and buy from With Clarity. Otherwise, the market is full of great options!


While I consider that With Clarity is really not the best place for pre-set rings, I can say for sure that they’re absolutely phenomenal when it comes to custom-made jewelry. Building a ring from scratch at With Clarity is super easy, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

With Clarity, first of all, raves quite a lot about its conflict-free diamonds all around on the website. And well, it suits them because every diamond is ethically sourced and holds authentic GIA certificates. 

And if we talk about the rings or jewelry, in general, the quality is par excellence. All their custom-made jewelry is curated with top-notch craftsmanship. The finishing of each piece is closely examined and so when you get your jewelry. You’ll be absolutely mesmerized. 

If you think that may be a bit of a stretch, then you should have a look at these splendid reviews at Wedding Wire.

The reviews speak enough for themselves. The majority of customers have reported wonderful experiences on the Internet. The jewelry that you receive is even better than it looks in pictures, and if you’re really skeptical, you’re always welcome to take advantage of the ‘At Home Preview’ Service. 

While I was not too sure about their prices, I am really in awe of the quality of their diamonds and jewelry. And I can safely say that With Clarity is one of the best places to purchase custom-made rings.



Clarity is based in Manhattan, and unfortunately, they offer nationwide deliveries only at the moment. That means you can get your order shipped to any state of America. The cherry on top is the fact that each order is accompanied by complimentary shipping.

With Clarity delivers via FedEx, USPS, two-day or overnight service. However, they only deliver to personal residences, offices, and local FedEx/UPS locations. Shipping is not possible to a PO Box address.

Their shipping service sure is convenient and offers a timely delivery. Most orders are delivered within 5-12 days, depending on availability or customization.


You’ll be super glad to find out that With Clarity offers a free-of-cost shipping service. However, it looks like they’ve compensated that price in their jewelry. But anyway, let’s just put that aside and enjoy the fact that you receive fully insured shipping that, too, is free of cost. 

However, in some states like New York or Delaware, your order will be subject to sales tax. But apart from that, the shipping service is totally free for all the States of America.

Store Location 

While Clarity is an e-store mainly, however, its showroom is located in Midtown Manhattan. You can only make a purchase online, i.e., via their website. 

But if you want to book an in-store appointment, you can do that too. You just need to contact their customer support service. Also, keep in mind that not all diamonds are available for an in-person examination.

But at least you can make an effort to clear out your concerns by having a first-hand review of the diamonds and jewelry available at their showroom. 

Return Policy 

Just like the free shipping services, With Clarity, offers free returns as well. They offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy. That means you can return your order within 30 days of purchase without giving a plausible reason. 

However, do note that within a period of 6 months, only one order is eligible for a return. The return process is quite convenient. You just need to print the return label and repack the items in their original form. And drop it off at your nearest FedEx or UPS office. 

The returns are usually processed within 5-7 business days. In case of a certificate loss, you’ll be charged $300, so be careful with that!

Customer Support 

Well, the customer support team at With Clarity is splendid. They’re very responsive and always happy to help. Moreover, With Clarity also offers a team of expert gemologists that are available 24/7 via email.

To get in touch with their team, you can contact them via call, email, or a contact form on their website. Find all the contact details here.

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell, I consider With Clarity a great option for shopping for loose diamonds or customized jewelry. They offer brilliant customer support and have managed to gain a stellar reputation so far. The returns are hassle-free, the shipping is free, and the jewelry is utterly beautiful. What else do we want?

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