Barkev’s Jewelry Review

If you want an engagement or wedding ring that will stand out of all then you’re at the right spot. In this article, we’ll be having a full-fledged review of Barkev’s Jewelry, which is always fashion-forward.

Barkev’s Jewelry is the house of uniquely elegant designs that’ll always keep you a step ahead of the otherwise mediocre designs available in the market. Apart from rings, you’ll also find exquisite necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. So let’s begin with our overview of Barkev’s Jewelry.


The concept of unique classic and contemporary designs was put forward by Barkev Meserlian, the CEO and President of the company Barkev’s Jewelry. Since 1981, they have been working on timeless designs with high-quality standards.

Barkev’s Jewelry has its roots in Los Angeles. Ever since the beginning, they have been one step ahead of the jewelry industry by creating classic and modern luxury jewelry. They also deal in exclusive colored stones, marquee stones, and black diamonds.

Website Navigation

A website that caters to all essentials of browsing and filtering is what we need from an e-commerce store. And gladly, Barkev’s Jewelry offers a wide range of categories of jewelry on their website.

Found on the top is their navigation bar which has numerous options such as engagement rings, wedding bands, fine jewelry, lab-grown diamonds, and diamond search. These are the categories you find upfront. They are further classified into many more categories.

Engagement Rings

For instance, if you’re looking for engagement rings, you’ll get to choose from options specific to cut, color, and stones, such as diamond rings, black diamond rings, rose gold rings, morganite rings, princess cut rings, two-tone engagement rings, and so on.

Below $1000

In case you’re looking for something within a budget, you can select the ‘below $1000’ filter and narrow down your search to your desired price range.

Fine Jewelry

In addition to that, the fine jewelry section is categorized into diamond necklaces, halo stud earrings, gemstone rings, and more such options.

Moreover, when you’re browsing through a certain collection, you can sort it by price, position, latest designs, or gemstones.

So overall, the website of Barkev’s Jewelry is very easy to navigate. With a good amount of basic filters, the website allows easy and hassle-free online shopping for jewelry.

Store Location

Barkev’s Jewelry is an e-commerce website. It has no physical store located anywhere in the US or outside of it. While we personally think that jewelry stores should have physical locations or retailers at least in their founding locations, if not anywhere else.

However, we’d like to mention one thing that is worth appreciating about Barkev’s Jewelry. How about getting a few rings to try at home? Sounds very promising, right? That’s what Barkev offers.

Try at Home

It is a wonderful service that is rarely found anywhere else. This way, Barkev’s gives its customers the confidence that one can otherwise get only during an in-store shopping spree. To avail of this service, all you have to do is deposit 200 bucks to them, which will be immediately returned if in case you do not make the purchase.

So looks like Barkev’s is one step ahead not only in terms of its designs but also in its customer-making strategies.


The price range at Barkev’s Jewelry is quite versatile. They have options for everyone; either you are on a budget or willing to spend a fortune on a ring.

You can find engagement rings for as low as $600, just like this solitaire engagement ring that features a 1-carat diamond prong set in a white gold band available in 14k and 18k options with varied prices.

If you’re looking for something exceptional that will turn heads, then you can look for anything like this $1900 solitaire princess cut engagement ring. It features a 1.5-carat diamond channel set in the white gold ridged band.

If you don’t mind spending a lot of $, you can check out this upscale moissanite diamond bracelet that retails for $3500. This gorgeous tennis bracelet will catch anyone’s heart.

If we talk about the beautiful bridal sets at Barkev’s that consist of sets of engagement rings and wedding bands, they start from $1000 and hike up to $9000 or even more.

Based on our evaluation of their price range, we’d say that Barkev’s has done a tremendous job in keeping itself accessible to everyone. A wide variety of designs and collections that lets you choose between $600 or $10000. Absolutely up to you!


An engagement ring or wedding band should be long-lasting so it can stand the test of time and stay with your loved one forever. Also, spending this much money means that you should be getting something beyond exceptional. So the question is, does Barkev meets this standard?

Well, to be very honest, Barkev’s is very detail-oriented when it comes to jewelry. All their rings and jewelry come with international certificates of authenticity and clarity of diamonds/stones.

The talented artisans at Barkev’s make sure that each piece is designed uniquely yet meets the standards of perfection alike. Most of the customers have had satisfactory experiences at Barkev’s Jewelry. We haven’t seen any major manufacturing issue reported in terms of their jewelry.

However, one thing that Barkev lacks is the customization of jewelry or rings. This will be a disappointment for anyone who likes personalized and unique gifts. Anyway, we’d say that their own collection is quite unique. Even if you don’t get customizations, you will definitely get some rare designs to choose from

In terms of quality, Barkev’s Jewelry is a winner. The settings and stones are super fine. They’ve been making statements with their jewelry for over 40 years now and have quite a loyal fan base.


Where do Barkev’s deliver? That might be your next question if you’re considering making a purchase from them. So let’s see


Barkev’s Jewelry delivers all across the US within 1 to 3 weeks from the day an order is placed.

If you want a commitment regarding your delivery on a specific day, you will have to reach out to their customer service to make sure that it arrives on your desired day.


When you’re spending a lot on your purchase already, you usually don’t want to deal with delivery charges anymore. And thanks to Barkev’s that they’ve made their shipping absolutely free of cost.

Not only free of cost but also all their shipments are fully insured in case a mishap happens.

While we do believe that more delivery locations would’ve created a better market for them, their US deliveries are super convenient.

Return Policy

Barkev offers a 30-day return policy where you can return your order if in case it’s not up to your expectations. They offer free returns within the US.

The return policy is only applicable if your order is in its original and undamaged condition. Also, it should be accompanied by the certifications, or else you’ll be charged $250 for a lost certificate.

Returns a processed within 1-2 weeks, and prior to the return process, you will need a Return Authorization Code that you can acquire by reaching out to their customer service.

Customer Support

In case of any concerns or complaints, you can reach out to them at (800) 227-7321.

Or if you want to get in touch through email, contact [email protected].

Other than that, you can also contact them through this contact form on their website.

Barkev’s Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This delicate engagement ring features 20 diamond stones weighing around 0.15 carat.

The princess-cut diamond in the center weighs around 1.00 carat. The diamond is a kite set in a white gold band that gives a brilliant sparkle to the ring.

The ring is a perfect fusion of classic and contemporary engagement ring designs and will catch anyone’s attention only at $1250!

Emerald-Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

This beautiful Moissanite ring will take anyone’s breath away. This ring is studded with 50 diamond stones on the band and an emerald-cut diamond in the center that weighs around 2.00 carat.

This elegant engagement ring will surely turn heads with its unrivaled brilliance and clarity. It will cost you $4700 for once but will make a statement forever.

Barkev’s Jewelry Reviews

The reviews on the Internet about Barkev’s Jewelry are quite satisfactory overall. The reviews suggest that Barkev’s has been able to hold up a good reputation even after all these years.

An overall 4.8 stars on shopper approved. You can check out the detailed reviews here.

This one we found on US Reviews, along with several other satisfied reviews that you can read here.


All in all, Barkev’s Jewelry is a legit place to shop for engagement rings or wedding bands. Given the fact that it is an online-only store, you can brush off your concerns by availing of their try-at-home service for rings. To be more sure of what you’re buying.

Overall, their service, delivery, and customer support are fantastic. The wide price range offered by Barkev makes them a go-to option for everyone. They meet the expectations of their customers in terms of quality which makes them a great place to shop from!

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