Bonito Jewelry Review

Adornments make you glitter and shine, turning all attention towards you when you enter a room. Nice necklaces, hoops, and sparkling rings catch notice. And nowadays, everyone is aware of that! How many jewelry items did you look at other people wearing at the last party, and wonder “Oh I wish I had that!”?

This is because looking good is a must in the modern world! And what better than a perfect place where you can get all those pieces of attention-seeking art, which will color you and your mood. Here in this article, we have reviewed an amazing place for you, where you can find everything you need to give your beauty, a boost!

And it goes by a name which itself signifies beauty i.e., Bonito Jewellery.

Bonito Jewelry


The founder of Bonito Jewelry is Julia Sousa. The home language of Julia is Portuguese and the word ‘Bonito’ itself has been coined from Portuguese. It means beauty. And just like this, there couldn’t have been a more suitable name for this brand of literal beauty itself.

Julia based this business in Sydney, Australia. However, the ideology gets its roots in Bali, where Sousa first ‘fell in love with the creative process of jewelry making and started designing and producing a few pieces with local jewelry makers’. Once the beginning examples of the coming storm of masterpieces were received, she decided to build the brand.

With the name and nature of ‘beautiful’, this brand took off the journey of creating charming treasures from here on. Every piece that leaves with the name of the brand is carved out with artistic, hand-made precision!

Is Bonito Jewelry Legit?

Well, the first thing that must be ringing in your mind now will be if they’re even legit or not. Whether you would be robbed of your card details and your money. Or if you are going to be faced with one big scam.

This is absolutely not true. In fact, it is one of the most reputable brands right now, producing a great number of artistic sensations all around the globe.

Signified for trust and sustainability, it has a large number of people looking up to it for their everyday looks; whether it be formal parties, a conference meeting, or a chill night with friends. Not only that, it has been recommended by many reputable sites like Vogue, Elle, etc.

So, you can take a deep breath and relax because your credit card details aren’t going anywhere and neither is the jewelry you ordered. Except, of course, the jewelry is coming straight to you!

Where and How Are Things Produced?

Based majorly in Sydney, Australia, this brand has its wings spread in many countries over the globe. The fine pieces it creates come from different parts of the world.

On their official website, they describe the origin of each wearable art they create. Most portion of the beautiful ornaments is created by hand in Bali and India.

The gold pieces originate from the U.S. with the stainless steel pieces in Hong Kong and South Korea. Their beautiful and catchy sterling silver chains come straight from Italy!

Moreover, each and every piece is nickel-free so you don’t have to worry about rashes at all. And of course, how can we forget the beautiful gems and pearls they use to produce more gems?

Website Navigation

Finding your way to the desired item won’t be that hard with Bonito’s website as everything is well-organized. Once, you get to the homepage, it is a piece of cake! On the top of the homepage (or the end), you will find several options you can choose from.

When you click on Shop, a small table would open up, displaying jewelry classified into some types. You can choose necklaces, ear climbers, or pendants. And what about the amazing Huggies in the ‘mix and match’ section of ‘Shop’? This personalized trick works like a charm for everybody. A beautiful and unique item, which can be solely yours for the taking.

You can take a look at the Best Sellers to know which item made the talk of the brand lately. And if you’re the one who wants to keep up with everybody else, this way you’d know what’s in.

Then there are Jewelry sets, New In, Giving back, and Leaving soon. All of them give plenty of explanations with their names alone. In jewelry sets, you’ll find a number of adornment sets to compliment and complete your everyday outfits.

Bonito is also known for its ‘Giving Back Program’, a huge source of the popularity for the brand which we will talk about later on in this article. Leaving Soon includes the pieces which are about to be ended soon. So get them before you miss them. Many times, the prices of these pieces are lower than the original, which is a plus.


One word that describes the prices here is reasonable. Sure, they are higher than many. But the ‘buck’ material is in the end, always only the ‘buck’ material. It won’t provide you with the quality, luster, and beauty that this brand can provide! So, we would consider the pricing quite reasonable in terms of quality. And no, you won’t have to rob a bank, sell off the furniture and a kidney for this!

Many items are available below $45 and the price can reach as high as $400, depending upon the items. So, they are not that expensive after all. In fact, they are pretty balanced in their pricing and deliver a bang for the buck.

Furthermore, this brand also puts effort behind every single piece as they are mostly handmade. Besides, behind every price is the cost of the sweat and determination of a hard worker and they are reported to always provide what they promise.

If you want something that lasts with your outfit and becomes an everyday use item, this should be your go-to place. They can provide you with the kind of jewelry that makes you feel good and turns eyes too.

Quality and Style

Despite having discussed it more than a few times above, I still think this is worth a mention. This brand creates some of the most artistic designs. In fact, it produces some of the most beautiful jewelry items. A wide diversity of names and inspirations can be found when looking at their products. From Madonna earings to a Da Vinci Double Chain Set and of course, the all-famous Namib moon phases ear climbers.

You see the way creativity flows straight out of these pieces and the way they just demand attention! Moreover, all of them are nickel-free as discussed above. Bonito makes sure you get the best and no less than that! After testing their products out ourselves, we can safely say that they aren’t something that only glitter in the photos. They will shine throughout your day, brightening you and the day itself!


Now that you know what this brand has in store for you, the next thing you might be wondering about must be how will I get these? How much will it cost? Does it even deliver in my country? Well, we are going to handle every question of yours below so by the end, you know the drill!

Location and Time

We have compiled the list below, check out where and how you’re going to get your wearable art.

USA3 to 6 daysFedEx Express
Australia2 to 4 daysStandard Australian Post Express Shipping
Canada3 to 6 daysFedEx Express
Rest of the World5 to 10 daysFedEx Express

Order Processing

This might take 1 or 2 days, so you’ll have to wait for a little before you get your order processed. But not long. And they also provide complete customer support in case of any delays etc. First, they’ll notify you once your order is confirmed. If 10 or more days have already gone by and your order still isn’t in your hands, you can then contact customer support at:

[email protected]

Also, they provide a 12-months warranty, which is much. If you notice anything off in order, you can contact their customer support within 14 days of receiving the parcel and they will help you. Moreover, their response time is great! If they find any damage caused by them, they will repair it and own up to it, too, free of any cost.

Delivery Charges

Now, this is going to surprise you a little. You might be thinking ‘top-notch brand, international delivery, it is probably going to cost me two of my limbs’ screech – halt that thought! They are providing free shipping on all orders above $150. And if you’re from Australia, then that’s a plus! Because you’re going to get completely free shipping on all orders through Australian Standard Delivery. So, now you know this brand won’t make you break your bank. Also, there are a number of ways you can use to pay:

They are listed at the end. So, no payment issues for you since these payment payments can be applied almost everywhere.

The Giving Back Program

Do you know the major reason why we seem to love this brand so much? Because as much as they love their customers, they love other people in the world too. Those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life. Julia Sousa started this program to help all those people in need. 5% of every purchase would be dedicated to what the world needs. She has given them off to many children who need education but instead gets rolled over by the harsh tides of the real world. Right now, as we are speaking, 5% of it will be given off to the JAAGO Foundation in Bangladesh.

It aims to fight poverty with a sword carved out of ink and books i.e., education. This brand not only aims to provide you with the best but also give those people hope who are stuck bonded by the confines of poverty. It aims to provide them with education because as they say and I quote, “The power of change lies with education“. It is because Julia herself has her deepest passions rooted in not only jewelry making but also education and literacy. Also, other than this they also spend that 5% by planting trees!

Now, you know that everything you buy for them makes you glitter and another child in a corner of the world, smile.

Return Policy

If you receive a faulty item, as discussed above, they will replace it free of cost. However, if you receive an item and intend to return it, then what will you have to do?

Easy, just email the customer support and inform them of the situation within 14 days and soon your parcel will be on its way back. But there are a few limitations-

  • You can’t return earpieces, piercings, etc.
  • The shipping payment for the return will be paid by you.
  • They will not be accounted for in case the item gets lost in the way.
  • Any change in shipping address should be called out immediately otherwise, they won’t be held responsible for any misplaced items.

The Takeaway

These days, it’s hard to find a legit as well as an incredible platform, especially online. But Bonito surprised us a great deal with its authenticity as well as superiority in what it produces. Not to forget, the Giving Back program really touched the heart of many, which included us! Very few brands care about themselves and those who can’t afford the same. So give this amazing brand a go and check out their website here.

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