U7 Jewelry Review (Is It A Scam?)

Are you looking for top-quality jewelry with simple and stylish designs? The U7 jewelry store has a collection of meaningful jewelry for any occasion you wish to wear it. It mainly designs real gold and rhodium plated fashion jewelry with neat and attractive textures

It has got its unique name from its motto: ‘Love U 7 days a week’ which means that the brand crafts simple and stylish jewelry that is convenient to wear on any day or any occasion. You will surely love the sparkling designs that would bring out your uniqueness.

The store provides exotic jewelry that includes various accessories for both men and women. From collections of casual and chunky necklaces, eye-catching earrings, pendants, and anklets for women to splendid bracelets and hip-hop necklaces for men. U7 provides you with all!

Do you wish to know more about this amazing store? Let’s dive in!

U7 Jewelry


U7 store is now recognized as one of the top jewelry brands as it stepped on the stairs of success gradually.

It was founded by Jackie Chan in 2001 and then it got upgraded to a professional store in 2002. The store featured unique designs mainly of necklaces, pendants, and earrings. By 2005, the store crafted exotic fashion jewelry and also did OEM service.

Furthermore, in 2007, the U7 brand succeeded to open wholesale stores in China whereas, in 2012, it became popular in the US, UK, France, and Russia. The store crafts its own jewelry that is specifically made with German imported polishing and electroplating equipment.

U7 Jewelry is manufactured by Zhongshanshi Kushilan Jewelry LTD. which is located in China. Today, U7 competes with the top successful jewelry stores worldwide and creates world-class craftsmanship jewelry that is certified and registered by a global testing agency named SGS.  

Jewelry collection

U7 jewelry designs various collections of accessories and each piece is flawlessly crafted. The main products include necklaces, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, personalized jewelry, and many more.

All the collections of jewelry are made of different materials that include 316L stainless steel, material brass, S925 sterling silver, 18K gold plated, rose gold plated, white gold plated, etc. To upgrade it to a top-grade quality, it is combined with a crystal called Cubic Zirconia, synthetic pearl, and leather

If you feel confused about what to buy for your loved one or yourself, then this store provides you with a comprehensive collection of jewelry that is designed for men and women.

Product Quality

Are you skeptical about the quality of the products? You don’t need to feel confused at all! Having more than 10 years of experience in designing finely detailed jewelry, U7 focuses on providing the best quality.

Best quality materials are used to craft the jewelry and this is because the best electroplating technology is used. Moreover, the products are certified by an international institution named SGS. This is the largest global testing and certification agency.

What if you are unsatisfied with the product? Or you have selected the wrong size? Well, then here is a solution for you! U7 has a 90-day return policy. You can always get a replacement or even a refund. A further description of the payment policy is given below. You must not forget that customer satisfaction is the top priority of U7 jewelry and because of this, we provide you with good quality products.

Is U7 jewelry real gold?

Since U7 jewelry mainly crafts gold-plated jewelry, many customers wonder whether the jewelry is gold-filled or gold-plated.

All the products in this store are plated with 2-layer thicker 18K real gold/ platinum. The real gold filling is way too expensive to afford at a reasonable price. The top-quality electroplated gold does not fade away easily. You do not need to worry about the jewelry getting tarnished because we ensure a 1-2 years guarantee. However, it should be avoided by water, sweat, or cosmetics.

Moreover, all the products in the store are hypo allergic. This means that you will not have any complaints regarding allergies to sensitive skin.

Store locations

The headquarters of U7 jewelry is located in Zhongshan Guangdong, China. Besides this, it is also located in the second-largest city in the US, Dover.

The warehouses of this store are widely distributed all over the world. To provide a fast shipping method and quick delivery, U7 jewelry has built warehouses in different countries like China, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Russia, and many more.

As the warehouses are widely distributed, the professional service team responds to the customers in no time. If you have any issues regarding the product or delivery time then you can easily contact the team via email or even call at the store.

Website navigation

As you know website navigation is the most important tool for greater visibility of the products. U7 jewelry has a very simple website navigation system. At the top of the website, you get notified about the discount offers, coupon codes, or any latest news related to the store.

The home page features all the collections that can be given as gifts to your loved ones. The menu option is very well categorized into different types of jewelry in the collection. The parent categories further display the subcategories that help you to choose the best piece that you need. In particular, the necklaces category is sub-classified into the types of necklaces you can buy; choker necklaces, charm necklaces, chain necklaces, or pendant necklaces.

The home page has a very prominent and highly visible search bar. You can easily search for any product in the search bar that is present at top of the page. Moreover, all the pictures on the home page represent the latest best-selling collection

Overall, online shopping at U7 jewelry is going to be a superb experience.


U7 jewelry is a perfect collection of jewelry that combines high quality with reasonable cost. The brilliant equation of U7 jewelry is top-grade quality with affordable prices.

The best-selling products of the sore are sorted into one category with active discount offers. The top-selling product is a latitude-longitude necklace that can be engraved with your name. It is made out of stainless steel and is gold-plated. It ranges from only $12.

U7 jewelry being a luxury brand allows you to meet all your jewelry needs at reasonable prices. From heavy chunky hip-hop jewelry for mean to sparkly delicate necklaces and earrings. You can find it all in affordable ranges.

Let’s have a closer look at the price ranges of U7 jewelry. The price range of the necklaces is from $10 to $135. Moreover, the prices of earrings range from approximately $10 to $20. The bracelets range from $10 to $40.

So, as you see the prices are quite in range meeting all your luxury needs.

Payment policy

U7 offers a wide range of payment options for its customers. Some of the most trusted and safest methods that U7 accepts include- 2 Checkout and payment methods

  • 2 Checkout payment method – A customer can pay for a product by credit card using Shopify. Payment methods include Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB, etc.
  • Paypal – You can have quicker purchasing using Paypal. There is no need to enter addresses repeatedly nor do you have to log in to the website. You can easily place an order, make a payment using Paypal and check out in no time.

All in all, payment methods are way faster and quicker than conventional ones. You can put your trust in U7 as delivery is done within 3-5 days depending on the area you live in.

Privacy policy

Are you worried about the security of your personal data? Well, you don’t need to fret about it as U7 ensures your security by using advanced security technologies.

All the data that you provide to our website while logging in or making payments, is protected by data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and trust waves. SSL certificates are also used by U7 which adds a layer of security between a web browser and a server.

By taking these technical and administrative measures, your accounts are secured and any illegal activity is monitored.

Shipping details

Buying online is quick and convenient but being patient with receiving packages is quite challenging for all of us. But that’s not an issue when shopping at U7 jewelry. Your order is delivered to your doorstep in 2-3 business days.

However, if it is a track-able airline package, then for international customers the package would take 5-12 business to arrive at your destination. For the convenience of our customers, an email is sent when the product is shipped out.

You can also track our orders by entering the track numbers on the website’s display box. Not to mention, you can enjoy free customer service on U7


Successful shipping to the maximum number of countries worldwide is essential for a prosperous business. U7 has more than 10 warehouses in different countries which means that they deliver jewelry to many countries.

Surprisingly, U7 jewelry is successful in delivering millions of jewelry per year all over the world. Some of the countries it delivers to include the US, UK, Canada, France, Spain, India, Pakistan, and many more countries.

Shipping Charges

U7 wins your heart as they offer zero additional charges for delivery. What an amazing bonus for all their customers living internationally. However, some deliveries reach your doorstep quickly whereas others take some days especially if you are living at a far destination.

But all the patience is worthy when the exotic jewelry is glittering in your hand.

90-Day Return Policy

Are you unsatisfied with the product you received? No need to panic. Thankfully, U7 offers you a return and exchange policy. You can shop U7 with all your confidence and if you receive a broken piece of an inappropriate size then exchange it by contacting with the team.

However, there are some conditions that you should follow. Contact the customer service team and describe the problem to them. They will help you with the exchange process. The team ensures that the product you have is in original condition.

If you want to refund then the payment will be returned via PayPal or bank within 7 working days. You just need to make sure that the product is returned within 90 days.

Customer support

You can easily contact U7 jewelry via email which is [email protected] or you can also call their USA phone number which is 1-877-555-9300


All in all, if you are searching for high quality along with a reasonable price, U7 jewelry is the best store to shop in. Their top priority is quick customer service ad due to this they succeed in living up to the expectations of their customers. All the jewelry in this store is uniquely designed with the best quality and fine details.

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