Sunshine Jewelry Review: (Is It Worth Your Money?)

Sunshine jewelry is an online jewelry shop that deals in a diverse range of accessories ranging from bracelets, chains and charms to zodiac, wedding and bridesmaid jewelry. Sunshine jewelry manufactures inexpensive jewelry for men, women, and children.

They are basically the manufacturers of gold filled jewelry ranging from 10k to 18k gold fill. Therefore, the best thing about their jewelry is that it doesn’t tarnish over time.


Sunshine Jewelry has been in the market for over 40 years now. They started from Europe and initially their jewelry was sold to the public at prices way less than the retail ones. Since their beginning, they have established themselves as an inexpensive jewelry company.

Sunshine Jewelry has been collaborating with major manufacturers in the Caribbean, New York, and other fine jewelers from all over the world. A few of the most famous mergers of Sunshine Jewelry are Pirate Jewelry, Sunshine Jewelry Incorporated, and Latin America Jewelry Corp, etc.

Sunshine Jewelry has always aimed at providing high quality and luxury jewelry in an affordable price which is why the primary feature of their jewelry is gold fills that looks luxurious yet is pocket friendly.

Website Navigation

Honestly, we are not a fan of the website of Sunshine Jewelry by the looks of it. It gives off a very packed or over filled appearance that isn’t very welcoming in the first glance. Also, the overall look is not quite appealing with not even enough details about the jewelry … they should improve it definitely.

However, moving on from the appearance, the filters and categories are considerably better. On the top left, you’ll get an option to browse by price range or by item number. Below that you can check out several other options that are categorized as popular items from each year; starts from 2020 and goes back to 2015.

In addition to that, you can shop by the category of wedding jewelry, Holiday Jewelry, Women’s Jewelry, Kid & Teen Jewelry and so forth. There’s also an option to shop for Stainless Steel Jewelry and Personalized Jewelry.

There’s a quick order finder available on their website that helps you track the progress of your order. Other than that, you can also view the catalogue of their jewelry on the website.

Is Sunshine Jewelry Legit?

Sunshine Jewelry has been serving its customers for over 40 years now and they have been quite successful in providing them with high quality affordable jewelry.

They have a reasonable reputation on the internet with a good amount of satisfied customer reviews. Moreover, the fact that they’ve been in the market for more than 40 years suggest that they must be doing something right that has allowed their business to run even after all these years.

Overall, Sunshine Jewelry looks like quite a legit place to shop Jewelry from. You can surely try it out!

Store locations

Sunshine Jewelry is an online store only, therefore, it does not have any physical stores anywhere. With a history of over 40 years they still haven’t launched any physical stores and that isn’t a promising feature about them as a company.

While we do agree that online shopping is more preferable in this era, physical stores add to the credibility of a company. But anyway if you want to buy Sunshine jewelry you can visit their website and shop from the different categories over there. Their online service is quite promising.


Sunshine Jewelry fulfills its promise of providing affordable jewelry to its customers. They have made luxury accessible for the majority of people by providing jewelry that is half the retail price. And this makes it super pocket friendly even for a commoner.

This actually is the best thing about gold filled jewelry that not only is it durable but also cost efficient. Unlike, gold plating that loses its appearance relatively quicker. Most of the jewelry at Sunshine Jewelry is Gold Filled like these beautiful 0.75 carat Gold Studs that cost around $15 only. While the actual retail price for them is $45. Amazing ain’t it?

Quite a good amount of earrings cost around $20. However, if you want something fancier, you’ll find that as well. Such as these multi chain dangle earrings that you can get for $40 only instead of their retail price $117.

Similarly, if you check out their gold filled rings, you can easily find some exquisite pieces within 40 bucks. Such as this delicate 1.50 carat CZ ring will cost you $25 only. Likewise, you can find all your favourite accessories in similar prices. Some lush items within a hundred dollar. Where else do you find these man?

All of their jewelry, is without a doubt, a steal at such low prices.


Now here comes the actual concern of the customers. No matter how cheap nobody wants to buy junk, right? So while it is true that you’ll be paying a fraction of the retail costs at Sunshine Jewelry, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality nevertheless.

Honestly you shouldn’t expect top notch quality at the prices offered at Sunshine Jewelry. The quality of their jewelry is average to good for most pieces. They have reasonable chunk of loyal customers. Most of them have remained satisfied with their quality over the years.

On the other hand, there are reviews that suggest the loss of quality in Sunshine Jewelry. Perhaps, Sunshine Jewelry hasn’t aged well because people are complaining about the decline in their quality over the years most of all.

Anyway, the jewelry shop is still in business which means the show is still going on. There must be some people out there who are satisfied with the quality of Sunshine Jewelry.

Overall, we’d say that you will be satisfied with the quality as long as you don’t expect something top notch from them. That kinda expectation isn’t even justified at this price point.



The best thing about Sunshine Jewelry is that they deliver worldwide. International shipping is available at all locations and orders can be place by call, fax, email, or website. Anything that’s more convenient for you.

Express deliveries are delivered with 1-2 days or 2-3 days depending on the type of package you choose. While standard shipping takes around 4-6 business days.

Delivery Charges

Charges vary from country to country and according to the type of your order. For instance if your order cost is up to $49 then, the standard delivery charges will be $6.95 while express delivery will cost you $35.

You can check out the detailed delivery packages below.

Also, you can visit here to check out delivery durations in detail.

Return Policy

Sunshine Jewelry stands behind their products so their customers can shop with confidence. They provide refunds, returns as well as exchanges.

If the jewelry is not up to your expectations and in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it or exchange within 10 days.

However, this return and exchange policy is functional only when the purchased item is in undamaged/ original condition. Also, the returns are not possible without the copy of your jewelry invoice. [Check out promotional offers by Sunshine Jewelry]

In addition to that, Sunshine Jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee. Your jewelry will not tarnish, fade, or lose color. Silver jewelry is made out of pure 925 sterling silver.

In case you experience a problem with your jewelry, Sunshine Jewelry will replace it free of cost. (There might be some terms and conditions of use for sure)

Customer Support

Sunshine Jewelry provides multiple options for contacting them. You can reach them by fax, email, or telephone.

To get in touch with them by email contact [email protected]

For telephone inquiries,

Toll Free Telephone: 800-767-4469

Direct Telephone: 954-893-6767

Fax Telephone: 954-961-3339

Quite a multitude of options. Feel free to reach out to them in case of any queries or problems

Sunshine Jewelry on US Reviews

Looks like Sunshine Jewelry is not popular among Redditors, however, we’ve found reviews on other customer response websites. As always; some positive, a few negative. See what they have to say:

Overall rating:

A satisfied customer

An old but disappointed customer …

A series of mixed reviews, like always.


Lastly, we’d say that Sunshine Jewelry might not be the best jewelry store out there but it surely is one of the best inexpensive jewelry stores. We simply cannot expect top tier quality from a store that provides jewelry in prices that are not found easily anywhere else. Where do you get gold filled earrings for 15 bucks? Do you? So as long as the price point is kept in mind, you will be satisfied with the jewelry.