WJD Exclusives Review (Is WJD Exclusives Legit?)

WJD Exclusives should be your next shopping destination if you’re looking for high quality jewelry at affordable prices. They deal in a variety of jewelry from engagement rings to necklaces and certified diamonds. 

Accessories for both men and women are available at WJD Exclusives. We’ll be doing a full-fledged review of WJD Exclusives to help you out in choosing the best possible gifts and jewelry for your loved ones! Let’s get into it.


Before we start with the review, let’s dig a bit into the background of WJD Exclusives. So the company started off back in 2002. WJD Exclusives is the result of a dream that was materialized almost 20 years ago in New York.

Ever since the beginning, the aim of WJD Exclusives has been to manufacture and provide high quality jewelry at the lowest possible prices. And they have successfully adhered to their goal all along. 

Till date, they take pride in running their business with the 3 initial principles behind their company i.e. exceptional quality, lowest price, and fanatical service. 

WJD Exclusives has built a loyal customer family over the years. Also, they’ve managed to maintain a good reputation among most of their customers.

Website Navigation 

Since WJD Exclusives is primarily an e commerce store, your shopping experience will depend on how good their website is. 

In my opinion, their website is quite user friendly with a neat and simple layout. Doesn’t look overwhelming to an average customer due to a balanced amount of categories and filters.

On the home page, you’ll see a women, men and kids section. In addition to that, you can also browse through specific categories such as Pendants, Bracelets, and Rings etc.

In the women’s section, you can check out necklaces, pendants, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, body jewelry, and a Covid-19 special category ‘the face masks’.

Similarly, the men’s section is categorized into chains, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, body jewelry, and face masks. 

Every category is sub-divided into various subsections. For instance, the Rings are classified into Natural Diamond Rings, Signets, Jubilee Style, Religious, Bridal and Wedding rings.

The filtering options at WJD Exclusives are all you need while shopping. First and foremost, you can set the price by adjusting the price bar according to your price range. 

More specifically, there are filters for metal types, metal purity, ring styles, stones, and others that belong specifically to a certain category.

All in all, browsing and shopping through the website of WJD Exclusives will be a pleasant experience for you, without question. No apparent cons about their website, at least that’s what we experienced. 

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Store Location 

There are no physical stores of WJD Exclusives anywhere in the world as it is an online only store. Online stores have gained vast popularity in recent years, which is why not having a physical store doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. Especially for a jewelry company like WJD Exclusives.

The only place you can visit if you want to shop from them is their website. Other than that, their items are also available here on Amazon. You can shop from either place, whatever you find more convenient. However there is a much greater range of products available on its website than on Amazon.

A physical store would have been a plus point for sure but since it is not there, you’ll have to shop from the online store.


Although WJD Exclusives calls itself an affordable brand, that’s not quite what we’d call it. We’d rather say that their jewelry and other accessories are fairly priced.

And fair prices aren’t always inexpensive. Of course, when you’re buying a diamond you don’t expect it to be cheap, right? So at WJD Exclusives the price tag will match the quality.

We checked out a few rings from WJD. The highest priced engagement ring on their website, the 3.70c Princess cut ring costs around $6500. You’ll rarely find this type of ring at this price point which is why we say that WJD Exclusives offers fair prices. 

The cheapest ring retails for $56 only because it is a simple cubic zirconia set in a platinum plated band. 

Similarly, this 8.8 carat diamond tennis chain necklace will cost around $15000. Additionally, nose rings are also available for affordable prices. For instance, a 14k Gold Cross Nose Bone will cost you $19 only. While the most expensive nose stud is this Birthstone Nose Bone for $100. 

Likewise, if you move on to the men’s section, you can find a variety of wedding bands, necklaces, and chains. This simple sterling silver wedding band retails for $138 only. While the most expensive wedding band for men on their website is a 2.50 ct. 14k gold diamond ring that costs over $8000.

Overall, we’d say that the price range at WJD Exclusives is quite flexible. The prices are starting from 2 figures while they can go up to 5 figures, depending on what you choose!


WJD Exclusives is no less in terms of quality as well. Ever since the beginning, they have run their business with the aim of providing exceptional quality. 

They’ve been in the market for around 20 years now and their business philosophy has remained constant over the years. Which is why they never fail to amaze their customers with the flawless quality of their accessories. 

The price of their items is justified by the quality they provide. We can safely say that they’re one of the best places for buying gold. All of their accessories are crafted with great attention to detail and you’ll be able to notice that when you get your hands on their jewelry.

The jewelry is quite long lasting. The diamonds are high quality with a decent amount of clarity and sparkle (varying according to the type of diamond you choose obviously)

Most of their customers are more than satisfied with their service and quality. However, there were a few others who were not happy at all. But surely, the positive reviews outnumbered the negative ones.


You should be well aware of the shipping locations and costs before you begin your shopping spree so as to avoid any inconvenience.


Thankfully, WJD delivers nationwide as well as internationally. They don’t to PO box addresses but besides that, their shipping is available all over the world. 

WJD Exclusives shipping is done through USPS, FedEx, and DHL. Orders from APO and FPO delivery locations are shipped through USPS First Class Mail.


Standard shipping within the US is free of cost. It takes around 3-10 business days to deliver with a standard shipping service. 

Expedited Shipping

Expedited shipping within US is also free provided that your order is above 99 USD. This delivery service takes 1-3 business days for delivery. 

Next Business Day Delivery

However, if you’re in a rush, you can opt for Next Business Day Delivery which will cost you around $35. And your package will be delivered on the next working day!

International Deliveries

Shipping costs for international deliveries vary according to the delivery locations. An average international shipping will be processed within a week. In addition to that, tax and custom charges will be applicable to all international orders which are solely the responsibility of the receiver.

Return Policy 

WJD Exclusives offers 30 day Free Returns Policy. They stand behind all their items. So in case, your delivered package is not up to your expectations you can return it back to WJD within 30 days of the delivery. 

However, the return package should be accompanied by original packaging, certifications, return labels etc. Also, the items should be in their original and undamaged condition. 

Special and customized orders are not eligible for returns. Refunds are issued within 2 weeks. 

Other than that, they also offer a lifetime warranty for engagement rings and wedding bands. All manufacturing issues will be covered free of cost. WJD also offers free inspection and maintenance of your fine jewelry.

So they’re definitely amazing in terms of their services. You couldn’t have asked for more!

Customer Support 

For any complaints and queries, you can contact their customer support representatives through call or live chat. 

You can contact them through this page to get in touch with them via phone, or start a chat.

WJD Exclusives Customer Reviews

On wedding wire, WJD Exclusives has an average 4.2 star rating which is tremendous for an e commerce store. Majority of the people hold positive feedbacks about them

Such as this person who’s 100% satisfied with their customer service

Another satisfied customer

But as usual, there were people with bad experiences as well


Lastly, we’d wrap up our review by saying that WJD Exclusives is a nice place to shop for fine jewelry and wedding rings. They are amazing in terms of their service and the customer support is also responsive. In case you don’t like your purchase you can always file a return claim. All their items are fairly priced. So we don’t see any reason to not recommend WJD Exclusives to you. We can’t guarantee a pleasant experience for everyone but that’s how it is at most places.

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