Are Rubies Rarer Than Diamonds?

Gemstones can bring happiness to people in different ways. The more rare a gem is in the world of jewelry, the more its value is. This is true when we look at precious jewels. Both rubies and diamonds are very well-liked gems for jewelry, but do you know which gemstone is rarer? 

Are rubies rarer than diamonds?

Gemstone enthusiasts have debated whether rubies are rarer than diamonds. Rubies of good quality and excellent clarity are rare to find. The minerals that create sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are common, but the deep red color of ruby is hard to find.

Diamonds are precious gemstones that people desire all over the world. Its mines are present almost all over the globe, though their supply is constricted. 

In this article, let me tell you more about diamonds and rubies and their relative rarities.

Are Rubies Rarer Than Diamonds?

Some Fascinating Facts About Ruby

  • Ruby is known as the “King of Gemstones.” It belongs to the corundum family. Rubies have an intense, vivid red color, but the exact color can range from orangy-red, blood-red, brown-red, to even a pinkish red. 
  • When the gemstone has a strong-red color, it is called ruby. If it is of any other color such as pink, yellow or blue, it is known as a sapphire.
  • Ruby is one of the rarest gems among the three gemstones: ruby, emerald, and sapphire. It is known as the birthstone of July. People have loved this gem for ages. Even today, people consider it a symbol of love and power. 
  • One of the rarest rubies is from Myanmar and is appreciated for its excellent quality and exceptional color. 

Rubies Rarity

Corundum is a naturally occurring mineral in the earth and is available in large amounts. The ruby and sapphire gemstones belong to the corundum family. 

Technically, this mineral has been mined for use as an abrasive and in emery boards. Very few stones that are recovered from this mineral are of high quality. 

Gem-quality corundum is just 1% of the entire corundum available in the world. Hardly a fraction of these rubies is untreated.

Most gem dealers use different treatment strategies that add more value to the gemstones. On average, less than 1% of good-quality rubies have not undergone any heat treatments. 

So a good quality ruby with evenly distributed color and clarity and available in a larger size of more than one carat is a lot rarer and more valuable than a diamond.

Diamond Rarity

You will easily be able to find diamond mines across the world as long as the carbon is exposed to proper temperature and pressure. Usually, diamonds are categorized into different groups: Types IA, IIA, IB, and IIB. 

The majority of the diamonds are of type IA. The type of IA diamonds means that along with the carbon element that shapes the structure of the diamond, a little bit of nitrogen is used to give a yellowish color to the diamond. Overall, this accounts for 98% of diamonds. The remaining 2% of diamonds are unique and rare. 

Are Rubies More Expensive Than Diamonds?

High-quality rubies are rare and valuable and are quite expensive. However, most rubies are not as expensive as diamonds, even if they are the same size. Higher-quality rubies are hard to find. 

The relatively lower price of ruby makes it a great alternative to a diamond when people look for engagement rings or other jewelry.

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Rubies vs. Diamonds

Rubies have become increasingly popular and are a great alternative to diamonds. Let us look at the difference between the two in detail.

  • Brilliance. Rubies are known for their color and beauty and are not valued for their brilliance, unlike diamonds.
  • Color. The main difference between a diamond and a ruby is its color. Most of the diamonds are either colorless or white. Some diamonds have yellow, pink, or even red colors. 
  • Cost. As already discussed above, rubies are relatively less expensive than diamonds. However, some high-quality, exceptional rubies can cost more than diamonds.
  • Toughness. Both gems have excellent toughness and durability. However, as per the Mohs scale, diamonds score a 10 while ruby has a score of 9. Both gems are physically very hard and will not break easily, even when worn regularly.

How Do You Know if a Ruby Is Real?

Since good-quality rubies are rare to find, it is often faked. It is advisable to buy a ruby from a reputed store to avoid purchasing fake rubies. 

You can quickly determine if the ruby is fake by performing a scratch test and checking the size of the ruby and its inclusions. You can also get it checked by a professional or an experienced gemologist.

Are there any specific geographic regions where rubies are more commonly found than diamonds?

Yes, there are specific geographic regions where rubies are more commonly found than diamonds. Rubies are actually most commonly found in Asia, particularly in countries like Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand, and Vietnam. These areas have a long history of producing high-quality rubies, and many of the world’s most famous rubies have come from these regions.

In contrast, diamonds are more commonly found in Africa, Russia, and Canada. While there are certainly some diamond mines in Asia, the majority of the world’s diamonds come from other regions.

Wrapping Up

High-quality rubies are some of the rarest and most valuable gemstones. Their bold and strong color and beauty have become a great alternative to diamonds. In comparison, diamonds have long been the most cherished gemstone and are widely used for all sorts of formal occasions.

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