Pink Opal vs. Rose Quartz

Talking about pink stones without a mention of Pink Opal and Rose Quartz is out of the question. Both of them are the loveliest of pink stones out there. These stones not only serve as enchanting jewelry pieces but also have interesting healing and spiritual characteristics attached to them. 

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘Stone of Unconditional Love’ while the Pink Opal is referred to as the ‘Stone of Resolution’. Both of them, in essence, are associated with love and peace. So how about an in-depth assessment of the two very promising stones? It is always a good idea, ain’t it?

So let’s see what’s the deal with these two pink stones!

Pink Opal vs Rose Quartz

What is Pink Opal?

Pink Opal is not very different from the common Opal stone. In fact, it is just a variation in color that accounts for the very appealing appearance. 

Pink Opal is basically a pink variety of the Opal stone. Since the pink color is naturally acquired, you will see slight variations in the shades of pink. The shades can range from baby pink to rose or blush pink color. Even more so, some Pink Opal varieties also give off minor flashes of other colors such as yellow or white. 

Peru owns a rich variety of the Pink Opal. In fact, it is known for the most beautiful reserves of the Pink Opal. However, lately, we’ve seen its discovery in other regions such as the USA and Australia as well.

This stone is strongly linked to the heart chakra so you can perhaps guess its functions. Now if you’re done with the guessing, go on and find out if you’re right!

What does Pink Opal help with?

Heal, learn, accept, and let go, this is all that the Stone of Resolution is meant to do. Pink Opal produces significant effects on emotional and spiritual health. Anyway, let’s see the details!

1. Get over heartbreak 

Pink Opal is primarily associated with emotional healing. Therefore, it really helps if you’re dealing with heartbreak or the loss of a loved one. It generates a healing aura for the wearer that helps to subside the misery.

2. Calm yourself 

Feel overwhelmed too often? Well, then the Pink Opal is really your best friend. The soothing pink color of the stone works as a tranquilizer and hence, helps to deal with the unsettling emotions.

3. Soothe anxiety 

Surely overcoming anxiety is no joke, but the Pink Opal stone is known to promote soothing effects. The healing vibrations of this stone help to reduce stress, fears, and anxiety while helping you to stay grounded. 

4. Strengthen your inner self

Pink Opal helps you rely on your own self by promoting self-love. It is said that the stone helps you connect with your inner self and learn to be a self-sufficient individual. So if you’re struggling with attachments then, the Pink Opal might be your savior.

5. Promotes acceptance

It is said that Pink Opal helps to let go of past trauma and undue emotions. Hence, allowing the heart to accept and move on from whatever weighs you down.

Is Pink Opal the same as Opal?

Pink Opal acquires its color naturally which is why it is a highly desired stone variety despite being just a variation of the common Opal. It is not heat-treated or man-made unless you come across a synthetic variety.

So essentially, pink opal is the same as opal except for the fact that it acquires a different color due to the inclusions of some silicate minerals and other organic compounds.

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a pink variety of regular quartz stones. It gives off lovely pale rosy hues more often. However, Rose Quartz is also available in other shades ranging from pale pink to bright baby pink. 

Since Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, you can expect it to work in favor of your heart chakra. The characteristic properties of Rose Quartz are pretty similar to a Pink Opal. 

However, you see Pink Opal is more concerned about resolution and bringing peace to the heart. Whereas Rose Quartz is the stone that ignites love. 

Therefore, in essence, Rose quartz is a stone concerned with nurturing and emotional well-being. Also, be wary of the fact that Rose Quartz is a fragile stone so avoid exposing it to harsh conditions.

What does Rose Quartz help with?

Rose Quartz is quintessentially a stone of love. Like Pink Opal, it is also linked to the heart chakra so you can expect it to deal with all the troubles of your heart.

1. Promotes Compassion

Wearing Rose Quartz is known to promote feelings of kindness and compassion towards yourself as well as others. Since Rose Quartz is mainly associated with female energy, it carries feelings of warmth and peace as well as nurtures like a mother.

2. Heals relationships

Rose Quartz is widely known for its healing properties especially when it comes to relationships. And it is not only concerned with romantic relationships but also it can help you mend the bond with your parents, siblings, or friends. 

It is a heart healer and promotes healthy relationships. It is especially useful for those struggling with a miserable heart.

3. Boosts self-love

As mentioned earlier, Rose Quartz promotes kindness and compassion. It helps the wearer to come to terms with their feelings and emotions. Rose Quartz helps you restore the feeling of worthiness for yourself and hence, boosts self-love.

4. Happiness and Contentment

Of course, when you’re kind, compassionate, and doing well in terms of relationships, you’ll feel happy and content. It repels negative energies and takes away grief. So Rose Quartz is just a magic stone helping you around with your emotional awakening.

Physical benefits of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is not only mentally or emotionally beneficial, but also boasts other properties. It is really beneficial in promoting blood circulation. Also, you must have heard of a Rose Quartz roller, right?

Rose Quartz roller

This Rose Quartz roller helps to soothe the skin and promote a healthy complexion. Apart from that, it is known to accelerate healing too.

Are Pink and Rose Quartz the same?

No, Rose Quartz and Pink Quartz are not the same. Although they are almost identical in terms of color. But both Pink and Rose Quartz are different varieties of crystal. Rose Quartz often comes with many irregularities while Pink Quartz is a regular-shaped crystal. 

Unlike Rose Quartz, Pink Quartz is sensitive to light. They are different in the formation of their crystals as well as they acquire their color due to different reasons.

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