Where to buy Moldavite? (6 Options)

Moldavite exhibits extremely powerful spiritual characteristics. It is also often referred to as ‘The Holy Grail’ stone and works for multiple purposes from psychic protection to the removal of unwanted emotional baggage from the past. But for all of that to happen, you need to find genuine moldavite stones.  

Moldavite is primarily found across Europe from where it is mined and brought to you by several gem fanatics. So if you’re not sure where to buy Moldavite then, you’re at the right place. Go on and check out the 6 best places to buy Moldavite stones. 

moldavite gemstone
Moldavite gemstone (image credit Wikipedia)

Throwin Stones

Throwin Stones is one of the most authentic online gemstone marketplaces. They are based in North Carolina and have been selling genuine stones for 15 years now. 

Throwin Stones is also known for its mineral exhibition shows worldwide, especially in Tuscon, Hong Kong, Munich, and Tokyo. They source their stones and minerals from the world over via reliable sources procured during extensive traveling. 

You’ll find one-of-a-kind crystals and stones in their collection. They offer over 50 varieties of Quartz and all the popular minerals including Moonstone, Opal, and Tourmaline. Talking specifically about Moldavite, it is available in the form of raw crystals, necklaces, bracelets as well as pendants. 

Via @throwin.stones

The prices of Moldavite crystals at Throwin stones are starting from $50 and go up to $6800. Throwin Stones has been a Moldavite seller since 2003 and all their Moldavite stones are 100% real.

Check out this raw Moldavite crystal sourced from the Czech Republic priced at $3900. Lastly, buying from Throwin Stones is not a problem at all because they offer a worldwide shipping service. Browse through their Moldavite Collection here. 

Gem Rock Auctions 

Gem Rock Auctions is widely known for its huge inventory of gemstones, crystals, and mineral varieties. They offer you 200+ verified gemstone dealers on a single platform and with that, you can browse through a collection of over 300k gemstones. 

They offer a collection of no reserve gemstones as well as reserve price stones that require you to bid a certain amount in case you’re interested. You’ll find the most common stones including Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, etc. on their website. 

Not only do they offer loose stones or crystals but also you can find jewelry items, cabochons, or decorative accessories made from these genuine stones. Alongside that, you also get to browse through unique stones like Chalcedony or even bone carvings. 

And as for Moldavite, you can find its rough varieties, gemstones, or pairs. The price range of their Moldavite Collection does not go far up. The highest a Moldavite stone is priced on their website is $1500. 

Check out for instance this 19ct. Moldavite rough for $295, originally priced at $900. Since Gem Rock Auctions offers sellers from all over the world, you can find a flexible range of shipping regions. They offer shipping via FedEx and DHL. 

Moldavite Family

Moldavite Family, as the name suggests, is all about Moldavite stones. Moldavite Family is a family-run business for the last 33 years. It belongs to a family from the Czech Republic, the place richest in Moldavite varieties. 

So what can you expect from them? A diverse collection of Moldavite stones that are 100% authentic and ethically sourced. They deal in raw Moldavite stones as well as Moldavite jewelry. Apart from that, you can find Libyan Desert Glass and Incense as well as other Wholesale items at their e-store. 

Via @moldavitefamily

And what’s even more interesting is the fact that you can find museum-grade as well as regular-grade stones. Also, they have a collection reserved for special Moldavite pieces only. 

Since they have a versatile range of Moldavite stones, the prices are also quite flexible. Moldavite stones at Moldavite Family are priced as low as $40 for a 1g piece. And it can go up to $8400 for a 55g special piece. 

And the best part is yet to come. The Moldavite jewelry collection on the website is super fine and exquisite. You can get your hands on really gorgeous pieces of earrings, necklaces, and rings featuring Moldavite stones. 

Via @moldavitefamily

The story doesn’t end here yet. They also have a collection of carved Moldavite as well as Angel Chime Moldavite varieties that are the rarest of all. The cherry on top is their worldwide shipping service that allows you to grab the best pieces no matter where you live!

Buy Moldavite 

Buy Moldavite has a unique idea behind it. This company is owned by a person who was completely awestruck by the extraordinary powers of the Moldavite stone. The story behind Buy Moldavite is pretty interesting (available on the website) and the collections found at their store are even more captivating.

You can find a detailed guideline about Moldavite on their website. Their Moldavite stones are ethically sourced from the Czech Republic. They offer around 3000 raw Moldavite stones and 1900+ certified Moldavite varieties. 

Via @buymoldavite

They feature a collection of large Moldavite stones, Besednice Moldavite, and some pretty cool Moldavite jewelry options. The price of raw Moldavite is starting from 229 USD and goes up to 550 USD. 

You can browse through their Moldavite jewelry collection right here. The best part about them is that they offer genuine Moldavite stones verified by experts. Each of them is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity so you can be sure of your purchase. 

They offer free 2-day shipping within the US. International shipping is not available at the moment. And lastly, you’re provided with a full refund option in case the product is not genuine. 

Excellent place for Moldavite purchases, ain’t it?


Amazon is a multinational company based in America that offers sellers from all over the world. You can find pretty much everything on the website, be it electronics, clothes, or something as unique as gemstones. 

So specifically talking about Moldavite, I’ll give you a little heads up that it is quite hard to identify a genuine Moldavite stone. Sure you will find a massive collection of these stones, their carvings, jewelry, and whatnot. But how do you know what’s real?

Well, for that you need to do a lot of homework before you make a certain purchase. Go through the reviews, interact with the seller, and ask for the sources or anything else you deem suitable. 

If you look up Moldavite on Amazon, the website will be flooded with over a thousand options. The Moldavite jewelry is quite eye-catching, however, you’ll not find a huge variety of raw/loose stones. 

The shipping services will of course vary from seller to seller. With that said, have a look at these stunning Moldavite jewelry items on Amazon.

  • Sunburst Moldavite Pendant (includes authenticity certificate)
  • A++ Natural Moldavite Bracelet


Etsy is yet another global online marketplace that offers a diverse range of products. However, it is particularly known for vintage or handcrafted items. You can count on Etsy to find lots of rare items because it offers sellers from all over the world.

And talking particularly about Moldavite, you can find over 21k items on Etsy. These listed products can be anything from Raw Moldavite varieties to carvings or jewelry. But keep in mind, that not all the Moldavite varieties listed on Etsy are genuine.

You’ll need to do double checks and look for authenticity certificates or proofs if you really want to utilize the energies of the stone. If not, then you’re free to browse through the tonnes of options on their website and purchase anything that appeals to you the most.

Etsy gathers sellers from around the world in one place, which also means that the shipping services will vary from seller to seller.

Putting all of that aside, check out these beautiful Moldavite pieces on Etsy. 

  • Moldavite Statement Ring 
  • 38.5g Moldavite natural Tektite

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