Is It Normal for Diamonds to Fall Out of Rings?

You may wonder: is it normal for diamonds to fall out of rings? The answer is yes.

Because, as time passes, the settings of the diamond on your favorite ring can loosen and cause the diamond to fall out of the ring. If this happens and you notice it, you can get the diamond re-fixed. However, if you lose the diamond, the emotional attachment to your precious stone can be heart-wrenching. 

So, the best way to avoid losing the diamond is to take good care of it and prevent it from falling out of the ring for as long as possible, and this article will help you learn the best methods to keep it on your finger for years to come.

Why Do Diamonds Fall Out of Rings?

There are some potential reasons why diamonds might fall out of rings. In this section, we discuss the most common reasons.

1. The diamond is damaged

Unlike popular lore, diamonds are not forever! Even though it is the hardest substance on the planet, it can crack or chip. So let us say that if this has happened, there is very little that you can do about it now.

If your diamond has fallen out of the ring, it is quite possible that it was broken or damaged (in even the most minute ways) in the first place.

How can you avoid this?

This is why you must always check the diamond thoroughly after buying it to make sure that it is not compromised. 

2. The jeweller did not appropriately set it

The most common reason diamonds fall out of the rings is that they aren’t appropriately set in the ring. It is entirely the fault of the craftsman who didn’t fit the diamond well enough in the ring. 

How can you avoid this?

It is essential to buy diamond rings only from well-experienced sellers, or you might have to spend more later in setting the diamond properly. If the jeweler sets it improperly, and the diamond falls and gets cracked or chipped, then your purchase may go to waste.

3. Incorrect size of the diamond

One of the most common reasons for a diamond falling out of the ring is that it was the wrong size relative to the ring it was set in. It is the responsibility of the seller to check if the diamond fits the ring well before they exhibit the finished product for sale. 

The diamond can be too small or too big for the size of the ring. While it is entirely a mistake on the seller’s part, we suggest that you inspect the ring by yourself to ensure that you are getting value for your money. 

How can you avoid this?

This will never happen if you buy from a reputable jeweler or store. Personally, I highly recommend jewelers like James Allen and Blue Nile Diamonds. Secondly, always inspect your jewelry for defects right after your purchase.

4. Flawed diamond setting

You are more likely to lose a diamond if the ring setting has prongs (the piece which holds the diamond in the ring). Prongs are more fragile than the rest of the ring and can easily damage. 

The prongs’ head gets flattened with time and can become loose, causing the diamond to come out. 

How can you avoid this?

Choose another setting for the diamond, for example, a halo setting or bezel setting.

5. Resizing of the ring 

Gaining and losing weight is a fact of life, and with weight changes, your fingers can also become smaller and bigger. When that happens, you might have to resize your ring.

The risk of a diamond falling off the ring increases after resizing, especially if it affects the diamond. The channel settings of a diamond ring are already quite challenging to work with, especially with platinum or any other hard metal. 

How can you avoid this?

If you get the work done by an experienced jewelry shop, resizing should not affect the diamond, and the risk of falling out of the ring is lower. 

Beware, a tension setting is really vulnerable after resizing the ring, and therefore, this is not recommended.

6. Residue build-up around the diamond might loosen it from the ring

It is essential to clean your ring regularly to avoid residue buildup underneath the diamond. Residue can cause your diamond to loosen and fall out to a certain extent. 

Corrosive chemicals such as chlorine and bromide, often used in swimming pools, might chip away at the ring itself, thus loosening the diamond until it falls out.

How can you avoid this?

Avoid wearing your ring while swimming or using potentially corrosive substances like dishwashing soap.

Also, let a jeweler check your diamond setting every year.

Is It Normal For Diamonds To Fall Out of Rings?

Yes, it happens a lot. There are many reasons that we outlined above.

The good thing is that the diamond, if not lost after falling off the ring, can be re-fixed in the ring setting, and hopefully stays there permanently.

Diamond rings can last for decades if properly taken care of. However, you should be careful and vigilant when wearing the ring. Make sure that minimum damage happens when you are working, bathing, or in the pool or hot tub, washing dishes, or doing other activities that may risk the integrity of your ring.

How to Check Whether the Diamond on Your Ring is Loose

There are four basic ways to learn whether the diamond on your ring is loose or not, and we have listed them all below:

  • Feel the outer edge of the diamond, known as the girdle, with your finger and try to move it. When you try to push it and it moves even a little bit, you should visit your jeweler. 
  • Hold the side of the band between your two fingers and bring it closer to your ear. Now, tap the ring band with one of your fingers and listen for a rattling sound; if you hear rattling, take your ring to a jeweler to tighten the prongs. 
  • Position your ring in such a way that light reflects off its surface. Use a tweezer with sharp and pointed tips to push the stone down very lightly. Now, notice if the light reflects the surface shifts to know if the diamond moves in the setting.
  • Take a pin and put light pressure on the girdle to see if the stone is loose. You will have to push in all directions to get a precise result. If there is any movement at all, take your ring to the seller or an experienced jeweler to get it tightened.

How to Prevent Diamonds From Falling Out of Your Ring?

Below are some precautions that you should take to protect your diamond ring:

  • Get the settings of your diamond ring checked by a professional once every year. 
  • Take your ring off when doing chores like bathing, washing hands, cleaning, applying cream or moisturizer, playing sports, etc. Also, avoid the habit of taking off and putting the ring back on your finger. It affects the setting of the stone.
  • It is advisable to hold the ring at the sides of the band to avoid touching the main settings, weakening the prongs over time due to normal pressure. Eventually, you will have to get your rings resized, and we have already learned about its effects in the previous section. 
  • Use sturdy prongs made from white gold for your ring. White gold is more durable and lasts for several years without needing a resize or loosening of the settings. 
  • Get the ring fixed immediately upon noticing that the stone is loose. Do not procrastinate since this can lead to losing the diamond completely. 
  • Always seek the help of professionals when resizing or tightening the stone. Do not try to do this by yourself to save some money, for it can cost you more in the long run. 
  • Be careful when cleaning the ring with an ultrasonic cleaner. 
  • Check for damage once every one or two months. If it works for you, visit a professional every 6 months to check it for you as they will have a keen eye for any signs of damage.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a check on your ring is not rocket science – anyone can do it. However, most of us are so engaged in our daily lives that we may forget the attention and care our diamond ring needs. 

It is entirely understandable that we cannot pay as much attention as we should to our precious stones, but it isn’t that difficult to check once a month to ensure that your diamond is settled in its place. This simple task can save you a lot of time, effort, and money!

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