What Does Purple Mean On A Mood Ring?

Unlike all other rings that are worn merely as adornments or for signifying a relationship, a mood ring has an exceptional purpose. The name of the ring is pretty much self-explanatory. When worn on a finger, the ring depicts the mood or emotional state of the wearer by changing colors.

Now how does that happen? Does a mood ring really work? I know a bunch of questions might be popping in your head. So rest assured, all your questions will be answered here. 

What Does Purple Mean On A Mood Ring?

Now finally let’s talk about our main concern here. While generally colors are known to impact the mood of a person, in the case of a mood ring, your mood impacts its color. 

Purple is one of the many colors of a mood ring. So what does it mean when your mood ring turns purple? 

Purple falls in a family of cool colors and generally has a soothing or calming effect. A combination of blue and red makes purple. While blue indicates calmness and red reflects intensity and passion. Purple is somewhere in between.

Purple Is Happiness or Love

A mood ring turns purple usually when you’re going through intense feelings. However, these intense feelings are usually on the good side. The purple color on a mood ring depicts happiness, love, passion, or romance.

Similarly, a cooler shade of purple reflects calmness, joy, harmony, love, or ecstasy. On a mood ring, purple is a color of love and happiness mainly. 

However, with the ever-increasing progression of colors and ring manufacturers, the mood ring color chart may vary. And you may as well find different thoughts associated with purple.

But anyway, since a mood ring itself is not so reliable, you don’t really need to stress about what it says!

Stick through the article for some interesting facts about a mood ring and if you’re seeing purple on your mood ring, find out what it actually means!

How Does A Mood Ring Work?

How do you explain the change of colors on a ring? When I was first introduced to a mood ring, this very thought intrigued me quite a bit. 

So let’s see how that happens.

Thermochromic liquid crystals

Mood rings are composed of temperature-sensitive crystals sealed inside a stone. These crystals are also known as thermochromic crystals. Since these crystals are sensitive to temperature, they change color in accordance with the surrounding temperature. 

When the temperature of the body changes as a result of a rush of emotions, be it happy, sad, or angry, the color of the mood ring changes accordingly. 

For instance, during stressful situations, your body directs the flow of blood towards its core, reducing blood flow as well as the temperature around the fingers. In this situation, a mood ring usually turns grey.

Now as your fingers conduct heat, the liquid crystals encapsulated in the stone absorb or reflect the heat and change color accordingly. This phenomenon helps explain the basics of a mood ring’s function.

But is it accurate? Is mood ring a total success? 

Do Mood Rings Actually Work?

As far as color change due to temperature is concerned, I get it. But the fact that the color of the mood ring depends entirely on the temperature of your fingers is quite unsettling. 

Mood ring is not an accurate reflection of the mood

There is no scientific evidence that proves the accuracy of a mood ring. There is no proven body temperature range during certain mood changes. This is why we can say with certainty that a mood ring is not an accurate reflection of a person’s mood. 

No standard chart for Colors

In addition to that, there is no standard/universal chart that explains each color of the mood ring. Each manufacturer or company devises its own chart that explains the color changes of its mood ring. All of this further reduces the reliability of the ring. 

Change of color around different body regions

Similarly, if you place your ring somewhere else on your body instead of the fingers, it will still change color because of varying temperatures on different parts of your body. Therefore, the mood ring is not capable of portraying a steady and definite color according to your mood. Rather, it just responds to temperature changes. 

But you can still rock it

However, the ring can still be worn for aesthetic reasons. The accuracy of the mood ring is not reliable, but you can always experiment and see how it works.

In case, your mood ring is just lying around your bedside table (no skin contact), it will usually turn black unless exposed to an extreme surrounding temperature.

Final Thoughts

I personally believe that a mood ring is just a fun way of playing around with colors and your mood changes. You can experiment with the changes in a mood ring in different situations. Ask yourself how you’re feeling and then, see what your mood ring says. It may or may not be accurate. A mood rings in neither a failure nor a success. It is just not very reliable.

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