34 Different Types of Rings With Images and Meanings

I have barely ever seen a girl or a woman who’s not crazy about rings. Almost every girl out there is into hoarding different types of rings, that I know for sure. However, I fancy most of you do not exactly know your rings. Even I didn’t, a couple of years ago. 

But as I got more and more into jewelry, I found out rings have names. It was surprising for me back then. Not only that, but I also discovered quite a lot of new types of rings that I didn’t even know existed. 

Anyway, I better skip the talking and get to the real deal. And you brace yourself for the 34 types of rings that I’ll be sharing with you!

1- Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are oversized rings that are worn to catch attention or make a statement. They are pretty much similar to what we refer to as statement rings today. However, there’s a slight difference between the two.

If we talk about the bonafide version of a cocktail ring, it was accepted only with a large center stone or gem with small pave stones on the side. And we know statement rings today are not limited to that only.

Anyway, check out these breathtakingly beautiful cocktail rings

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2- Claddagh Ring

Claddagh rings are usually not known by many people. You might have worn it, but it is highly likely that you don’t know history. Claddagh rings are characterized by two hands clasping a heart in the middle of the ring, most often but not always mounted by a crown. 

These rings symbolize loyalty, friendship, and affection. Claddagh rings originated in Ireland back in the 17th century, and they are worn in multiple ways to specify your relationship status. 

For instance, wearing it on the ring finger of your right hand, with the heart facing outwards, would mean that you’re single. Contrary to that, if you wear it with the heart facing inwards, then it’d symbolize that you’re dating. 

Here’s what a Claddagh ring looks like:

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3- Birthstone Ring

Birthstone rings have been very popular since ancient times, and I know the majority of you must be aware of them.

Birthstone rings feature a gemstone associated with each birth month. That’s the only distinguishing feature of it. Other than that, they come in all types of designs and sizes. 

Anyway, let me tell you the gemstones associated with each month. 

  • January – Garnet
  • February – Amethyst 
  • March – Aquamarine
  • April – Diamond 
  • May – Emerald
  • June – Pearl & Alexandrite
  • July – Ruby
  • August – Spinel & Peridot
  • September – Sapphire
  • October – Opal & Tourmaline
  • November – Citrine & Topaz
  • December – Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite

This exquisite Emerald ring from the Blue Nile is a treat for all the May babies

4- Signet Rings

The word signet comes originally from the Latin word ‘Signum,’ and that refers to ‘sign.’ So it is pretty obvious what a Signet Ring is all about. Signet rings are usually worn as a sign of identification. These rings are engraved with certain symbols, words, letters, or numbers. 

Some beautiful inspo for Signet rings: 

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The engraving depends entirely on what you want to represent through your ring. It can be a name you love, a job rank, an organizational symbol, or anything that is specific to you or your family. 

Signet rings are worn both by men and women. And I personally really admire the idea of signet rings because they represent ideas or the style of the wearer specifically. 

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5- Armor Ring

Armor rings are worn both by men and women. They are usually made of Sterling Silver or filigree metal. Armor rings are quite often very chunky and cover most parts of the fingers. As the name suggests, the rings are a sort of armor for your fingers. 

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They give off a very gothic look, and honestly, they’re not something you can wear daily. However, on days when you want to pull off an eerie or sinister look, armor rings will effortlessly get that job done right!

6- Cameo Ring

Cameo rings feature either a gemstone, a shell, or a coral which is their most distinctive feature about them. The shell, coral, or gemstone is hand-carved, often with a design or symbol that represents a face, nature, or animals, and this part of the ring is referred to as Cameo. The cameo is then set in a gold or silver band to make a Cameo Ring.

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Many cheaper imitations of cameo rings are also available on the market today. They are mostly made out of plastic or resin, which is why they are not as expensive as authentic cameo rings that feature hand-carved shells, corals, or gemstones only. 

7- Purity Ring

Purity rings are popular mostly among Christian and Catholic groups and organizations. Purity rings are worn as a symbol of chastity. Basically, a purity ring represents the idea of waiting for your one and only and making a pledge to live a pure life until then. 

This is why purity rings are commonly worn on the same finger you wear a wedding ring on, i.e., the left ring finger. Wearing a purity ring means you’ve made a commitment to yourself to remain chaste until marriage. 

Purity rings are distinguished from other rings through engravings or symbols that represent the aforementioned idea, either through a sentence or a sign. 

8- Statement Ring

A statement ring is an oversized ring with a unique and striking appearance. Statement rings are worn to make a statement (pretty obvious by the name). They catch a lot of attention, so be ready for that whenever you adorn yourself with one.

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Just like any statement piece, when you wear a statement ring, make sure not to overdo yourself by adding any other rings in your hands. Statement rings are the best way to portray a bold and confident look.

9- Puzzle Ring

A puzzle ring is also known as a Turkish wedding ring or harem ring. This ring basically features a mini-puzzle in the form of 3 or more bands that are interlinked and need to fit together to form a single ring.

Imitations of puzzle rings are also available in the form of knot rings. They give off an appearance of a puzzle. However, the ring is actually only a single band. According to Turkish traditions, a puzzle ring is given by a husband to his wife.

10- Mother’s Ring

A mother’s ring is one of the most beautiful and memorable gifts that you can give to your mother or grandmother. A mother’s ring features the birthstones of children or grandchildren of the woman who’s wearing the ring. 

The ring symbolizes the love and affection of the mother for her children. A mother’s ring can be personalized by adding engraved names or dates of birth of one’s children or grandchildren. A mother’s ring is not only a fashion accessory but also something your mother will love as a gift forever. 

11- Eternity Ring

An eternity ring is worn by women and is often gifted by a spouse on a special occasion such as an anniversary. An eternity ring is also referred to as an infinity ring. This ring features a band usually made of precious metal and is endlessly studded with gemstones.

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Eternity rings are also gifted as a symbol of commitment and a pledge to an undying affection. The continuous studded band represents infinite and eternal love. 

12-Cluster Ring

A cluster ring is exactly the same as its name suggests. Yes, you’re right. This ring is a cluster of diamonds, precious gemstones, or basic stones. The ring may either be in the form of a large center stone surrounded by smaller studded stones or entirely a cluster of small stones arranged together to form a certain shape. 

Cluster rings are an affordable option if you’re looking for a diamond ring. 

Cluster Ring from Amazon

13- Thumb Ring

Traditionally, a thumb ring was specifically used during archery in order to protect the thumb from any injury. It was made of leather, ivory, ceramic, glass, horn, metal, stone, etc. There are quite a lot of meanings attached to a thumb ring.

Thumb ring from Amazon

Thumb rings are worn as a symbol of wealth. Some people also claim that thumb rings are useful to ward off evil spirits. Nonetheless, wearing thumb rings is not as common as other rings. 

But I gotta admit wearing a thumb ring is surprisingly very comfortable and unique. 

14- Mood Ring

Mood rings are made with a liquid crystal that changes color according to the temperature. And so, the color of your ring will depend on the temperature of your finger. So the mood ring is not exactly a representation of your mood. 

Mood Rings often come with a color chart that helps you identify what your ring is indicating at the moment. But I’ll be honest, mood rings are not accurate at all, but you can wear them just for the sake of aesthetics if you want.

15- Chain Ring

Chain rings can serve as a super delicate and dainty addition to your everyday styling. Chain rings, as the name suggests, are made out of chains instead of the usual solid metal bands. 

You can stack as many chain rings as you want and make a statement look. If you’re someone who loves delicate jewelry, you’ll never want to miss them out. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to adorn their hands with something like this?

16- Antique Ring

I’m sure you must be familiar with antique rings or jewelry, in general. Antique rings are far more valuable than regular rings. It is not only a piece of jewelry but something that holds decades of history and influence with it. 

Anyway, the worth of an antique ring is only known to people who are into collecting antique pieces. You know … not everyone has a taste for it, sadly. I personally believe that there’s nothing that can match the magnificence of an antique ring. 

17- Glass Ring

Like mood rings, glass rings are yet another type of ring that can be used for all those aesthetic vibes. They are usually custom and handmade pieces. Glass rings are not very common among the masses. 

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They’re available in diverse colors and patterns. They’re also manufactured out of natural sea glass which makes them even more gorgeous and valuable.

18- Engagement Ring

Well, engagement rings don’t need any introduction, I guess. Everybody knows they’re a sign of a proposal to someone you want to marry. A person wearing this ring indicates that he/she is engaged to be married. 

Engagement Ring from James Allen

Some stats show that, on average, people spend $2500-$3000 on an engagement ring. So make sure that you spend it on the right one. Therefore, below I have mentioned some of the very popular setting styles of an engagement ring. 


A solitaire engagement ring is the most classical style of engagement ring. It consists of a single diamond only. Solitaire engagement rings are very popular due to their unrivaled charm and elegance.

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Channel Set

In this type of setting, small diamonds are set on both sides of the center stone in a special channel or groove within the band of the ring to keep them secured in place. Channel set engagement rings carry visibly more sparkle.

Channel Set Ring From James Allen


A halo setting of an engagement ring intensifies the beauty of the central diamond. As the name indicates, the ring features a halo of small accented diamonds around the central diamond. The shape of the halo can be the same or different from that of the central diamond. 

Image from James Allen

Three Stone

A three-stone engagement ring holds a rich cultural history. However, it is extremely popular among present-day brides as well. It is also known as a trilogy ring because it features three diamond stones, one on each side of the central diamond. 

A Three Stone Ring At James Allen


A pave set engagement ring features a continuous line of tiny diamonds studded in the shank of the ring on each side of the central stone. This creates a pavement of diamonds on the ring and hence the name, pave setting. 

A Beautiful Pave Ring at James Allen

19- Wedding Band

Does it need an introduction? Nope I guess it doesn’t unless someone lives under a rock. A wedding band is an official symbol of the bond of marriage. Wedding bands are usually plain rings made out of precious metals or sometimes studded with diamonds just like an eternity band.

A wedding band is exchanged between the spouses at their marriage ceremony and symbolizes love and commitment over the course of their marriage. 

20- Mourning Ring

A mourning ring is worn to represent a connection to a deceased person. A mourning ring can be worn by anyone in the memory of a lost loved one. 

A mourning ring often consists of the name or the initials as well as the date of death of the deceased. Or it can even be inscribed with an image or a motto of the person you lost.

21- Bypass Ring

Bypass rings were especially popular during the Victorian era and are worn by women even today. A bypass ring is different from the usual rings because it does not feature an endless ring band. 

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The ends of the band do not meet at a single point but rather bypass each other on the top. This peculiar style sets bypass rings apart from other rings. These rings are accented with gemstones or studded diamonds or stones. There’s no limit to that. 

Bypass engagement rings were very famous during the Victorian era and can be worn today to represent a classic taste. 

22- Nugget Ring

Nugget rings are commonly seen as part of men’s jewelry. They are chunky gold rings with an irregular and rocky texture. Nugget rings were essentially a super cool trend in the ’80s and ’90s. 

You can also find nugget rings studded with diamonds for some extra sparkle. They can also serve the purpose of an engagement ring for men. Moreover, they can be a fantastic gift for men.

Nugget rings are definitely a unique and valuable choice. So make sure to consider them next time you’re planning a gift. 

23- Stackable Rings

Stackable rings have been trending for quite a few years now. These rings often come as a set. However, you can stack your favorite rings as you like as well. There’s no restriction to that either. 

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You can layer lots of rings on a single finger or on different fingers on one of your hands. They look super chic and trendy. Stackable rings also come in sets of mid rings that allow you to wear rings at different positions on a single finger. 

24- Wrap Ring

Wrap rings are another trendy option to add to your everyday styling. A wrap ring is composed of a continuous metal or wire piece that is twisted around to make the appearance of a wrap. 

This is what a wrap ring looks like:

Wrap rings can be plain and simple like this one. At the same time, others may be studded with a stone or two to add embellishments to the ring. 

25- Promise Ring

A promise ring may also be called a pre-engagement ring in most instances. It is given to a romantic that you aim to propose for marriage later on. However, that’s not always the case. 

Sometimes promise rings can also be used as a commitment to friendship. A promise ring can be used to symbolize commitment in any kind of relationship. 

So basically, we can say that a promise ring signifies the commitment in a relationship, be it a friendship or a romantic relationship. Moreover, it doesn’t always serve as a precursor to an engagement/marriage. 

26- Bridal Set

A bridal set consists of an engagement ring with a matching wedding band for the bride. A bridal set ring is always sold as a set. The engagement will, of course, be used at the time of engagement and the wedding band, not until you get married.

One drawback to a bridal set is that the bride and groom don’t get to match their wedding band. 

27- Band Ring

Band rings are usually plain and simple metal bands. Some people may consider them similar to a wedding band, but that’s not actually the case with band rings. 

Unlike wedding bands, you can buy this band ring for yourself and wear it on any finger. Moreover, band rings are also available in plastic or resin materials like this one. So you can choose whatever type you like!

28- College/Class Ring

A college or class ring, also known as a graduation ring, is worn by students as a proud commemoration of their graduation. The graduation ring can be awarded to anyone who’s graduated from high school/college/university.

These symbols of accomplishment and pride look something like this:

29- Disconnected Ring

A disconnected ring is somewhat similar to a bypass ring in that the two ends of the ring do not meet at one point, creating a continuous band of the ring. Unlike a bypass ring, the two ends in a disconnected ring do not overlap each other. 

Image from Amazon

The two ends are separated by a small space that exposes the finger from beneath. These two ends are often adorned with delicate embellishments.

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