Rose Quartz – Color, Size, Carving, Cracking, Radiations and Other Facts

Rose quartz is a pale pink-colored gemstone associated with love. It is the most thoughtful gift you can give to a loved one, for it is known to promote friendship, peace, self-love, and healing. The healing properties of rose quartz are believed to repel negative energies and provide relief from grief and bereavement. And that’s pretty much the crux of everything you would hear about rose quartz from a gemstone expert.

Many gemstone enthusiasts generally have a lot of questions about the stones and the meanings associated with the particular behaviors of a gemstone. And surprisingly, most of this is backed by study and examinations by gemologists and spiritual healers. However, there’s no scientific evidence associated with these claims to date.

Rose quartz is considered a very powerful stone, and so there are quite a lot of questions about it. And you’re gonna find answers to a bunch of those questions right over here! 

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Color Is Rose Quartz

Depending on its age and climate, rose quartz’s color can range from very light pink to medium-dark pink. Larger rose quartz specimens tend to have the most attractive colors; small rose quartz crystals with good color are rare. Those whose colors are vivid are coveted for jewelry, while those with deep pink hues are highly in demand.

What does it mean when a Rose Quartz has a hole in it?

Since the protective property of Rose Quartz is believed to absorb negative and harmful energies in abundance in order to protect its wearer and get damaged as a consequence of that, if your Rose Quartz got damaged all of sudden, then be grateful for it has protected you from harm!

Well, you need to come to terms with the fact that the breaking, chipping, or cracking of rose quartz has no meaning at times. Some stones, in general, are quite delicate, especially the ones containing fragile crystals like quartz, which are prone to damage easily.

More often than not, your rose quartz might have a breakage, hole, or crack due to a reaction at extreme temperatures. It may also result from a natural flaw in the rose quartz.

If you have dropped or bumped your rose quartz into something, the damage is quite obvious. And if you feel like you drop or bump your rose quartz very often, then my friend, you need to be more mindful of the present moment and be more grounded. 

Now let’s move to what most people would like to hear (not that I disagree with the powerful properties and function of Rose Quartz, but I’d rather not let it get on my nerves). 

Anyway, stones like Rose Quartz have been used for their protective and healing functions for ages. And if they go through damage, chipping, or breaking out of the blue, then there might be a reason for that.

Can Rose Quartz Change Color?

The answer to this question depends profoundly on the type of change of color we’re talking about. For instance, there are some stones that exhibit a very prominent change of color under different lighting conditions as well as when viewed from different angles. So if you’re expecting this type of change of color from Rose Quartz, don’t! It’s definitely not one of those color-changing stones.

However, there are certain conditions that can cause Rose Quartz to change its color, and the bad news is that this type of color change will be permanent. And the change of color I’m talking about occurs when Rose Quartz is exposed to excessive sunlight or heat. When exposed to such conditions, your Rose Quartz will lose color. It may turn gray over time or lose its luster.

Rose quartz is sensitive to temperatures, so you’ll have to be careful not to expose it to extreme heat or sunlight for longer periods of time.  In addition, a longer span of exposure to air can also lead to the fading color of the Rose Quartz.

Can Rose Quartz be carved?

Rose quartz is generally not easily carvable. You can carve it for sure, but the crystal will be at risk of damage. Carving rose quartz will also mean that there’s going to be a lot of wastage of the crystal. Despite it all, it is very commonly used in jewelry and decorations. 

Rose quartz carvings look very beautiful and unique – there’s no doubt about that. In addition, rose quartz is a popular choice for jewelry and rings in particular. So there must be a way to carve it safely.

Image courtesy: Blue Nile

Since rose quartz is hard, you need something harder to carve it. And in that case, what could be better than diamonds? The best and safest way to carve rose quartz is by using a Dremel tool with diamond bits at the tip of the drill.

Of course, this will be a costly option, but you gotta make a choice if you want to work with rose quartz. Dremel with diamond tip allows you to carve rose quartz with great precision and accuracy. And so it is a highly recommended option!

Can a Rose Quartz sphere crack?

Yes, a rose quartz sphere can crack, and there may be quite a few reasons attached to it. We’ll get to each of them one by one.

First of all, try to keep track of the environments that your rose quartz has been exposed to. Rose quartz is sensitive to extreme hot or cold temperatures. And if a rose quartz sphere cracks all of a sudden, there’s a possibility that it has been exposed to heat or sunlight or extreme cold for a long time. 

In order to protect your rose quartz sphere from cracking, make sure that you don’t keep it out in the open, near windows, radiators, or air conditioners for long.

And if we put all the science aside, there may be a spiritual meaning attached to the cracking of your rose quartz crystal. It is believed that when a rose quartz cracks, it absorbs negative energies from the environment. And hence, has protected you from the harms of that negative energy.

There’s also a possibility that your rose quartz has played its role in your emotional healing. Since it is related to the heart chakra, it may have worked its way to heal all emotional damage to your heart. And it has cracked as an indication that its work has been done. 

But don’t worry, it doesn’t become useless upon cracking or breaking. If you wish, you can pass it to someone else or let it heal on its own by giving it a break for a few weeks. 

Does Rose Quartz emit infrared heat?

No, gemstones, in general, do not have the capability to emit infrared heat on their own. The same is the case with Rose Quartz. It cannot emit infrared heat until or unless an external power or source comes to play.

Rose quartz can emit infrared heat only if, at first, it has absorbed heat energy in broad wavelengths from an external source such as sunlight, hot water, fire, or electricity. After absorbing heat from an external source, Rose Quartz will emit infrared heat and activate its natural healing abilities. 

Therefore, in conclusion, a Rose Quartz, or rather any stone, does not have the ability to radiate infrared heat/rays on its own. 

Does the size of Rose Quartz matter?

The size of a Rose Quartz may or may not matter – depending on the situation. Crystals emit their powers and vibrations no matter what’s their size. Similarly, Rose Quartz continues to be powerful even if it’s the size of a pea. However, the amount and impact of the strength of the crystal may vary with size.

If the Rose Quartz is limited to personal/individual use only, then there’s no need to worry about the size. An average-sized Rose Quartz may emit a sufficient amount of energy for an individual. 

Nevertheless, the size of Rose Quartz will matter if you’re working with a larger space or area. Since the size of the stones affects the number of their vibrations and energy, you’ll need a giant Rose Quartz if you want its effect functional in a large space.  

What is the biggest size a Rose Quartz can get to?

The colored varieties of crystalline quartz are found in huge sizes. However, with Rose Quartz, the case is a bit different. You will find very less Rose Quartz large, facet-able Rose Quartz. 

One of the largest pieces of Rose Quartz is a Brazilian star Rose Quartz that weighs somewhere around 615 carats. As opposed to what I said earlier, this size is quite big enough, but such sizes are very rare in Rose Quartz. You will seldom find large Rose Quartz crystals.

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Does Himalayan pink salt contain Rose Quartz?

No, Himalayan pink salt does not contain Rose Quartz. It looks very similar in appearance to Rose Quartz, and some people may even mistake Himalayan salt for Rose Quartz, but no, Himalayan salt does not contain Rose Quartz. 

Himalayan salt has deeper pink hues due to traces of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Rose Quartz has no apparent relation to it. 

Why does Rose Quartz turn white?

The color of your Rose Quartz might fade in case you’ve been keeping it under direct sunlight. Also, there’s another possibility that may cause your Rose Quartz to turn white. And that is, you may have been tricked into buying just a dyed piece of an ordinary white stone, and it’s just losing its dye. So make sure you buy your Rose Quartz from an authentic seller.

Anyway, there are other reasons that can cause a Rose Quartz to turn white. When a Rose Quartz has been absorbing a lot of energy from the surroundings, it might lose its color and turn white. Also, if it has healed or performed its desired function, it may turn white. 

At times, a Rose Quartz may immediately lose color when a person wears it. At least, that’s what people claim. And in such cases, it is said that your heart chakra is not in the best of its condition and needs work. So if you’re someone who believes in the healing powers and magic of stones, then you may relate to this all you want.

But if you’re someone who doesn’t really relate to gemstone healing and stuff – you can just go on with believing the scientific evidence of particular behaviors of these stones. Your call!

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