What Jewelry to Wear With a Wedding Dress?

A wedding gown is usually the prime focus when you’re preparing for your wedding day, leaving less time for finding the perfect jewelry pieces that go well with your wedding dress. 

While certainly, a wedding dress is the center of attention on the big day, jewelry gives a personalized statement to your look. Let it be this way; your wedding dress is the cake, and your jewelry is going to be a cherry on top. 

Your jewelry selection shall be based on the intricacy of your wedding gown, its color, and its neckline, most of all. If your dress is simple, you can throw in some statement pieces to create a magnificent look. 

In contrast to that, if your dress consists of all those intricate lace details, keep your jewelry minimal.

Anyway, let’s get into a bit more detail because selecting the perfect accessories without any leads can be a bit too daunting, especially with the roller coaster of emotions attached to your big day. 

What Jewelry to Wear With a V-Neck Wedding Dress?

A V-neck wedding gown exposes a lot of skin around your neck which means you get a lot of room to work around a bare neckline.

Given the bare neck, most people will think of wearing a statement or heavily embellished necklace. And that is a rookie mistake right there. 

For an intricate Neckline

The best adornment for a V-neck wedding dress is a minimalistic pendant necklace laced around your neck. A pendant necklace is a perfect decoration for the décolletage. 

A dainty solitaire diamond necklace will add a touch of delicate elegance to your attire. Pair the pendant with similar studs or drop earrings based on your hairstyle to complete the look.

For a less embellished dress

In other instances where the neckline of your dress is not embellished, you can opt for a single-layered pearl necklace paired with pearl huggie hoops for a tied-up hairstyle or drop earrings if you decide to keep your locks flowing.

Something similar to this breathtaking necklace set will adorn a plain V neckline quite a bit:

Skip the Necklace if you want

Leaving the neck bare on its own without any embellishments is another great approach. In fact, it is believed neck itself is attractive enough to not need any further adornments. 

Anyway, if you decide to skip the necklace, choose earrings that are a bit more dramatic. Go for chandelier style earrings or statement studs to finalize the look.

Add a statement necklace.

If you want to add a necklace, look for the ones with gemstones to create a magnificent and bold look. For someone who wants a dainty and delicate appearance, intricately designed diamond necklaces or tennis necklace is a foolproof option. You can find a similar CZ statement necklace here and see what I actually mean.

Or go with statement earrings.

If you want to leave the neck bare, let your earrings do the job. Drop earrings etched with diamonds or chandeliers with intricate details, and a gorgeous updo keeps the look minimal and classy. While adding a tiara or glitzy hair pieces will add more oomph to your look. 

Don’t leave the wrist empty.

Apart from earrings or necklaces (whatever you choose to wear), adorning your wrist with a delicate tennis bracelet adds an alluring charm to your look and works as a complement for your wedding ring as well.

What Jewelry to Wear With a Halter Neck Wedding Dress?

A halter-neck wedding dress covers the entire neck, and there’s no point in a necklace sitting on your dress instead of your neck. Therefore, a necklace is not even an option for a halter neck wedding dress. 

Now A, your neck is covered, and B, you can’t wear a necklace. This means something else needs to work as icing for your cake (read: wedding dress). You can either shift the focus to a tiara, a fancy hairpiece, or an intricate veil. 

And let the earrings take the rest of the pressure. However, if you’re adding a tiara, keep your earrings minimal. Choose studs or small pearl earrings. 

In a case otherwise, you can go for teardrop earrings, chandelier earrings, or any other piece capable of making a statement. A pair of emerald drop earrings can be added to elevate the look. 

Add a dainty bangle or a bracelet to your wrists and leave the rest of the space for your wedding ring. 

What Jewelry to Wear With Ivory Wedding Dress?

Well, we have discussed many types of jewelry till now. Let’s get into a few color dynamics. White or ivory is the most common color for wedding dresses, and thankfully, finding the right color of jewelry with these shades is not much of a problem. 

Ivory color contains slight yellow or goldish undertones. Hence, rose gold or yellow gold jewelry is a great compliment to ivory wedding dresses. The warm hues of the gold match really well with the undertone shades of ivory.  

Additionally, diamond jewelry is the easiest formula to pull together a wedding attire. The gorgeous sparkle of diamond pieces cannot go wrong with anything. 

Lastly, a pearl jewelry set will be a really great way to style an ivory wedding dress. The color of the pearls is quite a match for the cool hues of an ivory dress. Pearls are a timeless piece of accessory that’ll look just as classy ten years from now. 

What Jewelry to Wear With Champagne Wedding Dress?

A champagne wedding dress is a classy option for brides who do not want to sport a sparkling bright white on their big day. The champagne color is greatly complemented by metallic colors. It also looks appealing with beige or ivory. 

Anyway, on your big day, you’d definitely want to look effortlessly classy. Therefore, I’ll recommend you go for metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, silver, or platinum. Most wedding jewelry is already based on these colors, so laying your hands on the perfect piece won’t be much of a problem. 

Other than that, you can also opt for jewelry in similar champagne hues if you don’t want to get into other options. And diamonds never fail to mesmerize, so without a second thought, you can go for diamond jewelry too.

What Jewelry to Wear With a Black Dress to Wedding?

Black gives you a lot of room to experiment with other colors. If you’re wearing a black dress to a wedding, then you can play around with tons of colors. 

A black dress will look great with a statement emerald necklace or earrings, equally stunning with a ruby or sapphire-studded jewelry piece. 

If gemstones are not your thing, then you can go for pearls. You see, pearls are just so versatile, you can pair them with almost anything, and they’ll look gorgeous. 

Diamond jewelry is always an option. You can go for minimal diamond earrings paired with a pendant or just add one statement piece to your entire attire, and you’ll be all done. 

Final Thoughts

At last, I’d say that your big day is yours to conquer. Wear whatever feels most comfortable to you. Try to give as much thought to your jewelry as you do to your wedding dress. Because let’s be honest, the fate of your wedding gown at the end of the day will be a corner in your wardrobe. On the other hand, you can wear the jewelry over and over again and reminisce the memories of your big day for a lifetime.

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