Jewelry You Can Wear In The Shower

Many women like to wear jewelry to enhance their beauty, showcase their social status, or as a symbol of femininity. Wearing jewelry makes a woman feel confident, bold, and beautiful. 

But we often forget to take care of our expensive jewelry in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. For example, do you take off jewelry every time before a shower? If you’ve answered No to this question, you’re not the only one.

But did you know that chemicals in water and beauty products can damage your jewelry?

The water usually comes from your nearby hydro facilities. They clean the debris and add chemicals like chlorine to the water to make it potable. These chemicals can react with metals and degrade or discolor your expensive jewelry. 

When you put jewelry in hot water, constant exposure to hot water can also tarnish your jewelry. Secondly, if you apply soap to your jewelry, the soap particles can leave residues that make your gemstones sparkle less. It’s best to take off all your jewelry before taking a shower, but sometimes it’s hard to remember to do so or take the time?

That is why we have created this guide about which jewelry you can wear in the shower without worrying about discoloration and other issues.

Jewelry You Can Wear In The Shower

Can I Shower With Diamond Earrings?

Water is not suitable for your diamond earrings. You should remove them before a bath. 

When your precious diamonds are exposed to harmful chemicals in water, soap, oil, or gel, it leaves a film on the surface of the diamond. Consequently, it can lose its spark and brilliance in time.

Secondly, if the earrings are set in metal such as sterling silver, the silver can react with chemicals in the water and become weaker, and this can cause problems – the diamond may become loose or even fall off.

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Can I Shower With Stainless Steel?

Yes, you can wear stainless steel jewelry in the shower. 

Stainless steel usually does not tarnish but has the potential to rust. So ideally, you should purchase high-grade stainless steel so that it will not rust easily when exposed to water. 

For instance, you can buy 304-grade stainless steel with 18 percent chromium and either 8 or 10 percent nickel. Another option is 316 stainless steel, which has additional 2 percent molybdenum. But don’t expose your stainless steel jewelry to harmful chemicals unnecessarily.

Can I Shower With Sterling Silver Jewelry?

You could, but it’s better to take off sterling silver before a bath.

Unfortunately, silver jewelry can get tarnished when exposed to water over a longer period of time. The salt and chemicals in water can damage sterling silver jewelry over time, turning it grayish black.

If you have forgotten to take out sterling silver jewelry before a shower, then the best thing you can do is to clean it and dry it appropriately before storing or wearing it.

Can I Shower With Pearl Jewelry?

No, you should not wear pearls while showering. 

Pearls are very delicate and sensitive. So you should treat them with love. Regular exposure to water can damage the outer surface of your pearl jewelry. Additionally, make sure to keep your pearls away from harmful chemicals, soaps, and lotions.

Can I Shower With Costume and Fast Fashion Jewelry?

No, you should never shower with costumes and fast fashion jewelry.

Costume jewelry is affordable, but the manufacturers generally use cheap materials like nickel, which can cause skin allergies when used for a long time. Additionally, these materials can scrape or peel off when exposed to water. So, it’s best to remove costume jewelry before showering.

Can I Shower With Wood, Plastic, or Glass Jewelry?

Untreated wood may not be safe to wear in the shower.

You should be careful with your wooden jewelry. Untreated wood may expand or break when exposed to water.

However, you can wear glass and plastic jewelry while taking a shower. Remove the jewelry after your shower and wipe it with a soft cloth or allow it to dry in the air, as water bubbles may cause damage to your jewelry.

Can I Shower With Gold Plated Jewelry?

No, it’s not good to wear gold-plated jewelry in the shower.

Gold-plated jewelry has a base metal of silver or copper, and a thin layer of gold is added to it. This thin layer of gold can get chipped or tarnished with regular exposure to water.  

Can I Wear Alloy Metals While Taking a Shower?

If it is a copper-based alloy, you should not wear it while taking a shower.

Your alloy jewelry uses a combination of two or more metals to make it durable. Some common alloys used in jewelry are copper, titanium, platinum, silver, or gold. The metals like copper can damage or discolor your jewelry with regular exposure to water.

Can I Shower While Wearing a Necklace?

If you wonder what jewelry you can wear in the shower, it really depends on the type of material your necklace is made of.

1. Sterling silver

If your necklace consists of sterling silver, it will not damage quickly if you shower with it once in a while. If you shower with it regularly, your necklace will turn grayish black when exposed constantly to water.

2. Gold

A gold necklace does not oxidize if you shower while wearing it. But it may lose its shine or luster with time.

3. Platinum

If you have a platinum necklace, it will not react with water. But regular exposure to water may cause it to lose its shine.

4. Stainless Steel

Your stainless steel necklace will not be affected by water. However, it may lose its shine with time.

5. Aluminum or Titanium

Aluminum or titanium necklaces do not react in any environment.

6. Pearl

Pearls are very delicate. You should never wear a pearl necklace while taking a shower.

How Can I Take Better Care of My Jewelry?

  • Take your precious jewelry to the store for polishing on a regular occasion and to have the stones (like diamonds, or gemstones) and settings checked.
  • You can use home cleaning methods to clean your jewelry. Consider using mild detergent during cleaning and dry out your jewelry before storing it.
  • Remove your jewelry before showering or washing dishes because harsh chemicals can damage the metal or stones over time.
  • Try to store your jewelry in the right place. Some jewelry, like sterling silver, can get tarnished when you hang them openly. So, store it in a Ziplock bag. Also, close necklaces to prevent them from getting tangled.

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Final Thoughts

Jewelry can enhance your beauty, but it’s your responsibility to keep your jewelry safe so that it lasts as long as you would like. It’s best to remove your jewelry before going into a shower. 

However, if you forget to remove your jewelry, wipe it down with a clean cloth and allow it to air dry. 


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