The 7 Best Diamond Earrings Under $300

Diamond earrings are a must-have for most of the fashion icons out there. The versatility in the styling options of diamond earrings is what makes them an amazing choice of accessory. You can style them with virtually anything. They can serve as a classic everyday accessory as well as a glamorous party essential.

Purchasing diamond earrings can be intimidating, especially when you want to stay on a budget. Classic diamond stud earrings usually range between 200 to 400 bucks. Previously, we did a roundup of the best diamond earrings for

under $200. This time we’re here with diamond earrings under 300 dollars.

We’ve made the selection of diamond earrings easier than ever, so make sure to check out our exclusive collection of exceptionally gorgeous diamond earrings below!

1- Diamond Drop Earrings 1/2 Cttw

These are drop-dangle styled earrings from Amazon Collection. Around one inch in length, this pair of drop earrings are ideal for a party or formal event.

The total carat weight of the diamonds studded on this pair of earrings is 0.5 ct. The earrings deliver a good amount of sparkle. The clarity grades l2 and l3 give out a decent amount of brilliance. Secured by friction backs, these earrings are very comfortable to wear.

The diamonds studded all over the earrings are natural and round cuts curated in 925 sterling silver that creates a glamorous look overall. They are beautiful and lightweight. You’ll love wearing them for sure.

2- Diamond Cluster Studs

This super dainty pair of diamond studs from the Dazzling Rock Collection is a versatile piece of accessory. They are quite tiny, around 7mm in diameter, which is why they can serve as an everyday accessory.

Moreover, their sparkle and brilliance allow them to be paired perfectly with any dressy look. These cluster studs are embellished with 0.25 ct—diamonds with an l1 and l2 clarity grade. Not the best grade you can get, yet it delivers a generous amount of sparkle.

They are manufactured in 14k gold with a screw-on back that helps them stay secure in place. This beautiful and high-quality pair of diamond studs will be turning a lot of heads.

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3- 2 Ct. Black Diamond Studs

Black diamonds are a classy and timeless fashion statement. These gorgeous studs from P3 POMPEII3 feature 2-carat diamonds in total.

The enhanced black color of the diamonds is what you call perfection. The diamonds in these earrings are brilliant round cut that definitely adds to the beauty of these studs. The brilliant-cut is one of the favorites of all the diamond freaks. So you’re going to like the overall appearance of these studs, undoubtedly.

The studs give out a good amount of sparkle and look very charming with just about any look. The black diamond prong-set in 14k gold generates a very powerful aura and hence, defines your elite fashion taste.

These studs are your ticket to a stunning everyday look!

4- 1/2 Carat Diamond Hoop Earrings

This pair of hoops are studded with 14 diamonds with a total weight of around half a carat. These hoops are sparkly and gorgeous, manufactured with high-quality material that ensures their long life.

These diamond hoops look very elegant with formal dresses; they are the best option for a dressy event. They are neither too small nor too giant, so the size is quite ‘all-occasion appropriate.’

The white diamonds studded on these hoops in a channel setting are certified by American Gem Society (AGS) Laboratories, which makes them an option worth considering. This beautiful pair of hoops are secured by a snap-down backing. Lightweight and comfortable!

5- AAA Blue Diamond Studs

Clear and colorless diamonds look exquisite sure, but colored diamonds hold a unique grace as well. The quality of these blue diamond studs from PARIKHS is super amazing.

The total weight of the diamonds is around 0.4 carat, though an option of up to 2 carats is available that is not under 300 bucks obviously. These beautiful studs feature a princess-cut blue diamond prong set in 14k gold.

The diamonds are natural. However, they have been treated for color enhancement. The studs are around 3mm in size. They are well made and justify the price tag, undoubtedly.

These princess-cut diamond studs in a lovely blue color are comfortable to wear and can be worn on multiple occasions.

6- 1/2 Carat Diamond Studs

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic diamond studs. These simple yet beautiful diamond studs from Inara Diamonds are timeless pieces.

This pair of studs can be used as an everyday accessory. Other than that, they can also be used to complete any formal look as well. These studs feature sparkling diamonds around 1/2 carat in weight.

The clarity grade of the studded diamonds is l2 and l3 with a color grade J-K which means they appear colorless to the naked eye. These diamond studs glisten under all lighting conditions very beautifully.

The diamonds are prong-set in solid 14k white gold and secured by friction backs. Overall, the quality and size are great for the price.

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7- 14k Gold Diamond Studs

A pair of clear princess-cut diamond studs from Diamond Wish is perfect for all the little princesses out there. These studs are quite tiny, but they are perfect for kids or teens. However, it can also be rocked by anyone as second or third lobe piercing.

The studs feature dazzling princess-cut diamonds with a total of 0.5-carat weight. Around 2.5mm in size, these studs deliver a brilliant sparkle with a clarity grade of l2 and l3. The diamonds are prong-set in 14k white or yellow gold.

The brilliance and fire of these diamond studs are truly mesmerizing. The studs are secured by a friction back that keeps them in place. The quality is stunning and definitely a must-have!

How Much Should 1 Carat Diamond Earrings Cost?

The price of diamond earrings depends largely but not solely on the caratage. Other factors, such as cut, clarity, and color grades, also affect the price tag. The average price of 1-carat diamond earrings with top-tier cut and clarity grades is around 2000 dollars.

However, one ct. Diamonds in mediocre clarity and cuts can range anywhere between 400 to 800 dollars. Diamond earrings with lesser caratage can be easily found within a price range of $200-$400.

Can You Tell If A Diamond Is Real With A Flashlight?

The flashlight test to check the authenticity of a diamond is pretty common since it is the easiest of all. All you need is a flashlight and your eyes. Observe the diamond under the light. You will notice an exceptional sparkle if the diamond is real as authentic diamonds reflect a lot of white light. On the contrary, if the stone is a Cubic Zirconia, the difference in the sparkle will be clearly visible.

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