Jobs That Don’t Allow Nose Piercings

Nose piercings have become more acceptable and less controversial over the years. While they are quite acceptable in the individual/personal life now, they are not always welcome at work.

It is sad that the self-expression and individuality of a person need to be disguised when they are at their workplace. While this discipline may be necessary for some professions, others have no plausible reasons for restricting body modifications.

There are many organizations out there that consider nose piercings and other body modifications unprofessional. Not only unprofessional but also trashy.

Teacher in Classroom - job that doesnot allow nose piercing

Which Jobs Don’t Allow Nose Piercings?

If you’re planning to pursue a career in any of the following fields, then you might want to give a second thought to your decision of getting a nose piercing or body modifications, in general.

Legal Field

When working in a law firm or legal field, you have to be aware of the strict rules and regulations of such places. Since nose piercings are still considered unprofessional, lawyers should avoid getting them. As a lawyer you have to meet with people of all sorts and any prominent body modifications might affect your work.

Also, if you’re working as an employee then, most definitely you will have to stick to the rules of the organization where you work. However, if you’re starting out a firm of your own, then you are the boss. Make your own rules and stick to them!


Healthcare professionals are supposed to look very clean, tidy, and professional. Tattoos and other body modifications are somehow considered unhygienic, by some people.

As a healthcare worker, you will meet all types from different cultures and backgrounds and you don’t know which of them fall into the former mentioned category of people.

To maintain a professional image at all times, it is considered better to avoid nose piercings. Also, wearing a nose piercing as a healthcare worker can be risky. Your piercing will always be at risk of getting pulled off by a child or perhaps a patient.

Keeping all these things in consideration, most healthcare institutions don’t allow nose piercings or other body modifications.

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Law Enforcement

Again, nose piercings can be very risky and harmful for yourself if you’re a frontline worker in any law enforcement department. It is highly likely that you’ll have frequent encounters with criminals or suspects.

Your piercing can give such people a lot of ways to harm you as it can be pulled off very easily. So, a nose piercing as a law enforcement officer is not a good idea.


The acceptance of a nose piercing in the profession of teaching depends largely on the place where you live, its cultural norms, and freedom of self-expression. It also depends on whether you’re working in public or private institutes, the perspective of the majority of the parents, and the policy of your educational institute most of all.

It won’t be wrong to say that most institutes would prefer hiring a teacher without visible body modifications or piercings as these modifications can possibly divert the attention of students time and again.

Some people may consider it as ‘setting a bad example’ for children since nose piercings are stigmatized so much to date. But exceptions are always there, so you can go ahead and experiment with piercings if you want.


As an administrative officer, you’re most probably the first person that’s going to be noticed by visitors/clients. Administration departments are usually very strict when it comes to professionalism. In fact, they have to stick to professionalism because that’s what their employers demand.

As a representative of an organization, your discipline should set an example for everyone and your appearance needs to fall in line with the policies and overall work ethics. So nose piercings or body modifications are unlikely to be acceptable in administrative jobs.

Why Are Nose Piercings Not Acceptable At Certain Workplaces?

Nose piercings, body piercings, or other body modifications are not quite welcomed at many workplaces. Some professions have genuine reasons for placing such restrictions. We don’t really mind those. But anything else otherwise is just baseless.


We don’t understand how a nose piercing can be linked to unprofessional behavior. But that’s how it is. Nose piercings where they’re not allowed, are considered unprofessional. Some people are still not ready to let go of the illogical controversy that is associated with nose piercings. So guess we’ll have to wait till trends change completely!

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A Cause of Distraction

Nose piercings can be a cause of distraction which is why they are not welcomed at mainstream organizations. They can divert the attention of clients or colleagues, perhaps. In educational institutes, piercings can catch the attention of students which is likely to disrupt their studies. The same is the case with other body modifications such as tattoos.

Such unconventional things may as well spark debates, you never know. To avoid all the possible disruptions in the otherwise normal course of work, piercing policies at a lot of places are quite strict.

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Which Jobs Allow Nose Piercings?

Fortunately, today there are many fields of work that don’t mind self-expression. In fact, a sense of individuality is more appreciated in employees since that promotes creativity more than just sticking to a set of guidelines.

There are professions that remain unaffected by the presence or absence of piercings. Such as those in the beauty industry, creative arts, entertainment, food services, construction industries, etc. These fields give you the privilege of enjoying your individuality while being at work at the same time.  

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