Can Nurses Have Nose Piercings

Facial piercings or multiple ear piercings are usually not considered appropriate for workplaces. They are often considered a breach of workplace ethics and are not deemed professional at most places and institutions. However, every organization has its own policies and rules regarding dress codes, etc.

Now the question is can nurses have nose piercings? This question probably arises when you are planning to get into a nursing school and you wonder if you would be able to keep those piercings.

Is There Any Official Policy?

Fortunately, there is no official policy about nose piercings or piercings in general yet. Therefore, the acceptance of a nose piercing varies from institute to institute. There may be some nursing schools and hospitals that will not really care about a nose piercing, but then there may be others with some strict dress code that wouldn’t allow a nose piercing. To our dismay, the latter ones are more common.

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Why Are Nose Piercings Unprofessional?

As we mentioned previously, not all employers care about piercings, tattoos, and stuff, but more often than not, they are a subject of controversy. They do not look professional somehow. This is most likely because piercings or facial piercings, in particular, are stigmatized a lot. Unfortunately, they are notorious for all the wrong reasons, and this is why people tend to believe that a person with a lot of piercings may not be as committed to their work as someone without the piercings. Besides that, there are some other reasons for which nose piercings are not liked at workplaces.

Associated with Criminals

Back in the day, piercings and tattoos were associated only with criminals and illegal activities. So piercings are looked down upon as a reflection of rebellious behavior. Therefore, they are not widely accepted at workplaces or educational institutes such as medical schools.

Potential Risk of Bacterial Growth

Another reason why piercings are not lauded at nursing schools or hospitals is that they may serve as a potential ground for the growth of bacteria. To avoid any infections or possible health factors, hospital administration asks nurses to avoid piercings. Nose piercings increase the risk of infection or injury.

Moreover, they are considered unhygienic by most people, especially the elderly. As healthcare workers, you have to look tidy. So it is better to hide them.

Piercings are Controversial

Like it or not, piercings have always been a subject of controversy. Whether you are at a nursing school or doing clinical in a hospital, you are bound to meet people from every walk of life. In order to display a neutral persona, you will need to be very thoughtful of your dress code. To be able to connect with everyone, you shouldn’t be wearing something too defining or vocal. So compromise awaits you in nursing school!

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Can You Have Nose Piercings As A Nurse?

You certainly can have nose piercings, but you’ll not always be able to flaunt nose accessories in them. The restrictions in every institute are varied, and you’ll have to abide by the dress code of your workplace no matter what.

1- Keep In Mind The Policy

As soon as you get enrolled in a nursing school or start working at a hospital, check their policy. There will definitely be some rules and recommendations about dress code and all. Get to know the degree of restrictions about piercings at your institute. Some institutions,

  • want complete removal of piercings
  • want the piercing hidden during the work hours or
  • don’t care at all

The last one is the best, but the second type isn’t bad either. In any case, you will have to adhere to the rules and regulations of your workplace.

2- Reconsider Your Piercing Placement

Piercings in prominent body parts such as lips or eyebrows are not considered appropriate for workplaces. And with nose piercings in a nursing school, you gotta compromise. You may be asked to permanently remove the piercing or hide it temporarily.

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How Can You Hide Your Nose Piercing?

The best way to hide a nose piercing is the use of retainers. A retainer is a clear plastic tool that you can put in a piercing to hide it away. The use of a retainer is completely safe. It is well suited to everyone. This way, you will be able to keep the piercing and flaunt it once you’re out of the nursing school or as soon as your shift ends at the hospital.

In conclusion, the acceptance of your nose piercing depends solely on where you work or study. Nursing schools usually have more rigid policies and rules regarding dress codes. Hospitals are relatively lenient. But there is no “one fits all” rule about piercings, so we cannot exactly say what you will have to face. Despite everything, we believe that piercings in any way shouldn’t limit anyone’s career.

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