Top 5 Best Nose Rings For New Piercings

Getting a new piercing is always exciting, and we know nobody wants to ruin that excitement by developing some infection or allergy to their fresh piercing. New piercings, especially nose piercings, demand a lot of care and cleaning. Also, the biggest cause of infections in a new piercing is the type of jewelry metal that you choose to wear.

With new piercings, you need to be very considerate while choosing the metal that’s going to go in your piercing. Not only that, but you also need to take into account the type of jewelry you’re selecting for the new piercings. Studs are widely used for new nose piercings. Nose hoops are generally not recommended for fresh piercings. L bends, labrets, or nose screws are the best options for new piercings.

The recommended metals for new piercings are Titanium, Niobium (lesser-known), and surgical stainless steel. These metals do not cause any allergic reactions. They are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, so they are very apt for new piercings.

Best Nose Rings for New Piercings

Check out our collection and find the most appropriate jewelry for your new nose piercing

12 pieces L-Bends SSS

This is such a wonderful package from Cisyozi, offering three different styles and four pieces in each style. This way, you’ll always have a backup in case the studs ever slip out of your newly pierced nose. These studs are very suitable for new piercings because they are made with high-quality 316L Surgical Stainless Steel.

The nose studs are highly polished and smooth, which makes them very comfortable to wear in a precarious piercing. They are adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia as well as synthetic opals. You’ll find both prong and bezel settings in the studs. The color retention of the studs is great.

The L bend style is easy to put on. The 20G post glides through the fresh piercing without any trouble. To make the L bends stay secured in place, you can lock them with an o ring at the end. They don’t contain traces of nickel, so you can wear them without the fear of triggering an allergic reaction in the piercing.  All in all, these nose studs are definitely worth buying!

Titanium 16G 3pcs Nose Screws

These three pcs of studs offering three different sizes of sparkling clear cubic zirconia look very stunning as a nose accessory. The crystal clear cubic zirconia reflects a good amount of sparkle from the nose. These nose screws are a perfect fit for a new nose piercing because they are made from a top-notch Grade 23 Titanium. It is completely nickel and lead-free. Therefore, it is totally safe to put in a new piercing.

Titanium is considered to be one of the safest metals. So when your skin is recovering from the trauma of a piercing, it is very crucial to expose it to only the safest of metals. These titanium nose screws are internally threaded with a flat back, which gives them a labret style shape.

The sparkling cubic zirconia is prong-set in the titanium body in sizes ranging from 2-4 mm. The titanium metal of these nose studs is top of the line. The 16G post is appropriate for a fresh piercing because piercings with larger needles heal better and quicker. You can experiment with different sizes of CZ and sport the one that suits you best!

Stainless Steel Nose Bone 26pcs

A pack of 26 dainty nose studs from Yadoca is all you need for a new piercing. These nose bone studs are very durable and long-lasting in terms of their sparkle and polish. Each stud has a unique design and gives you the opportunity to rock a new style every day.

The nose bones are very easy to wear and putting them on does not require much time and effort. Now coming to the material, which is also ideal for a new piercing and is the reason why these nose bones are here in our collection in the first place. So these nose studs are made from high-quality surgical stainless steel. The medical-grade material is free from any traces of nickel, lead, or other irritable metals. These nose bones will not cause any infections or allergic reactions, provided that you are keeping your piercing clean.

The designs are very pretty. Some of the studs feature a flower, while others have different-sized cubic zirconium, hearts, stones, etc. The sizes also vary, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different looks. They are very safe, durable and give great value for money!

Nose Studs Labret Style

These nose studs come in a pair of two and are a super trendy option for everyday accessorizing. They are very comfortable to wear. The flat back plate at the end of the post makes them very easy to sit in the nostrils. They don’t poke or cause irritation inside the nose.

These studs from Fibo Steel are manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel. The material retains the original steel color for a very long time. And stainless steel is widely used for new piercings because of its hypoallergenic properties. So these nose studs are safe for a fresh piercing.

The inlaid Cubic Zirconia gives these studs their perfect appearance. The clear cubic zirconia is round-cut and four-prong-set in stainless steel. Secured by screw style labret back, the stud stays in place for a long time without falling out. Overall, this nose stud renders a very classic look.

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20 pcs L-bends, Nose pin, and Nose Ring studs

This is a must-have pack of 20 nose studs for your new piercing. Each piece has been crafted with great attention to detail. The superior quality metal gives the studs an unrivaled shine. The wide range of options in terms of the type of nose studs makes it a worthy package. You’re going to get L-bends, Nose Ring Studs, and Nose pins all in one. What else would anyone want?

The 20G post is good for a piercing in the healing stages. Also, the studs are made with surgical stainless steel. So you can rest assured that there won’t be any allergic reactions in your newly pierced nose. Each stud is highly polished. It leaves no rust or stain and retains its sparkle.

The studs obtain their beauty from the inlaid cubic zirconia prong-set in the surgical stainless steel post. The smooth and polished surface of the studs makes them an ideal everyday accessory.

Can You Get A Ring For Your First Nose Piercing?

It is better to put a stud in a fresh piercing because studs tend to stay more in place. They do not move a lot. Hoops move around a lot in the piercing, which can cause irritation or swell in a fresh piercing. Moreover, if you wear a hoop as initial nose jewelry, then, your piercing might heal with a slight curve and also, will take more time to heal.

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Which Metals to Avoided For A New Piercing?

New piercings are prone to infections and allergic reactions. The skin goes through a lot of trauma when you get a piercing done so it needs intensive care. Some metals cause an allergic reaction to new piercings. Sterling silver, plated metals, or plastic and nylon should never be an option for a new piercing. The only suitable options for a new piercing are Surgical Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Niobium.

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How Long Does A Nose Piercing Take To Heal?

The initial healing is done within 3-8 weeks. However, the entire healing process completes in around 4-6 months for most people. While your nose piercing is healing, avoid changing your nose jewelry very often. It can irritate the skin and prolong the healing time.

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