Best Types of Jewelry for Nose Piercings

It is amazing that a tiny piece of jewelry in the nose has the ability to transform the whole look of a person in a matter of a few seconds. Nose piercings are a foolproof option to look beautiful effortlessly. However, to achieve the perfect look, you need to know the basics of accessorizing your nose piercing.

Choosing the right type of accessory for your nose can be a bit challenging given the profusion of types of nose piercings. It is not only the ‘perfect design’ that you should strive for but also the most appropriate type of metal and type of nose accessory.

The size of your gauge and the length of the post should also be taken into consideration, but that is usually taken care of by the piercer.

Anyway, we’ll be guiding you through the whole process. So let’s get started.

Gauge Size For A Nose Piercing

Gauge size refers to the thickness of the metal bar that goes inside your piercing. Different gauge sizes ranging from 16G -22G are available for different types of jewelry. The bigger the number of the gauge, the more thin the needle will be.

Your piercer will most likely pierce your nose with a gauge 16 needle for it allows better healing. Later on, you can go for 18G or 20G jewelry which is actually the standard size for nose piercing jewelry.

18 and 20 Gauge is the most versatile size since you can get a huge variety of jewelry in this gauge size. A 22G, on the other hand, will leave you with very limited options for jewelry.

Types of Jewelry for Nose Piercings

Like earrings, nose jewelry also has a variety of types with different types of posts, shapes, and sizes. Some types are superior in comfort while others may be surpassing in their beauty.

Below are listed all the best types of jewelry for nose piercing, each with an exquisite ‘type specific’ jewelry piece.

Nose bones:

Nose bones are very common among people who are used to changing their nose piercing jewelry on and off. This is because nose bones do not stay secured in place for long.

A nose bone features a post with a ball on one end. While the other end of the post holds the embellishments/stones etc. The end with the ball goes inside the piercing hole with a slight press.

The ball helps it to stay in place, but not for long. You might wake up with a lost nose accessory or, even worse, with a closed piercing as a result of the lost nose bone.

Despite all this, nose bones are admired by too many people. They are very comfortable, without a doubt. Also, the snug fit of a nose bone is the reason for most of its fan base.

An expansive range of nose bone type jewelry in gorgeous designs is easily available in the market. Overall, nose bone is a great everyday option.

Twist Nose Ring:

A twist nose ring is also quite a common option among most people. While this type of nose accessory doesn’t look comfortable, the experience of people who wear this type of nose accessory suggests otherwise.

Twist nose rings feature a twisted post on one end while the other end has an adornment. The flush fit of these twists makes them a go-to option for many people.

They stay secured in place for quite a while. Putting a nose twist on for the first few times can be a bit unsettling. However, once you get used to them, they can be the most comfortable piece of accessory that goes into your nose piercing.

Like nose bones, twist nose jewelry doesn’t lack variety. You will find a huge variety to choose from.

Nose Pins:

Nose pins are the simplest type of nose jewelry. It is also the most widely used option as it provides a very secure fit that allows it to stay in place all the time.

A nose pin features a straight post that is secured usually by a flat back finding. It stays secured in place due to the end that is screwed into the post.

It is highly unlikely for a nose pin to fall out, which is why it is liked and used by so many people. Nose pins are very comfortable, especially because of the flat back ends that don’t irritate the nostril in any way.

The variety of designs in nose pins is almost endless.

Captive Bead Nose Ring Hoop

Nose ring hoops give a totally different look from nose studs. They are more prominent than a standard nose stud. They are used mostly by those who want to differentiate themselves from mainstream fashion.

Nose ring hoops are very comfortable. A captive bead hoop is easily inserted into the piercing hole. An embellished bead can be selected for a little something extra for your look. Otherwise, plain captive beads look good enough themselves.

The variety of options is not too wide if compared with nose studs. Still, you will get enough options for experimenting, don’t worry!

Seamless Nose Ring Hoop

A seamless nose ring hoop creates a very attractive look overall. This type of hoop goes all the way through the piercing and around the nostril.

Putting on a seamless nose ring hoop is not difficult once you get the hang of it. Although plain hoops are very eye-catching themselves, embellished hoops can opt for some sparkle.

These hoops are quite comfortable, and you can even sleep in them. They also stay secured quite well in place. You will find a number of different designs in seamless nose ring hoops.

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What Type Of Metal Is Suitable For Nose Piercings?

Nose piercings are way more sensitive than ear piercings. This means you’ll have to be extra careful about choosing the metal type of jewelry for your nose piercing. We have mentioned the best types of metal for nose-piecing jewelry for you below.

Surgical Stainless Steel

The metal that is most widely used for a fresh nose piercing is surgical stainless steel. It has zero risks of infections or allergies and is the safest type of metal for a nose piercing.

Solid Gold

Gold is suitable for most people. However, there are a few rare cases where gold may react with the nose piercing and cause allergies or infections. Still, it is considered a safe option by many, many people.

Note that only 14k or 18k solid gold is recommended for nose piercings. Gold nose jewelry looks very exquisite and is available in lots of dainty designs. See nose rings for small noses here.


Titanium is another very safe option, similar to surgical stainless steel. It is highly unusual for titanium to cause irritation in a nose piercing. Therefore, it is a very safe option for nose jewelry, even for people with the most sensitive skin.

Note: Keep in mind that the metal you’re using for your nose piercing should be free from nickel. The presence of even a tiny amount of nickel can cause lots of harm to nose piercings.

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