How to Shrink Nose Piercing Hole?

Decisions like getting a piercing done are usually impulsive. At times, the final look doesn’t turn out good and you wanna get rid of it. So the question is whether a piercing hole can be shrunk or not?

Luckily, shrinking a piercing hole is nowhere near a problem. Unless the piercing hole is too old or too huge, in which case, you might need a minor surgery.

A nose piercing hole shrinks very easily and does not require much effort. The approach is different if you want to close your piercing hole completely or just shrink it down to a smaller size.

How to Make the Nose Piercing Hole Smaller?

The most easy way to shrink your piercing hole is to down grade you gauze.

Downsize the Gauge

Typically, a nose is pierced with an 18G which is suitable for most people. However, if it doesn’t work for you and you are looking for a way to shrink your piercing hole, then you can remove your initial piece of jewelry.

Replace with a smaller gauge

Then, immediately replace it with a gauge 20 nose ring. This way your skin will begin to heal and form new cells around the empty space of the smaller gauge. The jewelry options in gauge 20 are super gorgeous and downsizing the gauge to 20 is going to be a great decision for sure.

Smallest Gauge

However, if you are still not satisfied at gauge 20 then you can move on to the smallest gauge for nose piercings which is 22G. The piercing will shrink in the same by building new skin around the empty space and voila! Your nose piercing hole has shrunk.

22G is not a versatile gauge size. It is mostly suitable for people with very petite noses. A 20G is the perfect option for an average sized nose.

How Do You Close A Nose Piercing Hole?

If you want to close a nose piercing hole permanently then all you need to do is just take out the jewelry from the piercing hole and wait for a few days. Your piercing hole will close up on it’s own.

Formation of Fistula

The healing mechanism of the body forms a fistula as soon as the nose is pierced. This fistula takes up to a year to heal completely. If the jewelry is removed while it is healing, then there is a greater chance that your piercing hole will close almost immediately.

Nose piercing holes close relatively faster than other piercings especially if your piercing is fresh and not healed completely. In that case, it may begin to close within a few hours or even minutes for some people.

Healing Time

The healing mechanism and time varies from person to person. It also depends on the age as well as immune function of the person. Younger people with stronger immune functions and greater skin elasticity experience a rapid healing action.

Whereas, in older piercings or piercings of older people take a little more time to heal because of their weaker healing functions.

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How Long Does It Take For A Nose Piercing To Get Smaller?

As we have stated earlier, the healing mechanism differs in each person. We cannot exactly predict a time span for the healing of your piercing hole. And consequently, we cannot exactly say how long will it take for your nose piercing to get smaller.

However, there are some average healing and closing time periods of a nose piercing. If your nose piercing is less than or at least 6 months old, it will begin to get smaller/close up within a day or two. Especially the inner side of your nose piercing hole turns smaller very quickly.

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Internal Healing Is Faster

You may still be able to see the piercing spot from the outside but as soon as you try to poke in a nose stud, you will realize that the healing process has already begun and the piercing hole is no longer functional. Some piercings may even close overnight. This happens usually when the piercing is fresh.

Shrinking time for older piercings

If you have had your piercing for many years, then you can expect a longer healing time or a longer time to shrink your piercing hole. In such cases, the body has become used to the foreign object that you call your nose ring. And it takes comparatively more time to start its healing mechanism when you remove it.

After removing or downsizing your jewelry, your piercing hole might stay the same size for even weeks, but that is only when your piercing is old enough.

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