The 5 Best Nose Rings for Small Nose

Talk about body piercings, and you’ll find out that nose piercings are the second most prevalent type of piercings, ear piercings being the first. Despite being a controversial body ornament, nose rings are becoming quite widespread. And they should definitely be! They effortlessly uplift any look you want to pull off. So why not get the perfect one for yourself?

Wearing accessories that especially complement a certain face type and shape makes a huge difference. Unfortunately, these styling basics are often overlooked.

Anyway, we are glad that you’re here to find the best nose rings for a small nose. I’m sure you are looking for some exclusive designs. But, you have a small nose, and it is hard to find any that suits your nose properly. So, I’ve gone through the trouble and listed some of them here. Who knows! You might find what you’re looking for.

We have a few tips for you and a very alluring collection of nose rings that look beautiful on petite noses.

Tips for Smaller Noses

When choosing a nose ring stud or hoop for a smaller nose, make sure that it is not too huge. In fact, the tiniest sizes, such as the 1mm nose rings, look the best on smaller noses only. They are not suitable for bigger noses, and they might even go unnoticed.

Nose studs or rings with huge cubic zirconia or other gems look odd on small noses. Even the regular two mm-sized studs are not recommended for a small nose. Nose studs ranging in size between 1mm to 1.6mm are the perfect size for women with dainty noses.

If you have a very narrow nose, you may as well consider the size of the post before buying a nose stud/hoop. Nose studs usually have a 6-7 mm post that fits most of the noses. However, if your nostrils are way too narrow or the nasal cartilage is thick, then you might consider buying a stud with a 5mm post.

That being said, let’s find out the perfect nose ring for you!

Here are the five best nose rings for small noses.

14k White Gold L bend Stud

It is a very tiny L bend stud that will adorn your small nose very perfectly. This quality L bend stud is from Jewel stop, in case you’re wondering.

The stud is manufactured with high-quality 14k white gold that has been stamped for authenticity. The white gold adds a unique charm to this small stud that features sparkly cubic zirconia around 1.5mm in size.

This mini nose stud sits in the nose very comfortably. The sparkle of CZ makes the nose ring stud very noticeable.

The gauge size of this stud is 24, and the post is around 8mm in length. However, the fact that it is an L bend assures that its length will not irritate your small nose.

It can be a perfect everyday accessory for you!

Gold Plain Ball Nose Stud

These plain ball studs look very dainty and will suit every look you create. They are versatile because they are made from plain 9k solid yellow gold.

Yellow gold looks appropriate with anything and everything. And a nose stud as small as 1mm would do no harm to any attire that you choose to wear. It will perfectly go well with any look.

We can ensure you a generous fit with this nose stud since the post is 6mm and the gauge size is 22. This stud is available in sizes ranging from 1mm to 2mm. However, for smaller noses, we recommend a 1-1.5mm size.

If you want to keep things subtle with the yellow gold, then try not to go above 1.5mm. Overall, the quality is really nice. And the material surprisingly doesn’t irritate the skin.

But if you have sensitive skin, then moving on to the next option will be a better option.

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Surgical Steel Nose Ring Hoop

This beautifully embellished nose ring hoop from GAGABODY will make you fall in love with it. This is not specifically a nose ring hoop only which is why it is available in different gauge sizes as well as diameters.

For your nose, we’d recommend you get the 18G-6mm hoop. For small noses, nose ring hoops with lesser diameter look better.

The material of this nose ring hoop is surgical stainless steel polished in rainbow color. On top of that, it is adorned with sparkling bright cubic zirconia.

The rainbow color of the ring and the sparkle of clear cubic zirconia make a lovely combination. Since the material is SSS, it is safe for sensitive skin as well. This nose ring is quite a snug fit which makes it very comfy. See nose rings for sensitive skin here.

And lastly, you’ll be glad to know that it can also be used as a septum ring, other than the traditional style.

Stainless Steel Gold Septum Nose Ring

Septum rings look very appealing on small noses, especially when they’re the right size. This septum ring from the Jovivi store gives a very delicate look.

It is made from stainless steel, so you can rest assured that there will be no reactions whatsoever. The stainless steel is polished in gold, which adds to the beauty of the ring. Both ends of the curved bar are secured by crystal clear cubic zirconia in a four-prong setting.

Both CZ is easily screwed into the captive hoop rings and stay safely secured in place. This septum ring renders a very cool and classy look overall. And can be comfortably worn at all times.

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Bioplast Amethyst Nose Stud

Nose studs are always a foolproof option which is the reason they are in abundance in this collection. This tiny nose stud from Body Candy Store is one of our favorites and will be yours if you’re a gemstone lover.

The material of this stud is in white gold that is adorned with a genuine amethyst stone that shines on the top of your petite nose rendering it all the beauty in the world. The genuine amethyst is around 1.5mm in size.

At the back, the post is secured by bioplast material which is by far the most comfortable thing that can be worn inside of a nose. It is really soft and flexible, so it won’t irritate your nose.

Moreover, in case you have a problem with the length, you can trim it down to a size that is suitable for you!

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