7 Best Fake Diamond Earrings That Look Real

Want to wear diamonds but don’t have the budget? Don’t worry because you can still flaunt diamond look alikes. Diamond look alikes are fake diamonds, usually high quality cubic zirconia or simulated diamond that is as charming as a real diamond, if not more.

So if you’re planning to go to party/event or considering to gift your teen something very exquisite that they won’t regret upon losing either, then consider buying fake diamond jewelry. Not for a moment does it look cheap or pretentious. Fake diamond jewelry is always worth a shot if you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Our Top Picks

We have created a stunning collection of fake diamond earrings that look real. They carry enough sparkle and charm to make anyone fall in delusion. So go ahead and check them out!

Simulated Top Grade Diamond Studs

These fake diamond studs from Venetia diamonds look like the real thing because they sparkle like crazy. Not only that, they have been crafted flawlessly, internally as well as externally.

Contrary to the regular 8 heart and 8 arrows diamond, this simulated diamond flaunts 10 hearts and 10 arrows with a total of 81 facets. The increased amount of facet angles render this simulant its unrivalled sparkle and charm.

These studs are going to sparkle from across the room so get ready to answer where your diamonds are from 😉 The studs are secured by a screw back so keeping them in place won’t be an issue either.

Sterling silver plated with white gold just adds more to the charm of the studs. These studs exhibit as much brilliance as a real diamond, without a doubt.

18k Gold Plated CZ Simulated Diamond Studs

These studs embellished with A-grade cubic zirconia give all the luxury feels. This classy and timeless pair of studs from Orrous & co. Store shines bright like a real diamond.

The brilliance of the simulated diamond is remarkable. The round cut cubic zirconia is surrounded by a cushion cut halo of small gems. This pair of studs is perfect for a dressy event.

The material of the studs define their class and value. They are 18k gold plated studs and mind you, the gold plating is premium quality. It does not tarnish or oxidize over time. The quality is unparalleled and we can vouch for the durability of these fake diamond earrings.

Platinum Plated CZ Drop Earrings

The perfect pair of drop earrings that will outshine any other piece of jewelry easily. These drop earrings are perfect for a statement glam look.

Each piece features a sparkling cubic zirconia stone that delivers a brilliant shine. The 2 pc drop earrings have a total of 3.9 carat weight of cubic zirconia. A small stone sit on the ear lobe with a bigger stone falling down towards the neck.

Both CZ feature a meticulous cut with a very neat and detailed setting. The hypoallergenic bullet clutch on the back ensures the safety of skin as well as the earrings. The tear drop style of these earrings by SBLING Store manages to give you a very classy and feminine look overall.

Sterling Silver Drop Dangle Earrings

This beautiful drop dangle style of earrings is our favorite because it is one of the most versatile option. It can be paired with a formal dress as well as a casual outfit and it will bring out the best in both of these looks.

Each earring features 3 crystal clear cubic zirconia. 2 small pieces of Cubic Zirconia are attached just below the fish hook. Further they are attached with a bigger and brighter cubic zirconia that actually makes the beauty of these earrings.

The quality and beauty of the cubic zirconia is enthralling and they are pretty much the best fake diamond earrings that look real. The earrings are very lightweight. The material is 925 sterling silver with 14k white gold plating.

These earrings look very sophisticated and are made for women with a refined taste in jewelry.

Swarovski Zirconia Hoop Earrings

Cubic Zirconia from Swarovski are one pf the best cuts which is why they look almost the same as a real diamond. These hoop earrings from Amazon Collection feature 12 round brilliant cubic zirconia that render an insane amount of sparkle.

The zirconia are laser engraved so as to ensure authenticity and longevity. The hoop are only half an inch so they’re more of a huggie style rather than dangling hoops. This makes them an even better option as they can be worn as an everyday luxury accessory.

The hoops are available in platinum or gold plated 925 Sterling Silver that makes them a quality purchase. The hoops are secured by hinges with notched posts and are quite comfortable to wear. You can even sleep in them.

These hoops give the appearance of tiny diamond earrings and can be a perfect gift for young girls.

Drop Dangle Leverback CZ Earrings

These bling earrings are perfect for all festive occasions and they do look the real deal. The dazzling shine and sparkle of cubic zirconia looks very beautiful from every angle.

This pair of earrings features 2 small cubic zirconia and a bigger cubic zirconia around 9mm in a drop dangle setting. The leverback style makes them even more gorgeous. They are available in both yellow and white gold plating and both super elegant.

The shiny diamond center sparkles from across the room. In our opinion, this one is the most amazing inexpensive piece of jewelry that gives the right amount of glitz and glam.

The quality is excellent. The durability is guaranteed and compliments as well!

Princess-Cut Cubic Zirconia Studs

Our favorite cut in cubic zirconia is a princess cut because it adds the charm and sparkle of a real diamond to the CZ. These studs are exceptionally beautiful and are an infallible option when it comes to dressing up every day.

This pair of studs look quite expensive so get ready for queries asking if they are the real thing. The sparkle of these CZ studs makes sure that no one notices the difference. The magnificent cubic zirconia features a round brilliant cut in a four prong setting.

The studs are manufactured from high grade 18k white gold plated sterling silver that ensures the safety of your skin. The studs are secured by a butterfly back and will most likely last you a lifetime.

That bring us to the end of our fake diamond earrings collection. So go ahead and unapologetically flaunt these dupes as if they’re the real deal.

Carry them with confidence and no one’s gonna see the difference!

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