5 Best Earrings That Toddlers Can’t Take Out

Ear piercings have always been a concerning issue for the moms of toddlers. Most mothers tend to get the ears of their little girls pierced when they are merely days old which is not exactly the issue here.

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The problem lies in the fact that toddlers pull out the earrings and hurt their tiny ears.

Should A Toddler Wear Earrings?

It is totally fine to get your toddler’s ears pierced. They would forget the pain a few hours later. However, you need to wisely select the type of earrings that goes into your toddler’s sensitive ears. You need to look for earrings that toddlers can’t take out and also go for hypoallergenic ones so that your toddler doesn’t experience any skin reaction to the material of the earrings.

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What Kind Of Earrings A Toddler Can’t Pull Out?

As a parent, your biggest concern is to prevent your toddler from any kind of hurt. When toddlers repeatedly pull out their earrings they hurt their ears badly, also, this occasional taking off of earrings will damage their ear lobes and can also cause skin infections. So you should opt for earrings that your toddler can’t take out. Being all cute and adorable comes second, safety comes first!

The options, in this case, are very limited. Earrings with screw backs are the best choice for toddlers who take out their earrings. You can also go for stud earrings with butterfly backs, they are also firmly held in place. Some mothers are also comfortable with lever back earrings for their toddlers. When it comes to the material, the best choices are 14k gold, surgical steel, or platinum.

Earring Reviews

Check out these durable, comfortable and secure earrings that your toddler can’t take out.

In Season Jewelry 14k Gold Studs

These tiny studs are perfect for the delicate ear lobes of your toddlers. They feature a heart-shaped cubic zirconia gem, prong-set in 14k yellow gold. 14k gold being 58.5% pure gold will not cause skin reactions to those tiny sensitive ears. These small heart-shaped studs are secured with a screw back which ensures that the earrings stay in place at all times. The screw-back findings are very comfortable as they don’t push on the ears while firmly holding the earrings in place at the same. These studs are durable and won’t tarnish for a long time. Get your hands on these adorable baby studs, your toddler will surely not be able to take them out!

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Regetta Jewelry Unicorn Studs

These infant studs from Regetta Jewelry are the cutest thing you can match with your toddler’s outfit without having to worry about them falling off or being pulled out by your toddler. These glittery unicorn studs are decorated with beautiful crystal stones. These studs are made from Stainless Steel metal which is known for its hypoallergenic quality. Even ultra-sensitive toddler ears will not experience any allergic reactions with these studs. Also, the back findings are screwed on so that these studs stay secured in your toddler’s ears for a long time.

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18k Gold Plated Screw Back Heart Stud

These comfortable stud earrings are a lovely piece of adornment for your baby girl. These plain heart studs from Regetta Jewelry are made with 18k gold plating and hypoallergenic surgical steel posts. They are safe for your baby’s sensitive skin. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing these earrings because they are secured with a surgical steel screw back that stays in place. Your toddler can’t pull these earrings out either. In fact, they are so comfy that your toddler won’t even feel she’s wearing something on her ears. So no taking off of these studs in any case!

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Regetta Jewelry Mouse Studs

Another pair of baby studs from Regetta Jewelry and this one is the cutest of all. It is perfect for parents who are sick of losing their toddler’s earrings or are worried about their child pulling them out and hurting their ear lobes. They too are secured by a safety screw back. Just twist them in place and there you’re free from all that stress. They feature a cute Minnie mouse style with cubic zirconia stones clear or pink in color. The material is 18k gold plated surgical steel so they’re safe for those delicate ears in all ways.

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In Season Jewelry Star Studs

This super adorable pair of studs is perfect for your little star girl. These earrings feature a cluster of round cubic zirconia stones together that forms a sparkling pair of studs in a star shape. They are made from 925 Sterling Silver which automatically makes them safe for your toddler’s ears. They can be comfortably worn at all times and are held securely in place with the aid of screw-back findings. They won’t fall off nor can be pulled out, so go grab a pair for your bundle of joy!

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A Small Advice

We know mommies love to get their toddler’s ears pierced to achieve that cute girly look for their baby. But be extra careful with getting those sensitive ears pierced. Their sensitive skin can easily catch infections if not handled with care. So book an appointment with a professional to get the piercings done. An even better option is to get it done by a doctor because they use sterilized surgical steel tools for the piercing.

Check if your toddler is allergic to any specific type of metal. After the piercing is done, try to keep it as clean as possible. Opt for the best earrings that a toddler can’t take out and keep those delicate ears safe!

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