The 5 Best Earrings for Newly Pierced Ears

earrings for newly pierced ears

Newly pierced ears are more prone to infections and allergies. Fresh piercings require a lot of care or else you’ll end up with swollen and irritated ears.

Earrings with nickel are often very problematic for newly pierced ears even if your skin is not sensitive.

If you want your ear piercing to heal fast and easy, then don’t compromise on the material of the earrings.

Top Pick

Our top pick for best earrings for newly pierced ears is Aegean Jewelry Titanium Studs. They are medical grade sparkly stud earrings. Titanium is the safest material to use for newly pierced ears. It is completely nickel free, hence, no irritation or allergies are guaranteed. They are highly recommended for very sensitive skin types.

You should always let your piercing heal completely and then experiment with different types of earrings. Don’t opt for dangling or huge earrings on newly pierced ears. Small huggie hoops and studs in surgical stainless steel, 14k and above gold, and titanium are appropriate for fresh piercings. Check out our favorites for newly pierced ears. They are exactly what a fresh piercing can tolerate!

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1- Aegean Jewelry Titanium Studs

These sparkling studs from Aegean Jewelry are a real deal for anyone with a new piercing. These studs are made from medical grade titanium which is why we can recommend these to you for your newly pierced ears without having a second thought.

The studs are nickel and lead free which means that they are totally hypoallergenic. They are safe for extremely sensitive skin types. The studs will not cause any skin irritation or discoloration to your freshly pierced ears.  They won’t hinder the healing process of your piercing either. So you can wear them for as long as you want.

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These bright sparkly 6mm studs feature a cubic zirconia. So, besides being safe for newly pierced ears, these studs are a gorgeous option for casual/formal wear. Unlike the usual titanium earrings that don’t look very appealing, these are polished and hence, look like silver.

Titanium doesn’t tarnish and is water resistant. So these studs will last you a very long while. They are secured by butterfly backs. They are a safe yet beautiful option for newly pierced ears.

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2- Honolulu Jewelry Gold Studs

You can sport these solid gold studs with any look. They are available in a variety of sizes so you can buy them for your multiple ear piercings or newly pierced cartilage as well.

14k yellow gold is suitable for newly pierced ears as it is around 52% pure gold often alloyed with copper. These studs will not cause any irritation or swelling of ears. The solid 14k gold ball studs can be worn at all occasions.

Like the gold ball, the post and back finding of these studs is also made with 14k yellow gold. So there isn’t a chance of developing any irritation to your fresh piercings, unless you’re allergic to copper. In that case, we’d suggest you to skip this option. However, copper allergies are not as common as nickel allergies. Therefore, 14k and above gold is considered to be appropriate for fresh piercings.

The studs are secured by a push back. The gold ball is hollow on the inside which makes these studs very lightweight and hence, appropriate for newly pierced ears.

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3- Vishoca Huggie Hoops

4 dainty pairs of small hoops from Vishoca are a must have if you’ve recently gotten multiple ear piercings. The endless hoop style is very comfortable to wear. These huggie hoops are very thin and light. They snug to the ear lobes and effortlessly adorn your ears.

These hoops are made from surgical stainless steel which is why they are very suitable for newly pierced ears. This surgical stainless steel is free from any allergy causing metals. Surgical steel does not cause infections or irritation, therefore, it will allow your piercings to heal properly.

These pairs of huggie hoops come in 4 different colors. The color doesn’t chip in even after regular usage. They are easy to get on and the clasp keeps them secured in place. These super cute studs are definitely worth buying. They can be worn 24/7 without any risk of infection to your newly pierced ears.

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4- Decadence 14k Gold Gemstone Studs

An absolutely stunning pair of 14k gold studs from Decadence that is suitable for newly pierced ears. These gold studs have been stamped for authenticity. They have been manufactured with solid 14k yellow gold. The material is completely free from lead or nickel – the leading causes of allergic reactions to newly pierced ears.

You don’t have to wear boring studs in your fresh piercings anymore. These studs feature a round, ideal cut 6mm gemstone, that too a genuine one. A fiery opal prong set in pure 14k gold will give you a gorgeous look while keeping your newly pierced ears safe from any reactions.

The studs are secured by a rubber friction back which makes them very comfortable to wear even while sleeping. These gemstone studs are one of the most beautiful yet safe options for newly pierced ears.

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5- Peora 14k Gold Studs

This beautiful pair of studs from Peora is a great option for newly pierced ears that need a gorgeous accessory. These studs are manufactured with 14k gold, exceptional in quality. The material is hypoallergenic and nickel free. So there isn’t a chance for you to experience any reactions or infections due to these studs.

This pair of studs is unmatched in its sparkle and beauty since it features a radiant-cut created Alexandrite. This stone shines and changes color like no other. The stone is prong set in 14k gold. These stunning studs will make your ears stand out and won’t make your new piercing go unnoticed.

Created alexandrite is radiant-cut in a 7x5mm size, suitable for sensitive fresh piercings. The studs are secured by a friction back. These Peora earrings are a must have accessory because they’re not only great for newly pierced ears but also will be suitable for wearing in the long run.

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Is Sterling Silver Okay For Newly Pierced Ears?

Sterling Silver is usually not a good option for fresh piercings. The reason is that it is soft enough to be scratched easily which means it is more prone to tarnishing. And tarnished metal in an unhealed piercing may result in infections. So Sterling Silver earrings should not be considered for newly pierced ears at all.

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Is Gold Okay For Newly Pierced Ears?

Gold is available in different karatage. While 10k gold is not a good fit for freshly pierced ears, 14k gold and above is generally suitable. It doesn’t halt the healing process and neither does it cause any infections. It is alloyed with copper most of the time. However, traces of nickel can also be found. So while choosing gold jewelry for newly pierced ears, make sure that they are nickel free. Also, gold above 18k is not recommended as well due to its malleability.

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