The 6 Best Earrings For Redheads

Accessories are an extension of your personality. You ponder a lot over the selection of the perfect outfit, but at times justice is not done to how you accessorize yourself.

earrings for red heads

Earrings are the closest jewelry to both your hair and face. They play a vital role in making your look eye-catching.

Therefore, earrings should always be worn by taking into consideration your hair color, aside from your outfit.

What Kind Of Earrings Look Best On Redheads?

Redheads should opt for earrings in cool tones. Since red gives a sense of intense heat, you can use muted or earth-toned colors to neutralize that effect. Earrings in reds and pinks are not the best friends of redheads. They do not go well in contrast with that deep red hair.

You can choose gemstones in cool tones and go with metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, and silver. Silver is a neutral metal that is just an all-rounder, and it looks amazing on redheads as well. ! While on the other hand, colors such as baby blue, turquoise, shades of green, and purple will instantly give an oomph to your look.

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Best Earrings For Redheads – Top Picks

We know it is very difficult to choose the perfect match for your red hair when you see a flood of earrings standing in a jewelry store. To make things easier for you, we have picked some exquisite earrings that will certainly go well with your hair!

Peora Store 14k Gold Studs

Gemstones sparkle differently when the color contrast is right. These classic 6mm studs from Peora are a perfect match for your red hair. These studs feature a natural and genuine Amethyst in a deep purple hue that is prong set in 14 karats white gold.

The studs are made in a subtle heart shape with a checkerboard cut. The bright electric shades of purple always complement those red hues of your hair, and these studs will do exactly that because the deep purple hue of the amethyst sparkles even brighter outdoors.

The color-changing hues of the stone in different light conditions look beautiful. They are going to be your favorite everyday accessory as they add a dainty luxury to every look!

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Amazon Collection Dangle Earrings

These dangle earrings from Amazon Collection are a pretty and classic addition to your look. These dangle earrings feature a Sky Blue Topaz in an oval shape. The beautiful topaz is not lab-created; it is a genuine piece from Amazon Collection stones.

The metal is highly polished 925 Sterling Silver that creates a very nice contrast of the sheen and subtlety of the sky blue topaz. These dangle earrings feature a lever-back style that is comfortable to wear all day. They are very lightweight and hence, can be worn effortlessly.

The size is also suitable for daily use, and the blue color is great for toning down the intensity of the red hair.

Robert Lee Morris Drop Earrings

These long drop earrings from Robert Lee Morris are going to be an absolutely stunning addition to your accessories. These drop earrings feature a semi-precious mosaic turquoise that will add a lovely pop of color to your appearance.

The simulated turquoise stone, when worn in contrast with your hair, will intensify that dazzling look your red hair creates already. The silver-plated ear wires form a shepherd hook as a back finding. These drop earrings are long and dangly yet light. They are great for a night out or a subtle glam look.

They’ll keep your ears strain-free while making you look on point with your red hair. With these drop earrings, make yourself ready for a lot of compliments!

Sterling Silver Tear Drop Earrings

Each pair of these teardrop earrings is one of a kind. These earrings are made with real dried flowers which gives a unique, vibrant appearance to each piece.

We haven’t mentioned this before, but orange makes a beautiful contrast with red hair, and these earrings feature pressed flowers in orange color boxed in a translucent case. The preserved flowers in resin will satisfy your inner aesthetician.

The sterling silver setting accentuates the beauty of the orange hues of the earrings. These earrings feature fish hook backings which are very comfortable, and hence, these are wearable at all times. Each pair is unique so when you buy one, know that it was specifically made for you!

Loopty Hoops 14k Gold Hoops

Rose gold goes amazingly in contrast with red hair. These endless hoops from loopy hoops are an everyday solution for all the redheads. They are great for casual all-day wear. The plain hoops are made from pure 14k rose gold and not plated gold.

The body is pure 14k gold while the interior is hollow which makes them ultra-lightweight and suitable as an everyday accessory. The hoops are highly polished and thereby give a very shiny appearance.

They are 3/4 inch in diameter which makes them fit closely to your ear lobes. They are versatile and comfortable and can be worn for days at a time without any trouble.

Sorelli Pear Drop Earrings

These drop earrings from Sorelli are a star of the show. This dazzling pair of wildflower pear drop earrings in a blue-green contrast is made to steal your heart. They are terribly beautiful and inexpensive. In fact, they give amazing value for money.

The crystals in a blue-green combination are set in antique silver-plated brass with a surgical steel post. The unrivaled design of these pear drop earrings is also perfect in size. They are only 1.2 inches, so they are not too pretentious, yet they are elegantly beautiful and perfect for a dressy look.


Redheads can experiment with a lot more colors and make their look intoxicating. The aforementioned earrings and their beautiful colors will undoubtedly complement your red hair. So why do the hard work of mixing and matching earrings with your hair when we’ve already done it for you!

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