How Long Do Magnetic Earrings Stay On?

Magnetic earrings are earrings that look like a (pierced) stud earring by attaching to the earlobe through magnetism. The stud in the front is held in place by the magnetic attraction of a piece behind the earlobe. Someone asked me on Quora do magnetic earrings stay on? So I’ve dedicated this post to answer answering questions.

A magnetic earring stays on the ear as long as the magnetic force is strong enough to keep it in place. If the magnetic pull gets loose, the earring won’t be able to stay in place. Theoretically, a magnet never loses its magnetism unless it is exposed to very high temperatures, electric shocks, or corrosion. 

How Long Does a Magnetic Earring Lasts? 

A magnet will retain its magnetic strength forever if it is kept with proper care and is not exposed to certain extreme conditions. 

According to research, a magnet loses less than 1% of its magnetic strength oval a period of 100 years. That’s the reason the magnets used in earrings and other jewelry are called permeant magnets because they retain the magnetism indefinitely. 

Generally, magnets experience physical degradation, like corrosion, and are physically worn out before getting demagnetized because of aging. 

However, exposure to some factors can cause your earring to lose its magnetism rapidly. 

Factors Affecting the Durability of Magnetic Earrings 

These are the factors that have a strong negative effect on the life and durability of magnets. 

Your earring will lose its magnetic attraction if it’s exposed to any of these conditions. 

Exposure to Heat 

If your earrings are exposed to temperatures above 80 degrees Celsius (170 degrees Fahrenheit), they will begin to lose their magnetic properties. Sustaining such a high temperature for a long period will permanently demagnetize your earrings. This occurs because a high temperature causes the particles inside a magnet to disorganize. 

Certain types of magnets can Samarium-Cobalt can resist much higher temperatures, but they are generally not used in jewelry. The magnets used in earrings and jewelry are Cobalt and Neodymium. 

Generally, an earring is not exposed to such a temperature. 

 However, someone might try to wash them with hot water or keep it near a gas fire which definitely will damage the earrings. 

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Exposure to Strong magnetic fields 

Exposure to a strong magnetic field can affect the alignment of the particles inside a magnet. At times a magnetic field might reinforce the strength of a magnet, but mostly it destroys the magnetism of a metal that has already been magnetized. 

Therefore it is advised not to store your magnetic earrings with magnets or in places subjected to strong magnetic fields. 

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, a magnet loses around 1% of its magnetic force in a hundred years. That’s due to the natural magnetic fields of the earth.

Strong Impacts and vibrations 

Most magnetic earrings are very sensitive to impacts and vibrations. Depending on the strength of the magnet used in the earrings, a single drop may be enough to weaken their force of attraction. 

Therefore, be careful while handling magnetic earrings and protect them from physical abuse. The more your earring receives impacts, the loser the force of attraction will be, and hence they will stay on your ear for a shorter time. 


Welding on or around the magnetic part of an earring can result in the loss of its magnetism. This may be due to the passage of electric current or the increase in temperature. 

How to Make Magnetic Earrings Stick Better 

Here are some simple ways you can make your earrings stay on your ears for a longer time.  

Keep your earlobes clean.  

Keep the back and front of your clean from any kind of dirt and dust. Dirt particles stick to the earrings and block or distort the magnetic field of the earrings, making it difficult for the earrings to stick and almost impossible to wear. 

Don’t Use Hair Gels That Drip. 

Hair gels can run down to your earlobes accumulate there. This mass of hair products affects the force of magnet earrings. As a result, they might slip off or not stick altogether. 

Use the Thinnest Part of Your Ear Lobe for Magnetic Earrings.  

The thinner the physical barrier between the two pieces of a magnetic earring, the better they will stick.  

If you have thin ears, you can wear them on any part of your ear, but if your ear lobes are very thick, you might have a hard time keeping them in place. In that case, you can wear them higher up on the cartilage which is thinner than the earlobe. 

Buy quality magnet earrings.  

Some cheap and low-quality earrings are made of very weak magnets. Their force of attraction is high enough to hold them against the gravitation force. 

Therefore, it’s advised to do thorough research before buying a pair of magnetic earrings. Ask around in online forums, check buyer reviews, and seek assistance from a salesperson. This would probably help you find a good quality earring for you that stay on your ears for a longer time. 

Don’t Try to Repair Them. 

Unlike other earrings, magnetic earrings are not very easy to repair. If they get broken, it’s better to toss them into the trash can instead of repairing them. It’s not that they cannot be repaired, but a patch job may decrease the magnetism of your earring and make it difficult for the magnetic earring to stay on. 

Unlike other types of earrings, magnet earrings are usually hard to repair. It’s not just a matter of replacing a hook or clasp. So, if something happens to them, its best to just toss them away versus doing a patch job; a patch job may decrease the magnetism and cause your magnet earrings not to stay on. 

Pros of Magnetic Earrings 

There are definitely several advantages associated with magnetic earrings. Some of them are discussed below. 

No Need for Ear Piercing 

Magnetic earrings are the best choice for people that are afraid of getting their ears pierces. Magnetic ears stick to the ear through magnetic force. The part of the earring on the front of the ear is a metal that is kept in place by a piece of magnet behind the ear. Magnetic earrings mimic regular pierced earrings and remain undetectable most of the time. 

It’s also a good choice for people that have sensitive ears. Piercing an ear makes it prone to allergies. Magnetic earring solves that problem altogether. 

Magnetic Earrings are very Affordable 

Most magnetic earrings are available at very reasonable prices. You can find a good pair of magnetic earrings on Etsy for around twenty dollars. However, the price would be more if you are buying an earring with a real diamond in it.

Problems with Magnetic Earrings 

A magnetic earring isn’t all about not piercing your ears. It has many other associated problems that you should be aware of before buying a pair for yourself. Here are some drawbacks associated with magnetic earrings.

They Won’t Stay on Thick Ears. 

I have seen most people with thick earrings complaining that they face a hard time keeping a magnetic earring on. Most of the earrings available in the market have magnets that aren’t sufficient for thick ears.

Therefore, if your ears are thick, I’ll advise you to stay away from magnetic earrings. You’ll probably spend most of your time checking that the earrings haven’t fallen off.  A better alternative to magnetic earrings, in this case, is clip-on earrings which I’ll discuss at the end of this post. 

They Can Damage Electronic Devices 

The magnetic field of these earrings can disrupt the function of several electronic devices. They can affect the function of your mobile phone and its memory card. Moreover, storing them with credit cards can result in a loss of their functioning.  

It can also disturb the time in a manual wristwatch. Therefore, it is advised to keep them away from all kinds of electronic devices. 

Magnetic Earrings are Uncomfortable 

Although magnetic earrings save you from the pain of piercing an ear, most people feel uncomfortable with magnetic earrings. The pressure of the earring on your ear can, at times, become quite painful. At times wearing them just for an hour makes your ears sour.  

However, this factor varies from person to person. Some people might not face this problem at all. Therefore, in most cases, it’s better to pierce your ears. It’s a short-term pain for long term gain. 

They Leave Scars on Ears 

Although permanent scars are quite rare, the constant pressure of the earrings produces dents in the ears that fade away with time. However, these marks look quite bad on the ears immediately after you take the earrings off. 

You Can’t Wear Them When Sleeping 

You can’t wear magnetic earrings in bed because they fall off easily. You’ll either lose them or damage them with your weight. On the other hand, a pierced earring can be kept on 24/7. That’s another shortcoming of magnetic earrings. 

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Alternative to Magnetic Earrings 

If magnetic earrings don’t stick to your ears properly, then clip-on earrings would be a better choice for you. They stick very well, irrespective of the thickness of your ear. That’s a major win clip-on earrings have over magnetic earrings.  

If you use clip-on earrings, you won’t at least be worried about losing them all the time like a magnetic earring. 

Here is a great looking pair available on amazon.

The Downside of Clip-on Earrings 

Suppose you are annoyed with magnetic earrings because they are painful and make your ears sour after a while. Then clip-on earrings won’t suit you either. 

Clip-on earrings are also quite painful, and you cannot wear them for a long time.

Therefore, if keeping an earring stuck well in place is your primary concern, then clip-on earrings are for you. However, if you are concerned about the discomfort and pain associated with these earrings, then magnetic earrings would probably work better for you. 

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