Are Diamond Earrings Worth It? (Pros and Cons Explained)

diamond earrings worth it

One of the questions people ask us on Quora is, “Are diamond earrings worth it?”  “Shall we buy diamond earrings with our hard-earned money?”  

Some people are concerned about the price, while for others, the budget is not what they care about.  

Some are hesitant because they think, why invest in diamonds if the artificial, lab-grown diamonds, also called cubic zirconia or CZ, can do the same for one-tenth the price of original diamond earrings? So, if you have the same questions in mind, then stay tuned; I’m going to answer all of your questions in the article. 

Well, to be honest, there is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on several factors, and the answer can vary from person to person. So, to give you a clear perspective, I’ll first discuss the reasons why you SHOULD buy diamond earrings, then I’ll discuss the reasons why buying diamond earrings might not be a good decision for you. In the end, I’ll sum it up from my own perspective. 

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Reasons Why Diamond Earrings are Worth It 

1) Feeling of internal Contentment and Pleasure 

The first and foremost reason you should go for a diamond earring is the happiness factor and the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure they give you.  

If you feel like buying a diamond earring, I’ll say just go for it. Yes, they are very expensive, but there is nothing more worthy than the internal feeling one has when wearing a real diamond earring.  

It’s not about buying them to impress others. It’s something related to your own sentiments.  

So, the feeling that I have the real thing on makes a diamond worth your money.

2) They will send you a lifetime

Diamonds set properly will last you a lifetime. Diamond earrings are something you can cherish forever. They won’t get old. They will never date. They will last forever and look as good after 50 years as they do today.  

CZ or artificial diamonds might be a reasonable substitute for some, but CZ will eventually cloud, and you’ll have to toss them into a garbage can.

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3) They can be appreciated by CZ

Some people might not be able to appreciate real diamonds from CZ, but that’s not always the case. Most people who have little know-how of diamonds can easily differentiate between a real diamond and CZ. You probably won’t be able to fool someone with Cubic zirconia if he/she is familiar with diamonds. 

CZ tend to look worn out after a period of time, and they won’t reflect light the way real diamonds do. They get scratched, while diamonds won’t get a scratch ever. It lacks the scintillation and fire of real diamonds, which makes it quite easy to spot when it’s loose (unset). 

Most of the average quality CZ looks really cheap. At times you might feel embarrassed wearing them because they look low quality. Most people buy CZ but start hating them after some time, and they remain in some corner of a cupboard, untouched for years.

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4) Diamond Earrings Look really amazing 

A diamond earring or stud looks great in ear irrespective of your skin color. They twinkle in a way that CZ never, and they are very pretty. Real diamonds have an extra sparkle that genuinely lights up one’s face and affects your entire look. So that’s another reason why diamond earrings are worth it.

5) You will Actually“Wear” Them 

As I’ve already mentioned that although many people buy CZ, they don’t really feel like wearing them after using them a couple of times. 

The reason may be the loss of sparkle and shine or the lack of the feeling that “Jewelry” is intended to give you. 

On the other hand, I’ve seen that most people wear diamond studs regularly, daily, and even 24/7 for years and years. Here again, the reason may be that they look very good on the face or that they give you the feeling that I have the real thing ON. 

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Reasons Why Diamond Earrings are not worth buying 

As I said in the beginning, I’ll be transparent while mentioning the pros and cons of a diamond earring, so here is the reason Why you should not buy a diamond earring.  

These might carry more weight for some people, while for others, the pros might be more convincing.  

It depends mostly on your personal priorities and the purpose you’d be buying the earring for. Anyways, here are the cons of buying diamond earrings. 

1) The Price Point 

The most common reason for people not buying diamond earrings is their price point. Most people would go for Cubic zirconia due to its much, much affordable price. 

diamond woorth it or nor

One-carat cubic zirconia costs around $20 dollars, whereas a one-carat diamond will cost you around $1,500 dollars. That’s a huge difference and, to some extent, justifies the use of CZ. But again, Cubic zirconia will get abraded, and its facets will start to get fuzzy if used daily. 

2) Diamonds are not an investment 

If you are thinking of buying diamonds with a plan of selling them later, then you probably need to stay away from them. Diamond isn’t like gold. Never buy diamonds as an investment unless you are a certified dealer.  

Their reselling price is terrible. You’d be lucky If you could get half of the price you paid if you tried to sell it the day after you bought it.   

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3) Spending a month’s salary on something impractical 

That’s definitely not my opinion, but it is something you’ll see most people saying. They say that it’s a very poor financial decision for a couple at the exact time you are building a family up together. Yes, it might be.  

This argument is very practical and true for someone not having a corporate job or having a low income.  

So if you simply can’t afford it, there is no reason you should buy a diamond earring, but for those who are not concerned about the price, this argument holds no ground. 

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3) What if I lost the Earrings? 

Some people don’t like the idea of buying a diamond or even a gold earring because they think it would be a huge loss if the earring fell off their ear and they lost the expensive. 

My advice in this regard is that you can judge yourself better. If you are a careless kind of person and there are chances that you will lose the earring, then go for CZs. However, in my opinion, it’s something exceptionally uncommon. I’ve seen people using the same diamond earrings for decades. So why can’t you use them with care? Anyways, it’s up to you how responsible you are. 

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3) Moral Issues with the Diamond Industry 

Some people don’t use diamonds due to a tone of moral and ethical problems associated with them, like blood diamonds, child labor, and unfavorable working conditions. Diamond mining is a source of air and water pollution and causes the spread of greenhouse gases. 

This is a stance I appreciate, and I won’t disagree with someone if he/she refrains from buying diamonds due to these issues.


I think you’d be better able to draw a conclusion for yourself after reading the article. I’ve mentioned all the pros and cons of real diamonds; now it’s up to you whether to buy a diamond earring or not. 

However, just to sum it up, I’d say just go for it if you can afford it and if you really are a jewelry lover. However, if you want to buy them as an investment, then it’s a big NO for you. 

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