What Color Jewelry Goes with Green Dress?

What color jewelr goes well with green dress

Wondering which jewelry goes with a green dress? 


I’m sure most ladies can relate to the struggle of having a beautiful vibrant green dress in their closets but the fear of overdoing the outfit by pairing it with the wrong jewelry keeps them from utilizing it as much as they would like to. 

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Well, fear no more ladies because today I’m going to let you in with the right fashion tips and tricks that will help you choose the correct jewelry to complement that green dress of yours so that it finally sees the light of day. 

It’s true that your choice of jewelry can dictate the style of the outfit. Whether you want to keep it minimalistic and casual or turn a plain old white shirt into something more, the choice of jewelry can really mold your outfit in the way you would want to be expressed.  

The green color itself is eye-catching and demands attention so often it’s a struggle to not make your outfit look too loud with the poor choice of ornaments. 

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Why Should I Wear Green? 

Fashion-wise, the green color has always been the choice of the elite. Not only is it a symbol of royalty but it is a very versatile color that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.  

It helps you develop a signature style that makes you stand out from a crowd that favors pastels and neutrals as formal wear, without making you look too gaudy or losing your classy look. 

How to Color Contrast with Green? 

Before deciding on the right ornaments that would ideally complement green dresses it is essential to compare the particular shade of green with the color wheel. 

Both Yellow and Blue are primary colors that are mixed to create the green color.  

Jewelry that Goes with Light Green Dress 

If the tone lies more towards the yellow side i.e. lime green, mint, etc. it is advisable to stick to warm tone colored pieces of jewelry like red, coral, and ivory to contrast the summer vibe. 

Jewelry with Dark Green Dress  

With more bluish greens like teal or emerald green, it is preferable to stick to cool-toned jewelry, particularly of blue and deep lilac.  

Pink or rose gold jewelry is also a trendy choice that can complement both cool and warm-toned greens. 

If your dress has a print on it, the jewelry should ideally match one of the colors and style of the print along with the color of your shoes. 

Green is also a perfect canvas to enhance metallic colors like gold, silver, and copper. So a choice of these colors for jewelry would complement your outfit quite superbly. 

A nice fashion tip is to wear matte designs over shiny fabrics. Shiny and sparkly jewelry, over a matte green dress makes the whole outfit look more harmonious. 

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Jewelry to Wear with Green Dress on Different Occasions

Fine dining and fancy occasions 

For a more elegant and classy look, jewelry of intricate designs in gold and silver marries well with a green outfit. Silver will add sophistication while gold adds splendor.  

However, one should remember to stick with the theme while choosing one of these two colors as golds and silvers are not to interfere with other color families. White pearls can also be worn to have the same effect of poise and grace. 

Jewelry for Casual, informal parties and an edgy look. 

For an informal, edgy but still classic look, combinations like emerald green and fuchsia, dark green and coral, and light green and crimson are very appealing. Colors like deep wine red with most shades of green have become a fashion statement to express fierce confidence with class. 

Shades of red in jewelry also go well in creating a summer casual look.  Coral or tomato accessories are perfect for dresses in light shades of green.  

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Scarlet accessories will suit bright shades of color green, and a dark green dress will look good in combination with burgundy color additions. 

If the choice of red seems too bold for your personal taste you can also opt for bright shades of pink like fucsia and magenta. 

For a more monochrome look, ornaments with stones of the exact shade of green as the dress are perfect. It’s best in this case if the shade of the stone is not concentrated but in fact lighter or even translucent.  These include shades like chrysolites, chrysoprase, light green beryl, and green garnet.  

In the office or workplace 

For a more professional look to suit work environments jewelry in the color scheme of black and white marry well to give a more business look. 

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Best Earrings to Wear with Green Dress 

A perfect example to suit such a type of vibe would be earrings like the picture below. 

These are PAVIO 14K Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings.  

They are available in three colors; rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. The earrings consist of three rows of AAA+ Cubic Zirconia that reflect off light marvelously. 

Furthermore, they are very comfortable as the 20mm diameter makes it possible to sleep with them. Plus, they are hypoallergenic as PAVOI earrings contain no nickel or lead and are very safe to use. They also offer a 90-days money-back guarantee in case if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The earrings come uniquely packaged and ready to be given to a loved one as a gift. 

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Evening dresses are best complemented with precious metal decorations, and you need to choose the color of the stones that marry with the general basic tone of the dress. Transparent stones (diamond, rhinestone), as well as white Swarovski crystals, are suitable for any green shade and matte fabric. 

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Best Necklace to Wear with Emerald Green Dress 

On an emerald dress, stones of emerald or of similar shades would look charming but if the dress has a large neckline then a necklace with a large gem of any color would match well. A good example would be a necklace like the below. 

This particular piece is from MABELLA Jewelry Top Grade Gemstones Collection with a perfect pear-shaped cut emerald stone decorated with AAA+ zirconia crystals around it. The excellent Cupid Eight Heart & Eight Arrows Cut makes it shinier and more sparkly. The pendant comes with an 18-inch Sterling silver chain perfectly wrapped in a gift box.  

It is also hypoallergenic and comes with a 60 days money return guarantee.

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The number of jewelry pieces to wear with a green dress

The preferred criterion for the choice of jewelry with a green dress is to be minimalistic. The maximum number of the choice of different jewelry should not exceed three and all of them should contrast each other in material and style. This is to make sure not to overdo a casual look or to not overload a sophisticated image.  

Standard accessories for the green dress are earrings, a ring or a bracelet, as well as a chain or a necklace. 

These are hopefully all the necessary tips that would help you decide what jewelry to wear with the green outfit hiding in your closet somewhere. So next time when you’re going out, make sure to flaunt that green dress with confidence and style by choosing the perfect coordinating ornaments. 

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