What Color Jewelry Goes With Navy Blue Dress?

Your navy blue dress might be the most impeccable piece you’ve ever worn but pairing it with the wrong accessories will make it look nothing less than a disaster. 

All your endeavors to look flawless will fall flat if you don’t color coordinate your accessories with your navy blue dress or any dress, for that matter.

To achieve a perfect fashion statement, you’ll need to experiment with colors. But do you know what can be better than that? You can check out our tried and tested combinations of accessories with a navy blue dress and save yourself from all that hassle. 

Navy Blue Dress Jewelry

What Colors Compliment a Navy Blue Dress?

Navy blue color has been a famous designer’s pick for quite a long time now and you can rock this color at any time of the year. Navy blue is a versatile neutral color and hence, it goes with a lot of other colors.

For a Subdued Look

Silver, white, black, and beige are some combinations you can try with a navy blue dress for a foolproof look for any event. Pairing beige and navy blue together creates a very subdued and neutral look that can be sported at any place. 

Neat and Chic Look

White and navy go together like coffee and cream. White and navy blue both fall in the category of neutrals and together they create a very chic combination 

Unusual Combos

Let’s also dive into color combinations that will make you stand out from the crowd. Navy blue can be contrasted with bright yellows and burnt orange. Such unusual combinations grab more attention and hence, create a more impactful look.

While we do agree that this combination might not be the best for a workplace or formal event, you can definitely sport it at a party or a bright day on the beach.

What Color Accessories Should I Wear With A Navy Blue Dress?

As we’ve said earlier, navy blue is a versatile neutral, therefore, you can mix and match it with a lot of colors. All of the following combinations are an infallible solution to your styling perplexities.

What color earrings look good with a navy blue dress?

The color of earrings you wear will vary immensely according to the type of your dress as well as the event you’re dressing up for. 

While silver and gold earrings are a go-to option with most of the colors, there are a few other options that you can take for a more definitive look. 

Colors such as white, yellow, orange, and fuchsia look wonderful in a casual setting. You can even pair navy blue studs like these with a navy blue dress or tee for a statement look.

Anyway, let’s move forward with our recommendations and check out some stunning earrings that you can pair with your navy blue dress at different events.

1. Silver Earrings with Navy Blue Dress

 Let’s start with silver earrings because that’s the most common yet classy option that you can choose to pair with a navy blue dress. Silver earrings go really well with the neutral hues of navy blue. Silver earrings look especially stunning at parties and weddings. 

If you’re wearing a long navy blue dress to an engagement or wedding function, you can check out these Stunning Drop Earrings that feature a studded CZ chain with a pearl at the end. 

Similarly, these Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Earrings in a leverback style are apt for a date night.

2. White Earrings with Navy Blue Dress 

White earrings can be paired with a navy blue dress to create both a neat and sophisticated look as well as a chic and bohemian persona. The type of your earrings will help you create that difference. 

For a chic bohemian look, there cannot be a better option than these Exotic Leather Drop Earrings in white with a touch of black. As well as this pair of White Tassel Earrings with Swarovski Cubic Zirconia that’ll look perfect with a long beach dress.

3. Black Earrings with Navy Blue Dress

Lastly, how can we forget black? Black earrings with a navy blue dress create a cool and elegant look that will be perfect for your workplace or formal work events. These Kate Spade Studs in black are an everyday essential that you can pair with a navy blue dress any day. 

Similarly, the Kendra Scott Drop Earrings in Black Opaque Glass are perfect if you’re rooting for a dressier look.

What color necklace should I wear with a navy blue dress?

Like earrings, you can wear various types and colors of necklaces with your navy blue dress. The type and color of your necklace will most likely be decided according to the look you want to achieve. 

For Parties

For parties, weddings, or elaborate date nights a high-end necklace such as this 14K White Gold Straight Lab Created Diamond Tennis Necklace looks exquisite with any formal navy blue dress.

Funky Summer Look

To create a casual funky summer look, adding a bright necklace in yellow, orange, or pink shades will be THE best idea. Pair this Large Gold Metal Orange Medallion Necklace  with your navy blue dress to create a look that will stand out. 

Special Occasions

Necklaces in gold color go really well with navy blue dresses and look perfect for special occasions. We found this Chunky Collar Necklace really cool for pairing with a navy blue dress. Gold brilliantly complements navy blue due to its radiant hues that help to brighten the dark navy blue tones.

Pearl Necklaces

A pearl necklace is a flawless option to pair with a navy blue dress. You can check out this stunning 8mm Pearl Necklace that can be draped around the neck to complete a classic look especially if you’re wearing a solid navy blue dress. 

Casual and chic

Also, if you’re looking for something casual and chic you can check out this Beige Tassel Necklace with a crystal beaded chain. This is a great option for a neutral and subdued look.

What color rings go with a navy blue dress?

The best color recommendations that we can give to anyone to pair with a navy blue dress are silver, gold, and navy blue itself. To add a chic accent to your look, you can pair a funky yellow or orange ring as well. 

Silver Rings 

Silver rings, without question, are the best thing you can pair with a navy blue dress. Check out this gorgeous Swarovski Zirconia Ring in Sterling Silver that is sure to make a statement. Similarly, this Beautiful Chunky Sterling Silver Ring with a flower halo will sparkle from across the room and complement your navy blue dress wonderfully. 

Blue Rings

You can also accessorize your navy blue dress with a ring in a similar shade such as this one from the Peora brand with a created Blue Sapphire. 


If you’re going with pearls for other accessories then, you can go with this Simulated Pearl and Cubic Zirconia ring

If you’re rooting for a vibrant and chic summery look, you can opt for this Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Ring. The hint of gold in this ring will complement the navy blue tone of your dress perfectly.

Can I Wear Pearls With A Navy Blue Dress?

Pearls are a timeless way of styling any dress. So if you want to look very formal and sophisticated in your navy blue dress, opt for a simple pearl necklace and a pair of pearl studs to instantly make your look from drab to fab. 

In conclusion, you can absolutely wear pearls with a navy blue dress. There can be nothing more classy and elegant than that.

Final Thoughts

Wearing your accessories in contrast to the color of your dress is the first essential to making a fashion statement. There are no hard and fast rules about accessorizing, honestly. But you need to do quite a bit of experimenting as well as a basic fashion sense to pull together a glamorous look. 

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