Diamond Veneer Review (Legit Or Scam?)

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Yeah, that’s what everyone says, and of course, we can’t deny the love of women for diamonds. But what also needs to be brought to light is the fact that diamonds aren’t always affordable for everyone out there. 

What’s the alternative, then? Most likely a tacky-looking Cubic Zirconia, right? Nope, not anymore. Diamond Veneer will change your opinion about Cubic zirconia forever. You must be wondering what’s so exceptional about their CZ. Well, don’t worry because we’ll scratch everything about Diamond Veneer beneath the surface.

So let’s get started!

Background of Diamond Veneer

The creative mind behind Diamond Veneer, who deserves all the praise, is Yaacov (Jacob) Hassidim. He is the president of this US-based company that has revolutionized the idea of Cubic Zirconia.

Diamond Veneer will get all the heads turning, and the best part is that it will happen without you breaking your bank. You can show off all the sparkle and shine because hardly anyone would be able to guess the reality.

Now how does Diamond Veneer achieve the perfect diamond look alike? They treat the regular Cubic Zirconia with a veneer of carbon diamond particles and crystalizing around the stone. This helps in achieving a G color on the diamond scale, unlike the otherwise ‘too white’ CZ. 

Diamond Veneer has gained much popularity over the years in the media as well. You can check all the media features here. All of this means now you can flaunt the dupe with the confidence of a real diamond!

Website Navigation 

The website of Diamond Veneer is designed very nicely. It will be easy to operate for each one of you because the website has been designed while keeping in mind the customers. It isn’t overcrowded, unquestionably the best part.

Diamond Veneer has a simple website with an ample amount of empty spaces contrasted with a single color to make it look fresh and user-friendly. On the home page, you will find their 4 Featured Collections that include Earrings, Rings, Bracelets, and Necklaces.

There’s one Curated Collection as well on the home page. This includes Minimalist Jewelry, Dancing Diamond Veneer CZ, and Zirconite Fashion Jewelry. Besides these, there are a few additional categories that you’ll find in the navigation bar, such as 14k Gold Collection, Zirconia, Loose Stones, etc.

They don’t have an overwhelming amount of filters on their website. For instance, earrings can be filtered as Canary, Hoops, Diamond Simulant, Man Made Diamond Earrings, Minimalist, etc.

The items can be sorted alphabetically, price-wise, or from old to latest. In most jewelry, you can customize the caratage of the stone. The overall process of ordering from them is pretty convenient. 

The website of Diamond Veneer lacks a bit in categorization; however, overall, it is well designed. Has all the essentials for easy website navigation!

Store Location 

Diamond Veneer is mainly an e-commerce store with its headquarters located in Los Angeles. 

850 S Broadway, 1106, Los Angeles, CA 90014, to be precise. 

Shopping from them means you will need to head to their website or rather their online store because that’s the only place where they sell. 

Physical stores are always appreciated, but perhaps, most brands have succumbed to the e-commerce trend and hence, don’t feel the need to have a physical presence. Diamond Veneer is no different!


The sole purpose of creating a diamond look-alike is to make it easily available and accessible to the masses. And that very much means that it has to be affordable. So yeah, Diamond Veneer IS pocket friendly; otherwise, the whole essence of the brand would have been lost.

The price range of everything, including necklaces to bracelets, is within reach of almost everyone. If you’re looking for flawless yet inexpensive rings, you’ll be absolutely mesmerized by their small yet enthralling collection of rings. 

The most costly canary ring at Diamond Veneer retails for $199. It is an intensely radiated 12 ct. Diamond veneered CZ is nothing less than stunning! Similarly, the least expensive ring is the Large square cabochon resin Gold ring, which will cost you around $60 only. 

Everybody loves tennis bracelets, and getting perfect sparkly and fiery bracelets at affordable prices is a dream come true. The most costly tennis bracelet at Diamond Veneer is the five ct. TW Round Diamond Veneer CZ that retails for 240 bucks only yet competes with a 1000-dollar diamond bracelet. All thanks to the diamond veneer!

Moreover, they also have a collection of diamond veneered loose stones, so you can buy from them and get yourself a custom-designed ring, necklace, or whatsoever! Check out this 0.55 ct. Intensely Radiated loose CZ for $20 only.

The prices at Diamond Veneer are easily justifiable. The veneer treatment on the cubic zirconium that turns them into the most flawless look-alike of a diamond is worth the money. Overall, jewelry from Diamond Veneer is easily within reach of the masses.

Quality of Diamond Veneer

As far as the quality of Diamond Veneer Jewelry is concerned, we’ll have to say that they’re doing a pretty good job at meeting the expectations of their customers. 

9/10 reviews on the Internet are in favor of Diamond Veneer, which is actually surprising. We rarely see such a solid reputation for an online store. Most of the time, the reviews are two poles apart for online stores. But anyway, that’s not the case with Diamond Veneer. 

Their jewelry is not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. The treated Cubic Zirconium by Diamond Veneer is actually the finest faux diamond. Most experts are left confused at the sight of these Diamond Veneered CZ and rarely recognize the reality.

The designs of rings, necklaces, and bracelets are also brilliant and elite. However, their inventory is not very huge. More options and variety can be added to cover a wider clientele. 

From our point of view, Diamond Veneer is absolutely killing at maintaining top-notch quality. However, you will also find out what customers have to say from all over the world by the end of this review.



Being located in LA, California, Diamond Veneer ships within the US in 1-3 days through the standard First class mail. Other than that, the typical transit time can range from anywhere between 3 to 7 days.

Fortunately, Diamond Veneer also offers international shipping. International shipping is done via USPS First Class and Express Mail.

14k gold, out-of-stock items, or special orders are processed within 1-4 weeks. 

Delivery options available are Priority Mail, Express mail, UPS Ground, UPS 3-days, UPS 2nd days, and UPS overnight.


Diamond Veneer offers free shipping on all orders above 100 dollars. For orders below $100, a standard $6 shipping fee is charged within The States. 

Charges for international shipping vary according to your location and are calculated at checkout. 

Return Policy

The return policy of Diamond Veneer is nothing exceptional. They offer the very common 30-day return policy. 

This means you can return your purchase if in case you are not fully satisfied with it. The purchased item should be in its original and undamaged condition for it to be eligible for exchange or refunds. 

The refund amount minus the shipping fee will be processed within a few days without hassle.

Specials or customized orders are not eligible for returns or refunds.

Customer Support of Diamond Veneer 

For any information, complaints, or queries, you can reach out to them at the following contact number.

Phone: (213) 236 0809

For information about return or refund claims, you can contact them via email at [email protected]

They are very responsive to all the complaints and readily address any issues that their customers encounter.

Customer Reviews about Diamond Veneer 

As we mentioned earlier, Diamond Veneer has maintained a pretty solid reputation online. Most of the customer reviews suggest that shopping from Diamond Veneer is worth a shot. The reviews on the Internet look quite promising. We have a picked a few of them for you to see

Someone reported amazing customer service.

This one looks extremely satisfied with the quality

Another one, happy with everything about them, “A loyal customer for life.”


Diamond Veneer puts the common Cubic Zirconia to shame – that’s what they claim. And quite honestly, the brand is living up to its claims. They are doing a tremendous job at creating the most non-recognizable diamond look-alikes. So they’re perfect for anyone looking for affordable but luxury jewelry. The quality, price range, customer support, and return policy; everything is convenient, accessible, and excellent.

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