How to Wear Heavy Earrings Without Stretching Your Ears?

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What’s a better way to enhance your minimal look than some beautiful pair of earrings? They are a perfect match for an outfit and add a lot to it with no such hassle. But no doubt, wearing heavy and big earrings can cause a bit of discomfort to your earlobes.

What are heavy earrings?

Heavy earrings are mostly considered as huge loops, studs, or any other kind with a great number of stones and crystals attached to them. They can be of any size; even so, they can be heavy because of the material they are made up of.

How heavy is too heavy?

Heaviness can be measured in grams. Many people prefer heavy, while some prefer lighter earrings. However, it also depends on the wearer, the thickness of one ear lobe, and the weight they can carry.

Do heavy earrings stretch your ear lobes, and how?

YES, heavy earrings do stretch your ear lobes. The more weight carried by the ear, the more it gets stretched. It also depends on how long and how often heavy earrings are worn. If one wears them very often, then there are more chances of getting shaggy ear lobes. It elongates the piercing along with the lobes, which cause a misfit of earrings in the future, as they hang down and don’t quite give a nice finishing look. There are many cases where people go through the ripping off of the skin of the ear lobes because of heavy earrings, and they sometimes get stuck on something, which can lead to sewing the lobe.

How to wear heavy earrings without stretching?

Here are a few ways you can prevent your ears from getting stretched by heavy earrings.

1. Using a Sticking Tape

Take a piece of tape and roll it outward and stick it on the back of your ear. Now insert your earrings through the tape to divide the weight into both sides. You can also use ear support patches. They work the same. Now you can flaunt your beautiful earrings with no disturbance.

2. Using a Bobby Pin

Another way to rock big earrings without irritation is to find a thread similar to the color of your skin and make a knot on one side, attach it to the top part of the earrings, and the other part to a bobby pin. Now lift a few strands of your hair and pin the bobby pin in a way that it is not seen by anyone, and voila! The pain and torture of ear lobes are nowhere near you.

3. Using An Earrings Ser

Use a ser to avoid the killing pain of your ears. It supports your earrings and makes the pain bearable. There are many earrings that have their own ser, but if that is not the case, you can use any chain which matches your earrings, and you are good to go. Moreover, it enhances your look with little effort.

Things to avoid when wearing heavy earrings

  1. Always make sure to take them off after you are done with the event and never sleep with them, no matter how tired you are. It’s bad for your ears.
  2. Avoid carrying children at all costs as they are attracted to shiny and big things. They might pull on your earrings, and you can get a raptured ear.
  3. Whenever you are wearing big and heavy earrings, make to have simpler attire so that your earrings don’t get hooked up on it, and have an up-do hairstyle so that there are fewer chances of your hair sticking on the earring.
  4. Another basic tip is to avoid running and jogging with heavy earrings as your earlobes will get stretched.

Alternatives to wearing heavy earrings

All the ladies out there are always trying to keep up with the trends, isn’t it? But will it be worth it if you are not comfortable with it? Heavy earring does cause discomfort but is trendy. The best way to be comfortable while wearing them is stainless steel. Yep, you read that right. Stainless steel is affordable, durable, and not at all heavy. Your wish to wear huge earrings without any sort of disturbance would be granted.

Another alternative to heavy earrings is to discontinue wearing them. Wearing them can cause stretched ear lobes, but you can always switch them up a little. Try wearing a neckpiece. It may not look good on every outfit, but it could sometimes save you from torturing your ears in every event.

Charm Earrings are also a great choice as they are lightweight, affordable are available in different shapes and sizes; they are usually made with light metal and don’t stretch your earlobes. They are simple yet fashionable and can work with different clothing and style.

Try to avoid wearing them too much as it stretches your piercing holes, and it doesn’t look as appealing on stretched ears as it looks on un-stretched ones.

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