What Earrings To Wear With A Choker?

Choker necklaces are basically a trend from the 90s that is back with great evolution since 2016. Chokers were still trending in 2020, and we can’t just seem to get enough of them.

earrings with a choker

Chokers look best on girls with slender necks and heart-shaped faces. Contrary to that, wide chokers are not a good option for short necks.

Can You Wear Earrings With A Choker?

You certainly can wear earrings with a choker, but they need not be huge or dangling at all. Lack of accessorizing etiquettes can grab a lot of criticism from the fashion police.

As chokers are held very close to your throat, a drop-dangle earring or a huge earring reaching down to the choker wouldn’t look nice. It will take away the charm of the choker and make it look bland. Choose earrings that complement your choker.

What Kind Of Earrings To Wear With Chokers?

While we are of the view that you shouldn’t wear something huge or too showy, that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose exquisite pieces of earrings. You can wear diamond studs, cluster earrings, or small drop earrings with gemstones. Ear cuffs also go well with chokers, infact; they are great for a boho look fan. You can wear multiple studs on your ear lobe as well.

But avoid wearing huge statement earrings or drop dangles, long-chain tassels, or chandeliers. Huge statement earrings with a choker give a very odd frame to your face. Try to keep your earrings subtly beautiful.

Best Earrings To Wear With A Choker

We have a collection of irresistible earrings for you to pair with your chokers. Check them out below and grab the best pair for yourself.

Les Bohemian Cluster Studs

This funky pair of cluster studs from the Les Bohemian store is absolutely alluring. These angel wing-styled cluster earrings are studded with stunning crystal stones that give an unrivaled sparkle to them.

These studs are available in various colors, from coral red to lavender purple. You can pair them with layered metal chokers, or to create a more stunning combination, go for a studded velvet choker with these earrings.

They look more formal than a basic stud but not too showy. So these colorful cluster studs are perfect for various occasions. Read about earrings for a green dress.

Kate Spade New York Studs

This pair of studs from Kate Spade has all the charm that it takes to become anyone’s favorite everyday accessory. These studs feature faceted cushion cut resin stone in each earring crafted in a four-prong setting. The resin stones catch the light, which ultimately looks gorgeous.

These vibrant studs are around 0.5 inches which means that they are not too huge to pair with a choker. They aren’t heavy either, so they won’t pull down your lobes.

Comfortable and appropriate for daily wear as they are secured with a bullet clutch disc at the back. Read about earrings that toddlers can’t take off.

Dazzling Rock Blue Sapphire Studs

These precious white gold studs from Dazzling Rock Collection are perfect for an all-glam look. These studs are a prime choice for all gemstone lovers. They feature a round-cut natural blue sapphire prong set in 14k white gold, which makes them a precious addition to your look.

The round gemstone is crafted in a diamond halo around it that adds an elegant sparkle to the studs. These diamond studs can be paired with a diamond choker for a ravishing look for a night out.

Available in gemstones other than Sapphire as well.

Raspberry 18k Gold Plated Ear Cuffs

These crawler earrings from Esberry are made with high-quality 18k Gold Plating. These ear cuffs feature simulated diamond cubic zirconia, which renders a beautiful sparkle in them. They can be paired with almost any type of choker.

These climbers can lift the beauty of a simple black strap choker or intensify the chic look of a crocheted choker. These crawlers are 19mm in length with minimum weight and can be adjusted according to the ear shape.

The material is high-quality sterling silver which makes them a durable piece for your everyday styling. You can get them in black or clear crystal color or both, because why not?

Use These Earrings if You are an athlete.

Swarovski White Crystal Collection

Let these studs from Swarovski do all the talking. This glamorous pair of clear crystal studs feature a low profile with minimum sparkle so as to keep your look subtle and not too flashy.

These princess-cut studs from Swarovski are crafted with Rhodium plated silver which gives them a brilliant sheen. This timeless piece of jewelry can be paired with a variety of chokers.

Also, their size is neither too small nor too big – just appropriate to complement your chokers. Step up your fashion game with these crystal studs!

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Betsey Johnson Cluster Studs

Another pair of cluster studs, and this one from your favorite Betsey Johnson. This colorful pair of studs is great to make your look amped up instantly.

The multi-color stones give a vibrant vibe and can be worn for a lively beach look or a day out with your friends. They add color to your outfit while giving you a not very glammed-up but chic look.

These studs are secured by a post with a friction back. They can be paired with lace chokers or metal chokers for a classic cool look.

The Pearl Source Black Studs

Pearls are always a great idea for a classy aesthetic look. This black pair of studs from the pearl source is absolutely enticing. These Tahitian South Sea culture studs are crafted in pure 14k gold.

They possess a lustrous appearance that makes them great for formal looks aside from everyday wear. They are 8mm in diameter and can be paired with black strap or velvet chokers for a dramatic gothic look.

These studs are an amazing choice for people willing to invest in valuable and exquisite jewelry!

Does Wearing A Choker Symbolize Anything?

It symbolizes nothing except that a woman wants to wear an attractive piece of jewelry. It is a neck accessory, just like a regular necklace, nothing more, nothing less.

It’s 2020, and we should just move forward instead of associating certain accessories or women’s jewelry with crappy meanings.

All in all, chokers and earrings go well together if styled according to fashion etiquettes. If your choker is too statement/powerful type, choose a very minimalistic earring to pair with it. Out of all the types of earrings, studs are the best option to pair with a choker. Studs don’t give that fancy-pants vibe.

They keep you minimal yet elegant.

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