Top 7 Best Glues For Earrings

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If you’re into jewelry crafting or love making DIY earrings, you need to look for the best glue for earrings. The adhesion quality of the glue is what you should root for the most. The odor, drying time, and everything else are secondary. There are various types of jewelry glue; you can work with jewelry cement as well. Some glues are specifically designed for certain embellishments. But the best glue for earrings is the one that adheres to a wide variety of surfaces.

Reviews of Best Earring Glues

Our top picks for the best glue for earrings are listed below. They are great in terms of their adhesion capability and give good value for money.

Gorilla Super Glue

It is a strong and reliable go-to adhesive for most jewelry-making needs. This Gorilla glue is super tough and can resist wear and tear resulting from bumps or drops. This adhesive is made to work on various materials such as plastic, wood, metal, stones, leather, etc.

So it can easily help you in fixing your broken earring post or a fallen stone of your favorite earring. Also, it isn’t very runny in consistency, so you can use it for the tiniest embellishments without any worries of the glue falling off of the place. It dries up very quickly in roughly about 15-30 seconds but for best results and greater adhesion, give it 24 hours to become completely resistant to any wear and tear.

It features an anti-clog cap that helps it to never dry out, even between multiple sessions of use. It dries out translucent and can be painted as well. A tip for a better and stronger bond is to apply a very small amount of glue. A single drop can cover an area of a square inch. Excessive product will lead to delayed drying with a weaker adhesion.

E6000 All Purpose Contact Adhesive

This is one of the most widely used glue for jewelry-making purposes. It is an all-purpose glue with the capability of adhering to almost any surface. We can safely say that the E6000 rightly claims its strength of providing industrial power. It can be used to secure stones, embellishments, and earring posts with great reliance.

It comes with precisions tips that allow you to bejewel your earrings in the most precise manner. This package also includes 5pc dotting stylus pens that allow you to stick your rhinestones and gems with high fidelity. The cherry on top is that the E6000 is waterproof and can withstand washing and drying.

It can be used for bonding glass, clay, beads, and multiple other things that are used in jewelry making. So this glue is undoubtedly the best glue for earrings and is a must-have in your jewelry kit.

Aleene’s Jewelry And Metal Glue

The name speaks for itself – jewelry and metal glue. That’s what it does. This glue is designed specifically for jewelry-making purposes. It shows amazing results on metals which is why it is a great option as an earring glue.

With this glue, you can fix a broken post in no time because the gel formula of this adhesive dries quicker than you may expect. The gel consistency helps the glue to stay in place without dropping off, even in vertical positioning. It is perfect for sticking gems or stones on your earrings.

It dries out clearly, so it doesn’t look messy at the end. This glue is designed to stick jewelry, ceramic pieces, leather, metals, rubbers, gems, and much more.

Best Glues For Specific Earrings Types

While an all-purpose glue is good to go option for all jewelry, the effectiveness of glue may vary depending on what type or what part of earring you are using it on.

Best Glue For Pearl Earrings

Pearl jewelry is very delicate and intricate. To form the best-looking pearl earring, you need to look for glue that doesn’t create a mess, sticks strongly, and lasts a long while. Our top pick specifically for making or repairing pearl earrings is the Jeweler’s Epoxy Glue.

It has been used by several people, especially for setting pearls, and we have seen only great reviews so far. It is clear, colorless, and durable. Sets within 4 minutes while providing long-lasting resistance to falling off of pearls.

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Recommended Glue For Earring Backs

Earring backs might fall off at a certain point, and you’ll need to fix them. So what you need is a powerful adhesive. To fix your fallen earring back, firstly, get rid of the previous glue that is stuck to it, and then begin applying the E6000 to the earring back with the help of the stylus pens that come with this package.

Wait for it to dry for a while, and boom! Your earring back is perfectly fixed in a matter of seconds. It is resistant to any kind of water damage and will last a long while.

Glue For Earring Post

A broken post of your favorite earring? Doesn’t sound nice. You probably don’t want to let go of that beautiful earpiece. So what you can do to stick back that earring post is get this Super Glue.

It binds flawlessly to metals and gives a translucent and strong finish. Apply a very tiny amount of Gorilla Super Glue with the help of a toothpick, let it dry for a few seconds, and your earring post will be fixed right away!

Glue For Faux Leather Earrings

The all-purpose contact adhesive, or E6000, is the best glue for faux leather earrings. It surely does give industrial strength. It adheres strongly to the faux leather within seconds. It is an amazing glue for smooth surfaces such as that leather. So you can use a small amount of E6000 to fix or make your faux leather earrings with greater ease and reliability.

Our best picks for the best glue for earrings have been compiled after going through several user reviews from around the world. So you can rely on us and get one of these great glues for your jewelry crafts and make your DIY game strong!

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