Top 9 Best Gold Earrings For 50 Year Old Women

When you reach your 50s, you need to look effortlessly graceful and sophisticated. Your look should be the manifestation of the wisdom you have gained over the years.

earrings for for 50 year old women

Your accessories define your style whether you’re 15 or 50. However, the way you accessorize yourself varies hugely at different stages of your life.

Out of all the accessories, earrings catch the most attention, and you’ll want your earrings to be worthy of all that attention.

We have some very intricate yet decent gold earrings for all the ladies in their 50s. They’ll make you an epitome of grace and sophistication for sure. So let’s have a look at the best gold earrings for 50-year-old women.

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These stud earrings from Peora are a uniquely beautiful piece that you’d want to add to your collection. These 14k white gold studs are the perfect size for your ears. The forest green hue and beautiful bright sparkle of this pair of earrings will always keep themselves the center of attention. The 1.75-carat created emerald stone looks beyond beautiful. These studs are secured by friction backs and are very comfortable to wear. You can also pair them with a matching emerald ring to make you look ultimately classy.

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Hoops are the easiest everyday style you can have. These small hoops from the Olivia Collection, available in a range of 10-20mm sizes, are great for everyday use. They are lightweight and hence, wearable at all times. These delicate hoops are made of 14k pure gold body with a hollow interior that makes them very comfortable to wear each day. They are best for a simple everyday look and won’t make you look over-the-top with your style. They can be easily worn for days, all hail to their lightweight and the hook post that makes these hoops endless. You can also sleep in these without having to worry about the nuisances that most earrings cause while sleeping.

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These 14k Yellow Gold heart hoops are designed by artisans in Italy, the home of luxurious jewelry and craftsmen. The size of these hoops is perfect for each day’s use. These expertly crafted heart hoops are secured by a hinge clasp on the back. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The 14k heart hoops are a timeless piece of jewelry that you can gift to your loved ones. Grab one graduated heart style for your grandmother or a triple graduated heart for your mother and made their day special.

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Studs are a classic and functional everyday accessory. These studs from POMPEII feature a brilliant-cut diamond in 0.5 carat, which is prong-set in 14k yellow gold. The studs are also secured by a solid 14k gold screw on the back. The diamonds are sparkly and clear – absolutely how a diamond should be. The screw back is durable, and the studs are very lightweight and comfortable. They can go well with any outfit – everyday styling or intimate parties. The 14k yellow gold base of these studs makes them a valuable addition to your look.


These 13mm hoops from LooptyHoops will give you a confident yet elegant look. They are small in size while being 5mm wide with a securing hinge at the bottom to give them an endless look. The material is solid 14k yellow and not gold plated. You wouldn’t want your delicate ears to sag from some heavy hoops. So these hoops from LooptyHoops are to your rescue. They are hollow from the inside, which makes them ultra-lightweight and comfortable to wear at all times. The shiny yellow gold of these hoops will add a youthful glow to your face.


Ruby is known for its durability and value. These 6mm studs from Gem Stone King feature a 2-carat Ruby, which is exceptionally lustrous and gorgeous. The round cut Ruby is crafted in 14k yellow gold with a 14k stamp. Studs are secured by post-friction back. Ruby and 14k gold combined will add an effortless grace to your look. Rubies are rare and valuable, and so are your life experiences. These Ruby studs will exhibit the power and wisdom of your personality. These 6mm Ruby studs are comfortably wearable at all times. So go and grab one!


Another Peora pair of studs in our picks for best earrings for 50-year-old women. It features a created emerald stone classically fit in a sturdy four prong 14k White gold body. The teardrop pear shape adds a luxury touch to any look. The Forest Green color of the 1.25 carat-created Emerald gives an instant glow to your appearance. Moreover, the stone features a promising checkerboard faceting that sparkles from every angle. Also, these studs are secured with friction backs and hence, are wearable at all times.


These hoops from Fancime are crafted with 14k solid yellow gold. They are your ticket to endless glamor and versatility. The multi-colored gemstones can add a pop of color to absolutely any outfit and bring it to life. They are perfect for formal occasions as well as daily glam. These hoops feature various gemstones in round cut and are secured with a hinged back. Also, the material is hypoallergenic, so don’t worry, even if you have sensitive skin. This pair of hoops is exquisitely built with an unmatchable color combination of gemstones, holds a brilliant sheen, and is the perfect gift material for your loved ones.


These 25mm hoops from Decadence feature a solid 14k yellow gold body. The brilliant luster of the yellow gold will make your heart skip a beat when you hold these elegant hoops in your hands. They are secured by a click-top clasp and are easy to wear/remove. The solid 14 gold gives a luxurious feel to your look. They are designed to be elegantly classic. Comfortable to wear and appropriate in size. They will complement every outfit of yours and give you a classy and neat look.

What Kind Of Earrings Suit 50-Year-Old Women?

To all the women who have aged wonderfully, we know you want to retain your elegance and grace in your 50s. When you reach an age where people look up to you, you got to give good thought to how you style yourself so as to maintain your bold and confident look while looking the best.

When it comes to earrings, there are a lot of options for 50-year-old women. You can grab all those magnificent pieces of jewelry to show off your valor and strength. However, what we suggest you avoid is a heavy and huge pair of earrings. Go for small and elegant pieces. As you age, your skin starts losing its elasticity. Big and heavy earrings can pull down your earlobes and make them saggy. Consequently, your piercing will also elongate, which looks bad, honestly.

Avoid drop-dangle styles that reach your neck or chin as they will draw attention to the loose skin under your face. Instead, with minimal yet gorgeous ear pieces, get the eyes stuck on the earring itself. Go for gorgeous gold studs crafted with valuable gemstones or even small 14k gold hoops such as those in our collection above, which will look appealing as well. In the end, it all comes down to what you like, but one piece of advice that’s worthy is to add valuable and precious jewelry to your collection. At this age, you cannot just put on every other piece of jewelry and expect it to make you look dope. Dope is what you wouldn’t want to look at 50 anyways!

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