Can You Use Safety Pins As Earrings?

using saffety Pins As Erarrings

As far as the regular safety pins are concerned, you shouldn’t use them as earrings. Since they haven’t been made for this purpose, they are not skin friends and will be very uncomfortable for you. You can get allergic reactions if the pin contains nickel in it. You can also get injured by the sharp end of the pin.  

I’ll elaborate on these problems later on. 

How To Wear Safety Pins As Earrings 

If you really want to wear safety pins in your ears, use pins that have been designed in such a way that they are body-safe.  

If you have lost your earrings and are worried about your earrings hole getting closed, you can then use a safety pin taking the following precautions. 

  1. Make sure the pins are properly cleaned and sterilized 

It’s in the case when you really need something to keep your piercing holes open. Elsewise, safety pins are not worth taking the risk. 

can you wear Safety Pins as earrings

Why not to wear Safety Pins as Earrings? 

Here are a few problems that safety pins can impose on your ear.

Safety Pins Can Cause You Allergies 

The metals used in safety pins are most of the time crappy with high percentages of Nickel in it. So, if you are habitual of using hypo allergic earrings or your skin is sensitive to Nickel, then safety pins are not for you. And even if you aren’t allergic to nickel, safety pins are not safe because they are usually not very clean.

Normal earrings are coated with gold or silver. These materials do not react with the skin. Safety pins might be ok for a few hours. However, they tarnish if worn for too long and pose serious problems for your ear lobes. 

They Will Stretch Your Ears

The gauge of most safety pins is larger than what you are ears are pierced at. So you’ll essentially be stretching your earlobes with an unsterilized piece of material that is not safe for your body. They might look super cool but this stress you are putting on your piercing might not be worth it.

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Lack Of Comfort 

Since they are generally not designed to be worn as earrings, they will cause you a lot of discomforts.  

Most people cannot sleep comfortably with safety pins. So, make sure they won’t bother you in your bed. 

Safety pins can also get tangled with your hair and make it hard for you to remove them.  

Moreover, if the pins are smaller in size, your earlobe can get compressed between the two prongs of the pin. This can get painful if the compression persists for a long time.

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They Look Awkward

Maybe you face none of the above-mentioned problems and are feeling very comfortable with a safety pin, but you definitely can’t go out with them for work or to catch up with friends. If you do so, you’ll find people staring at you. This will make you’ll feel embarrassed.

Therefore, it’s not wise to wear a safety pin as an earring. However, you should be Ok if you can cover them under your hair. See some great earrings here that will make you look younger

Can You Pierce Your Ear With A Safety Pin?

Although it’s the most reliable and safe option to visit a professional to get my ears pierced, you can pierce your ear with a safety pin if you want without causing any problems.

Make sure you sterilize the safety pin by boiling it in water for 5 to 10 minutes so that all the germs from the pin are killed. You can use rubbing alcohol for additional protection. Make sure you also clean your ear with rubbing alcohol. You can read the complete step-by-step procedure here.

You might also want to coat the pin with nail polish as the pin is made of crappy material and contains potentially harmful metals like nickel and zin.


In the end, I’d say, don’t wear something that you are not comfortable with. Take care of your ears, and don’t take risks that can pose you severe problems later on. 

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